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Jūryoku Silver District Bridge Incident (Closed)

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#1Noel Raion 

Jūryoku Silver District Bridge Incident (Closed) Empty on Sat Aug 08, 2020 7:35 am

Noel Raion

Noel Raion.

Jūryoku Ōkami @ Blue Pegasus

The night hadn't quite climaxed, albeit it was very late - and Noel was very drunk. His first night in Myras City was actually an extension of a night before, the party simply hadn't stopped. Eventually he'd follow an entourage in which it was someones birthday. That meant free drinks most of the time. Certainly rung true tonight as well. Or rather, this morning - as dawn had already peeked above the surface of earth. Noel now was on his own, just having departed from the patrons he'd been hanging out with since his arrival. Noel was somewhat skipping across the streets when he stumbled upon someone who seemed like a lower noble.

He'd hurl out an insult at this noble. "Did you forget your barrister wig? Ha-ha, you dumb noble!" His excuse for saying this was that he was drunk, and tired - bored even, seeking his next thrill. The noble grimaced at Noel and carried on with his business, giving him no reaction. The inn Noel had reserved a bed at was way too far away.

His whereabouts seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. He couldn't see left from right to be fair - his ambidextrous was very poor as well. He collapsed under a bridge, somewhat incognito between trash bags. He was woken up with a incredibly powerful stomp against his face - powerful enough to trigger his death aura, allowing him to get up and try to block the second attack but to no avail. The next time he woke up was in a local holding cell, left to due process.


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