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Crissandra Clearwater vs Jan Ren [Handicap - no magic, no weapon spells.]

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#1Crissandra Clearwater 

Crissandra Clearwater vs Jan Ren [Handicap - no magic, no weapon spells.] Empty Fri Aug 07, 2020 6:24 pm

Crissandra Clearwater
The wooden arena was a beauty, having been made by crissandra and a few other members int be guild using their magics. The arena was 10 meters by 10 meters and with solid wooden bars around the edges like a railing. Crissandra landed on the wooden railing as she was introduced by one of the members of the guild.

She waved and jumped down onto the wooden floor, her bare feet hit the ground and she smiled. She felt qt home on wood. She bowed each time and smiled happily. She wore her normal green overalls, her black undershirt and her hair in a pony tail. She didnt have any weapons on her body and she wasnt planning to use her nature magicm

"I cant believe it. Its my first sparring match with Jan Ren. I hope I can make him proud." She waited patiently for her opponent to arrive. Humming to herself and wondering jsut how fun it would be. She hopped he wouldnt go to hard on her. The announcer began to speak, hyping up Jan Rens appearance to the arena. Crissandra happily got ready, standing in her tip toes to see Jan's entrance. "Ooo I cant wait!"

#2Jan Ren 

Crissandra Clearwater vs Jan Ren [Handicap - no magic, no weapon spells.] Empty Mon Aug 10, 2020 11:50 am

Jan Ren
Contrary to his previous appearance, the Sinese opted for a different look this time. One that... Certainly didn't match his style. "Is this too much...?" He asked himself, looking in the mirror. It has been quite some time since he had last donned a proper top, but with the young man's overly strict personal preferences, he only really had one option to go with. That darned shirt, the same one he bought with no other option. Hideous, red and laced with tacky gold dragon markings over it; sleeveless, and far too tight to fit his physique. But, beggars can't be picky, right?

Plus. With whoever he was paired up against, it would make for some light humor, at least.

Right away, the announcer failed to restrain a snort as the Sinese proudly stepped into the ring in his ridiculous outfit. His bellybutton only slightly peeking out of the shirt with the small size, barefoot he paced and went up the three wooden stairs; covered normally in his lower half, at least. Regardless, this was quite the welcoming introduction he was given. "Hello again, Crissandra." He smiled warmingly, clasping his palms together in-front of his chest and offering the young lady a deep, respectful bow.

"It's almost odd, that we'd be the first ones to try out your new ring." He recalled the time she made a literal garden out of a wooden table, speaking to her skill with her magic. "However, I will say. To honor your creation, I will not use my magic today. How's that sound?" He asked, still smiling. Engaging in combat without his staff was arguably preferrable, much as the Sinese had liked to practice with his new weapon. But, that's that, right?

"Whenever you're ready then."

Crissandra Clearwater vs Jan Ren [Handicap - no magic, no weapon spells.] 2_1
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#3Crissandra Clearwater 

Crissandra Clearwater vs Jan Ren [Handicap - no magic, no weapon spells.] Empty Thu Aug 13, 2020 10:05 pm

Crissandra Clearwater
Crissandra couldnt help but giggle at his shirt. But she loved it none the less. The bright sleek crimson made the hollow, golden Dragon pop out in detail. As he spoke, she pushed and stretched her arms and legs. She laughed as he let her take the first step. "My uncle would say your a fool for letting me take the first step. But I think its sweet. So thank you."

She began to advance toward Jan and as soon as he showed signs on moving or reacting she would break into a sprint. No magic, no weapons. At this way, she was closer to Jan then she might normally be considered in skill.

Once she was within leg sweep distance. She would slide and turn, hopefully passing between Jan's legs. She stood up as fast as she could and attempted to knuckle punch The back of Jan's knees. If he somehow dodged, counter attacked in a way that didnt pin her, she would move out of the way by falling over and rolling away, before standing again. "I hope you didnt underestimate me Jan!" She laughed happily and took on a Sinese fighting stance that used knuckles fists. 'Thank you Uncle. For actually teaching me how to fight'

#4Jan Ren 

Crissandra Clearwater vs Jan Ren [Handicap - no magic, no weapon spells.] Empty Sat Aug 15, 2020 9:15 am

Jan Ren
Lightly amused, Jan Ren's smile widened some. "Ah, he would now, wouldn't he." He 'affirmed', in a way belittling the small taunt; however, mostly just in jest. Her gratitude was easy to spot, even in her some attempt at a taunt. Though as the young girl dashed forward, the Sinese remained calm; watching the wood elf's every move, and as she hastened to duck down between his legs, "Hyup." --the young man took a good leap forward, both to protect his Family's Jewels in the case Crissandra had wished to punch him THERE, of all places; and to gain proper distance. To check what the girl was capable of.

Landing easily on his legs, having dodged the knuckle; Jan Ren spun a full 180 in the air by twisting his torso first, landing with his legs at considerable width apart, resuming the same fighting stance only to see that the girl had assumed, a somewhat familiar pose. He was admittedly caught off-guard by that, eyebrows raising and body taken aback some. "That... That's a Sinese stance." He declared, eyes still locked onto her's. He was quick to recall something of significance; "You recited a Sinese kids' song back then, right? It appears your uncle has been to Sin before." If so, his respect for the unknown man had just grown considerably. Enough to warm his heart, in a way.

"Very well then. Show me what your uncle's taught you." He invited, signalling her to come at him again.

Crissandra Clearwater vs Jan Ren [Handicap - no magic, no weapon spells.] 2_1
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#5Crissandra Clearwater 

Crissandra Clearwater vs Jan Ren [Handicap - no magic, no weapon spells.] Empty Sun Aug 16, 2020 8:40 am

Crissandra Clearwater
She nodded and with a smile ran forward toward her first friend she had made in the guild. Her bare feet slapping quietly against the wooden floor even as she pushed hard and fast in a run at Jan. She then dashed forward, and let loose with a combo of knuckle tipped jabs and hard finger thrusts against the vital points through the body. She wasnt fully trained on how to properly disable an opponent with this fighting style, but she knew enough to make it hurt regardless. Despite the weak blows, they were aimed at nerve bundles to cause maximum pain.

She aimed for his side and his arm if she could get close enough. She could hear her uncle's words, reminding her to keep her form correct but loose, movement was just as important in a fight as pure strengt was.

Crissandra would then try to low kick his knee if given the chance. If she managed to hit she would use her foot to hook Jan's knee from behind and pull him off his balance. Should he fall or stumble, crissandra would let loose a flurry of blows against any exposed body parts she could hit.

Afterwards she would be panting softly, breathing with effort from her mouth and inhaling through her nose.

#6Jan Ren 

Crissandra Clearwater vs Jan Ren [Handicap - no magic, no weapon spells.] Empty Sun Aug 16, 2020 9:10 am

Jan Ren
With this close a distance, Jan Ren was almost always in range for the girl's attacks. The simple leeway allowed was easily the second she required to close the distance between them, not quite ample time to come up with a proper counterattack. However, if he could watch how she fought, he had a much better chance of thinking up a plan. Having leapt above her previous attempt, besides inferring that the elf was at least acrobatic, the Sinese had no idea what to expect.

Quickly enough, he figured what she was after. A couple of knuckles jabbed at his side and at his left arm, to which the young man responded by deflecting Crissandra's first jab with his closer hand, opening his body up to face her; legs shifting at the same time to properly adjust to the change. Second jab blocked by the farther hand, brought in time to grab at her knuckle and restrict the girl's movements. With his right hand in-front of his face and grabbed firmly against the elf's arm, Jan Ren continued the movement by using a single foot as an axis to pivot upon; other foot sliding across the wooden floor as his arm slid across her's, pulling the two in direct back-to-back.

Weight firmly placed in his wide-stanced legs, the young man held unto her knuckle through half the second this had all took place in; and as his knee's front was caught in Crissandra's foot, Jan Ren elevated his force by allowing her to pull at it -- pushing at her with a solid back-strike to knock her off the ring. With the positioning granted, he was confident it'd work. However, the girl was nimble. And he was prepared to follow through with that.

Just in case, the Sinese swung his free arm to a reverse punch in a wide arc, letting go of the elf's knuckle in the instance he began to swing the heavy hit; reaching to cover just about the entire range it could, swung at his own waist level. If she somehow managed to avoid the back strike, his punch would do the trick.

Crissandra Clearwater vs Jan Ren [Handicap - no magic, no weapon spells.] 2_1
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#7Crissandra Clearwater 

Crissandra Clearwater vs Jan Ren [Handicap - no magic, no weapon spells.] Empty Sun Aug 16, 2020 12:04 pm

Crissandra Clearwater
The back strike sent crissandra backwards. She hadnt been prepared to dodge, she had used up her energy in that attack and was now put on the defensive without enough reserves to fully respond. Her back hit the wooden railing all around the ring and she bounced off it just a bit.

She didnt have time to fully dodge the punch. So instead she would take the blow to the shoulder as she repositioned her stance and empty palm thrusted against Jan's chest. In doing so she would push herself against the railing again and hopefully push Jan back. If she had enough room she would jump onto the railing and run along it as far away from Jan as she could. She needed to catch her breath and try to recover what stamina she could.

The words of her uncle rang in her ears again.

'All the world will be your enemy, Crissandra, and whenever they catch you, they will kill you. But first they must catch you. If they think your going left, go right. If they think your giving up, cut their neck as they come to take your life. Be cunning and full of tricks and you shall never be caught.' She needed a plan, a trick she could use. But what.

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