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Hosenka - Beneath the Purloin

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Quest: Beneath the Purloin

Rank: C

Type: Bad


  • Payback completed
  • Escort the Employee completed
  • Innocent Thievery completed

Madam Suzumi: Known for her wealth and strict, professional personality, Madam Suzumi is the owner of a brothel in Hosenka City. Regardless of her usually ruthless demeanor in terms of working and earning money in return, she seems to be on a constant move for success and continuously having more people follow her footsteps.

Hina: One of the most resilient female workers in the brothel, Hina works for the means of her family, and is easily overwhelmed about issues that include them. Hina also rarely speaks up unless utterly needed and is known to feel bad whenever other people tries to help her out.

Summary: The issue of stolen profits continue, and it's a different culprit this time. If not settled now, it will worsen over time until the business no longer gains anything, thus the client asked you to investigate once again. Find out who was stealing the profits and report it to the client.

Enemies: None

Objective: Investigate the brothel's rooms and find the culprit who was stealing the profits out.


  • Create a topic in Crimson Quarter.
  • You will meet with Madam Suzumi who will tell you the details of the request, and then prove that it wasn't James who was stealing the money this time.
  • You are given permission to roam around the structure and have access to many different rooms. Look for a compilation of large money or statements of accounts that mention the processing of large sums of money.
  • In one of the rooms, you will find exactly what you were looking for. Before you leave the room, the female worker will beg you to not tell anyone and restrict you from leaving unless you listen to her.
  • You will be told that one of her customers has been blackmailing her, threatening that they'll take her younger brother if she doesn't give them more money.
  • To convince you more, she will show you the bruises hidden behind clothing and powder, all these caused by the said customer.
  • Report the issue to Madam Suzumi then she will settle her thoughts about it. You will be called again soon if needed.
  • Collect your reward and leave.


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I'd like to take this please.

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