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Hosenka - Innocent Thievery

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Quest: Innocent Thievery

Rank: C

Type: Bad


  • Payback completed
  • Escort the Employee completed

Madam Suzumi: Known for her wealth and strict, professional personality, Madam Suzumi is the owner of a brothel in Hosenka City. Regardless of her usually ruthless demeanor in terms of working and earning money in return, she seems to be on a constant move for success and continuously having more people follow her footsteps.

James: James is a young, homeless boy at the age of eight, shown to have capabilities of being sneaky and is able to steal things while avoiding being caught. He is usually the errand boy of many adults, ordering him to steal or buy things for them and is easily abused because of his resilience and obedience.

Summary: Another issue has circulated upon the income management of the brothel, records showing that their profits were being stolen. The client thinks that it is one of the girls from the brothel, thus will ask you to investigate and punish the thief by any means.

Enemies: None

Objective: Find out who was stealing the brothel's profits.


  • Create a topic in Crimson Quarter.
  • You will meet with the client who will then lead you to a ray of rooms, having a single worker in each room.
  • You may ignore privacy issues upon investigating every room, look for a compilation of large money or a statement of account that mentions the processing of large amounts of money.
  • Although getting multiple of these from different rooms, Madam Suzumi will clarify that these have nothing to do with the brothel's stolen profits.
  • After a few more investigations, you will find a boy who was trying to sneak into the management room. Upon seeing you, he will try to run away. Chase and pick him up.
  • Bring the boy to Madam Suzumi. After their interrogation, it will be confirmed that the boy is the one stealing from the brothel, and will tell you that he is homeless and was simply being told to steal from the brothel.
  • The boy will be cleaned up and given a task to work in the brothel as a cleaner and a room of his own. Other issues will be resolved by the management team.
  • Collect your reward and leave.


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I'd like to take this please.

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Hosenka - Innocent Thievery LFvFPOL

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Étaoin has started this quest.

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C Rank Rewards :
2 SP - STR
200 Infamy
50,000 Jewels
5000 Experience

Fiorian #702963 | Caelese #F99245 | Joyan #0C803E

Hosenka - Innocent Thievery LFvFPOL

STR : 25 | SPD : 22 | CON : 23 | END : 24 | INT : 24

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Eta has completed this quest.

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