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Barrett Jones

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#1Barrett Jones 

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Barrett Jones


Name: Barrett Jones

Age: 32 - Feb/17/x757

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heteroflexible

Ethnicity, Father:  Caelese

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Spellsword

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Fairy Tail

Tattoo: Located on their left shoulder.

Face: Gladiolus Amicitia from Final Fantasy


Height: 6'1"

Weight: 182lb

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

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Reference #2:
Barrett Jones  CuC1RezVYAAH1N2
Barrett stands at a whooping 6'1" making him pretty tall. His black hair flows back to just below his neck, appearing a bit spiky but smooth to the touch. The side of his hair is shaved however with his sideburns lining up and connecting perfectly with his clean shaved beard. His face carries a scar that runs down from his forehead across his left eye. Other than that, Barrett's face is clean and rugged, his brown eyes perfectly complmenting his feature Barrett sports a muscular build, sporting an eight pack.

His light tanned skin is a bit rough which is to be expected from someone like him. Barrett also has a couple of smaller scars on the lower part of his abs and sports a tattoo of a hawk that begins on the left side of his pecs as well as tattoos of wings running down on each arm

As far as clothing goes, Barrett wears a wide variety of clothing, but it tends to be darker colored.

Extra: Tattoos and scars mentioned above. Also wears an X shaped necklace given to him by his Ex-wife.


Personality: Laid back is one of the best ways to describe Barrett. He's more of a go with the flow kind of guy who tries not stress himself over many things. Despite his almost intimidating appearance, Barrett isn't that difficult to approach, even encouraging others to drop by for a chat and a couple of laughs.

Cracking open a cold one and chilling with others is one of Barrett's favorite pastimes. He's no stranger to partying as well, sometimes going a bit overboard when it comes to drinking and getting reckless. Surprisingly, reading is also something he enjoys to do which is something he picked up from his late wife.

Barrett also has no problem with being blunt when need be, rarely beating around the bush.

When it comes to romantic relationships, Barrett has a secret fear of falling in love again after the loss of his wife, not wanting to go through something like that again. One night flings have become a norm for him however, something that he's not completely proud of, but it helps him cope with many of the bad things he's done along with drinking, reading, and partying.

At this point, Barrett's morale alignment can be best described as chaotic good. He has no problem getting down and dirty in fights, enjoying a good scrap. He has also grown to become someone who wants to protect others, and do something good with his life in contrast to his former delinquent lifestyle.    


  • Having a good time: Barrett likes enjoying himself whether it be through drinking, partying, or getting rowdy among other stuff.
  • Books: A newfound hobby of his that his younger self would laugh at if possible. Over time he grew to enjoy it reading books, finding it as a nice little pastime when nothing else is going on.  


  • Cigarettes: Although Barrett won't straight up hate anyone for smoking, he's not a big fan of cigarettes due to how much his father smoked them, making the air suffocating as well as using them to leave burn marks on him when he was younger.
  • Delinquents: Delinquents, or "Little shits" as he puts it are folks that Barrett isn't too keen about, especially when they cause trouble for their own selfish reasons. Barrett use to be like that, and whenever he comes across one, they quickly remind him of himself.


  • His late wife: Barrett was in a pretty shitty place before he met his wife. If it wasn't for her, he wouldn't have been able to change his life around. He wants to keep on living and do good with the second chance she gave to him.


  • Sinking back into crime: Barrett has done so much to get out of his life of crime with no intention of going back. Still, he has a fear of making one wrong move that will lead him back into that life and undo all of his hard work.
  • Commitment: After the death of his wife, Barrett has a fear of falling in love again, not because he feels like he's betraying her, but because he does not want to possibly go through that pain again, so he tries his hardest to not get that attached to anyone again.


Magic Name: Earth Magic

Magic Element: Earth

Magic Description: Earth magic is a basic caster type magic, that gives the user the ability to manipulate and conjure the properties of earth which could be used for mundane and combat purposes, mostly focusing on things such as offense, defense, and buffs.


Barrett was born in Caelum to an abusive Caelese father and a much more nurturing Fiorian mother. Getting constantly stressed out about his job, Barrett's father usually took his frustration out on his son and wife in the form of verbal and physical abuse. Barrett's mother would usually get the most of it to protect her son as much as possible.

Despite how bad her husband was, the mother couldn't bring herself to leave him because she still  loves him and believed he still loves them back.

When Barrett was at the age of ten, his father had gotten a notice that he's been laid off. Reaching his boiling point, the enraged father beat his son until he was badly bleeding along with leaving the kid with a scar that runs down his left eye. After that, Barrett's old man took his own life and once his mother found out, she was in shock, but managed to get herself together for her son's sake so that she could get him medical attention.

A year has gone by since that dreadful day. All this time, Barrett's mother was struggling to keep a roof under her and her son. Eventually, with the remaining jewels she had, the mother took her son and went back to her home country of Fiore so that they could live with her parents at Marigold.

Now living under her parents, Barrett's mother was slowly able to stabilize, and get herself together. Barrett on the other hand grew more distant and and slowly sunk into the life of a troublemaker despite his mother trying her best to keep him on the right track.

Seven years has passed and now eighteen year old Barrett only continued to get worse. Getting tired of his mother and grandparents getting on his case, the man eventually moved out and found himself in Hosenka City. He ended up joining a small gang their who used their magic to commit various crimes.  

With two years of Barrett's delinquency going by, fate would have the twenty year old meet a certain someone as he casually strolled by one of the town's libraries. Lucille was her name, and she had huge love for books.

With a stack of books in hand, Lucille was just about to enter the library to turn them in before dropping all of them by mistake. She asked Barrett for assistance who at first he ignored until she continued trying to ask him.

The man turned around and was just about exchange some not so friendly words to her until he noticed the woman's face. The thug was captivated by her beauty. Barrett decided to clam up and help Lucille who sincerely thanked him.  She then started to ramble on about books which normally would piss Barrett off, but there was just something about her passionate speaking that stopped him from doing so. She asked the thug about his opinion on books to which he replied by saying he's never read before.

Lucille was taken completely off guard by this and insisted that he'd join her, going as far as to pulling him into the library.

After that day, Barrett slowly gained an interest in books. At first it was mostly because he wanted to get in her pants, but as he spoke more with the woman, and continued reading with her, the thug's feelings for her grew to more than just that, her feelings for him developing as well.

Almost everyday, Barrett accompanied Lucille to the library and eventually other places during the day...but he still kept up with his criminal activities at night.

Beginning to feel guilty about this, Barrett ended up coming clean to the woman he was now dating. Lucille was disappointed, but she still stayed with him. After all he's been doing with and for her, Lucille believed that Barrett was good at heart and that he could change. This belief alone from the woman he loves gave Barrett the will to sever his ties with the gang he's been running with, but not without getting things like death threats thrown his way by them.

This eventually led the couple to moving out to Magnolia City where they could live a much peaceful life.

About four years has passed and the now twenty-four year old had taken Lucille's hand in marriage. The newlywed couple lived peacefully, and after four years, the two were now expecting a child. For a few months, things continued to look good for the two...until one night.

As Barrett was coming home from a lively night with some friends, the man was welcomed to a horrifying sight. He found his  wife right there dead on the floor. Apparently a robber broke in, but nothing was stolen...except for the life...no, the lives of Barrett's world. The unborn baby couldn't even be saved. All of this brought the devastated Barrett to tears.

If he hadn't gone out that night...maybe they would still be alive.

Refusing to let guilt, and grief take over his life, Barrett continued to work hard so that he could remain as the good person Lucille saw him as. It wasn't easy at first since the wounds were still fresh, but he managed to get himself together again.

With another four years passing, Barrett turned his attention to Fairy Tail, a guild located in this town. He now wishes to actually get better with his magic, so that no one else will have to go through what he's been through.

For Lucille...and for their unborn child.

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