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Raina Lynna Vanille Scylar

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Name: Raina Lynna Vanille Scylar

Age: 17, Born 767 (was in stasis for 5 years)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bi
Ethnicity, Father:Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Paladin

Race: Wood Elf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Daeva Eye

Tattoo: Left Hand, Colored White with a Gold Outline

Face: Orihime Inoue


Height: 5'4

Weight: 120 lbs.

Hair: Pink

Eyes: Crimson

Overall: Raina in all aspects could be referred to as a babe. For starters her skin is perfectly but naturally sun-kissed like she has been tanning for years. Her face emits a feeling of love and kindness that only seems to be in perfect harmony with the wisdom and grace her crimson eyes emit. Raina's body frame is lean but toned with certain assets given to her. Her breasts are quite large especially for someone her age and her body curves into a perfect hourglass like a model on a runway. Her arms and legs are toned and defined, as what is expected to be found on the body of a gymnast or a dancer. Raina's long hair falls down her back like a rose tinted waterfall, regal but yet some how wild. Her hair falls in front of her left eye and covers it similar to Jessica Rabbit.

  In terms of clothing, Raina is always seen in some sort of dress, shirt and skirt, or leotard. She despised pants and shorts.

Being a girl, Raina has an assortment of makeup at her disposal. In terms of eye shadow she always wears black to accent her crimson eyes and eyelashes, but no blush is needed due to her flawless skin. Raina's lipstick choice would be a deep, but classy, red with a small amount of gloss just for glamour.  

 Raina speaks with clarity and wisdom beyond her years, being a scholar more than a social butterfly. Her words seem to be be sung as she spoke. Her speech is silky and sweet but with an undertone of self doubt. Her shyness sometimes causes her to stutter when meeting new people. Listening to her her talk seems to cause people to swoon from its angelic tones.            

Extra: N/A


Personality:  Raina is a kind, bubbly, girl who hates to be mean or rude to anyone living being. The kind of girl that just has to make everyone feel better, whether she has to hug or glomp others to do it. She is a lover of magic and life in general. Even with her constant need to be kind, Raina is no pushover. She has a strong sense of justice and love for her friends and family. With a strong determination, only matched by her high intelligence, she faces any challenges thrown her way. Raina can be the most loyal friend you may have or the worst rival to face. She is not afraid to fight for what she believes in and will not give up, even if it means giving up her life. Raina presents a level of love and adornment for every living being, whether it be ally or enemy. She often apologizes for having to fight her enemies, wishing there was another way.

Her love for everything is a great trait to her personality but can also be her greatest weakness if exploited correctly. Her high sense of morality, has had her deemed the title "The Princess". She hates to cause or see any bloodshed, and wishes to solve issues through talking first if she can. Even still, Raina is aware that sometimes she cannot avoid a confrontation and must fight for her beliefs. Raina is highly respected member of society due to her confidence and attitude towards challenges. She is often seen helping the others believing they own abilities and strength. She is also seen planting new flowers and caring for stray animals through out the city, expressing her love for living things. Raina can not tell a lie to save her life. She believes it is not kind to deceive anyone and hates when people do it to her. She is not afraid to explain the issues of lying to fellow person.

Raina gets along with others very well, but that does not mean she's a sheep. If she deems the need for her step up and help the leader in any way she will take it. And if there is no leader, she herself will stand up and take control when needed. She can be a very gentle but tough leader.


  • Art: Raina has grown up loving art and the way an artist captures their emotions.
  • Music: Singing was one of the few ways Raina could cope with all she has been through.
  • Gymnastics: One of few sport related hobbies Raina has. She has been practicing since she was six.


  • Rude People: Raina always shows her best personality traits and always expresses kindness, she thinks others should do so as well.
  • Pants: Raina has always preferred outfits that are skirts, dresses, or is a leotard of some sort. No pants. Pants Suck.


  • To Bring Her Family's Murderer to Justice:Raina's family was murdered by dark wizards when she was young. She only survived due to her sister Aria hiding her away. She hopes to bring them to justice and put them in jail.


  • To Fail Her Mission: Raina's deepest fear is that she will not be able to bring her family's killers to justice when she finds them. She worries her strength is lacking to stop them.
  • To Not Be Able to Protect Her Friends:Raina has a fear of losing her friends and new loved ones, due to not being able to protect her family back then.


Magic Name: Seraphic Heart

Magic Element: Light

Magic Description: A rare magic only usable by those with the purest of hearts. A magic built on the foundation of love and kindness found inside a maiden's heart. Using her immense feelings of love for all life, Raina is able to cast curative spells and support based spells. When casting spells, Raina's body is illuminated in rainbow sparkles. This magic is only able to heal and cast support, supplementary, and buffs spells.


History: Born seventeen years ago on a rainy day to two loving parents and an older sister, Raina arrived in a mist of sparkling light. Her parent's friends told them she was a miracle, a gift from the heavens. A baby born with magical potential of that magnitude was a godsend.

Raina grew up relatively normal, well loved, taught right from wrong, and so on. Her mother, a member of the Fairytail guild made it clear that her magic was a gift and was to be cherished. She taught her how to use and respect her powers and when was a good time to use them.

Raina's magic seemed to be classified to just healing and support based spells, leaving her offensive capabilities lacking. Her mother, being a guild mage herself knew that if she wanted her daughter to be safe, self defense was her best option.

Raina loved the acrobatics lessons and even though she hated the thought of fighting, excelled in hand to hand combat. Her parents could not be prouder of their daughter. Her sister, someone who enjoyed fights, found this as an excuse to spar with her sister.

Raina grew up gorgeous to the excitement of the people around her. When she was sixteen this attracted the attention of a dark guild of wizards looking for new girls to claim. Her family was slaughtered protecting her, while she was hidden due to a shielding spell cast by her older sister.

Raina was left alone after the attack and wandered through the world looking for a new home. She searched out in hopes of finding Fairytail, the guild her parents were in. Maybe this guild can be her new family. Her parents always spoke of the guild like they were family, and she definitely needed that in her life.

Shortly after joining the guild, Raina felt victim to a curse from an unknown enemy, locking her in stasis for five years, never aging, her friends presuming her death. The spell waned over time and eventually dissipated, setting herself free. Now she is out to stop the unknown entity who trapped her.  

Reference: Returnee!

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This character application has been approved.

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