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Oak To Hosenka (foot travel)

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#1Darka Monyx 

Oak To Hosenka (foot travel) Empty Mon Aug 03, 2020 12:37 am

Darka Monyx
For a while now Dark has been staying in Oak. After he finished him quest from Remy Martello he stayed and enjoy his own time in Oak City. He feels like he needs to take sometime to enjoy himself and to explore the world. Darka think that this it the time to take somerest after doing so many quest since Baska City and Oak City. Then he decide to go take a journey all the way to Hosenka. He wants to know more about other region, wanting to learn more about any other culture. Darka make his preparation for the travel and journey that will be waiting for him. He prepare his stuff, his needs, his courage and his mental to take this long journey all the way to Hosenka. It will be a long and tiring journey, but he is pretty sure that this journey, this advanture, is what he need to be able to build his hometown to be a better place. And as Darka who always willing to do anything to get his goals, this time he is also sure to take the journey. He start his journey and start walking. He might have to face some trouble on the way to Hosenka, but he doesn't seems to care.

He gather informations around town, finding out the best route to Hosenka, asking about a major trouble on the way there, what kind of problems that he need to face when he's on his way there. With his preparation, he is ready to really get out of town and go on his journey. He walks pass the town gate and looking into a big space infront of him. He is looking at the world and thinking about his long journey. He is ready to face anything and with his faith he take his step one by one. Every little step he makes bring him first experience he have, taking a long journey all by himself. He doesn't have any hesitation and that make time flies fast until he didn't notice that he arrived at a town, or maybe it's just this closest town to Oak city that won't take long to get there even if you're on your feet. In this city, Darka decided to stop by and take a rest in a cafe where he can take some ale and some bread to enjoy before he start walking towards his next destination. He looks around this cafe and notice that a lot of people sit there and enjoy their meals that looks like a traveler, they usually use some kind of cloak to cover their whole body and use the hood to cover their head during the day to avoid sunheat. They also have some big bag or big sacks that they have to carrie around with them, they usually refuse to leave their stuff on the table even if they only going to the toilet. He look outside and notice that there is a tavern across the street. This city look amazing, but more like a country style. Time passed by and Darka have to contiue his journey to Hosenka. Darka decide to bring some extra water and bread with him, he doesn't planned to stop by and rest, he want to get to Hosenka as soon as possible, and to do so he decide to never stop until he arrive. He then star walking out from the city, once again he look at at big world that still amaze him. He start walking to Hosenka with more preparation this time. Now he can drink or eat while walking and doesn't have to make a stop.

Darka was enjoying the view, the wind, the silence, that makes him didn't notice that infront of him now, he can see the Hosenka City. Close to the mountain. And he walks in that town, finally arrive at Hosenka City


Oak To Hosenka (foot travel) Untitl11

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