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Silver City III - Solo [Quest]

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#1Kenzo Valens 

Silver City III - Solo [Quest] Empty Sun Aug 02, 2020 11:39 pm

Kenzo Valens
”How?” Asked Kenzo with a voice of bewilderment. The male scratched his chin as he processed everything he had just heard from Giovanni. Many things now finally started to make sense, but there were still others that still had unanswered questions. Before they could proceed, everything needed to be laid bare. ”Well… I-“ The young nobleman sitting across the wooden table started talking. However, a noise coming outside the building startled the two men. The air tensed for a moment, as both compliantly fell dead silent as if trying not to alert whatever the hell was outside, hoping they would just turn around and leave. Kenzo could see Giovanni getting visibly more tense, droplets of sweat running down his forehead as the slightest hints of trembling traveled through his hands. Kenzo made a motion with his right index, taking it to his lips as he held his other palm extended in the air, almost as if he were trying to signal the world to stop for a second.

For a second, nothing. The sharp noise outside seemed to be nothing more than an illusion caused by paranoia. However, Kenzo knew that trusting was what got you killed. Channeling mana through his left eye, the merc activated his eye’s special ability. Instantly, his sight of vision was extended beyond the abilities of humankind. In a flash, everything in a radius of 5 meters around the swordsman became visible to him. With it, the exterior of the building as well. ”GET DOW-“


Kenzo instantly sprung out of his seat in a jump, tackling Giovanni down from where he sat and into the ground. Wood and stone rubble, splinters and shrapnel flew through the air, tearing the sides of the window in an instant. A huge ball of flames entered the place.

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#2Kenzo Valens 

Silver City III - Solo [Quest] Empty Sun Aug 02, 2020 11:39 pm

Kenzo Valens
The flames covered the entire hall in an instant. As Kenzo fell to the ground with Giovanni, he barely had any time to process what was happening. After a couple of seconds, the deafening sound of the explosion brought silence. For a second, it would seem that the bomb’s objective had been completed, immediately erasing every trace of the two men inside the building. However, as the two bodies scrambled and squirmed in pain, trying to stand up, it was evident that they had survived. Had Kenzo been a second late in activating the spatial storage in his ring and didn’t bring out his gear, it was safe to say that Giovanni and Kenzo would have died in the spot. Luckily for the two of them, the dwarven armor the merc had grown so fond of saved their lives. One thing was escaping from the damage the explosion itself would have caused. Another thing was surviving the collision with the wall that blasting off from the speed of the explosion would have caused. Instead, the blue runes and carvings in the masterfully crafted set of armor had absorbed the entirety of the energy, preventing them from being knocked back and into more danger.

Coughing, Kenzo mustered his strength trying to speak to Giovanni. ”Ughh.. Are you okay?” His words came out as a grumble, trying to gasp for some air. ”Phtua! *cough* *cough*… Y-yeah.. I think so.” Before Kenzo could say anything else though, screams were heard from the other side of the now blasted off wall. ”THERE!! THEY ARE STILL ALIVE!! GET THEM!” The dust the explosion had lifted was still too thick to see anything, but the two survivors had no need to see in order to understand what they needed to do. ”We gotta get outta here!”

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#3Kenzo Valens 

Silver City III - Solo [Quest] Empty Sun Aug 02, 2020 11:39 pm

Kenzo Valens
In an instant, the mercenary mustered every ounce of strength he had in order to jolt right back up. *Cling! Clang!* Pieces of metal teared off from his armor as he stood up, surprisingly few for the amount of damage the armor had sustained. With a look of irritation, Kenzo snapped his head around as he clicked his tongue. ”Tsk! I’d just repaired this thing!” The male decided that for the moment he needed to take away his armor lest he lost a piece and wasn’t able to repair it in the future. A black hue covered his entire torso for an instant before the silver armor disappeared into thin air. However, there was no time to waste. Dragging Giovanni by the shirt, the merc blasted into the still standing brick wall at the end of the room. ”GO!! DON’T LET THEM ESCAPE!” the words of the enemy leader were followed by screams and gnarls of his grunts. From what Kenzo was able to see with his right eye’s ability, they were facing against 10 people. Sure, they would have been no problem for him to handle, but he wasn’t quite confident on Giovanni escaping without a scratch. For the moment, Kenzo and the noble had been dancing to the tune of their attackers, they needed to regroup first in order to get back control of the flow.

”UUAAH!” the blonde noble screamed as he was suddenly lifted by the Bellan warrior. ”W-wait.. Kenzo, wai-!! WAAAAIT!!” The swordsman ran directly into the brick wall without any signs of stopping. In fact, he was gaining speed with every second while he carried Giovanni with his right arm. Much to the noble’s plight, it seemed he had no intentions of stopping. Punching through the wall with his spare fist, they blasted through.

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#4Kenzo Valens 

Silver City III - Solo [Quest] Empty Sun Aug 02, 2020 11:40 pm

Kenzo Valens
”WOOAAAAAAAH!” Giovanni screamed as they suddenly found themselves in free fall, unable to do anything, the poor noble dug into Kenzo’s skin with his nails as he tried to get some sense of balance and stability. With a playful smirk, the male teased Giovanni. ”Scared of a small jump, your highness?” The merc couldn’t say he didn’t understand him. Of course he did, he was a human too after all. However, it had been a couple of months since he had stopped feeling the same things he had his entire life. There was no easy way to explain it, but it perfectly aligned with the moment he had arrived at Fiore. More specifically, the experience he had with that old crone in the streets of Crocus. After she used her arts of divination to read Kenzo’s future, she had unlocked a sealed power within him. Now, he was capable of performing inhumane feats of strength. The mere fact he’d just punched a brick wall into dust was entirely crazy to him. But for some reason, it felt natural to his body. In all his years in the battlefield, he’d encountered that kind of people. Humans that had cast away their mortal shackles and transcended their humanity, able to achieve the pinnacle of their potential. Perhaps he too had joined them.

Either way, the male’s thoughts were cut short by the sight of projectiles entering his ability’s field of vision. Three crossbow bolts whistled through the air and past the two of them. Unable to alter much their fall’s trajectory, Kenzo barely managed to evade them. Soon after, the two of them reached the ground. Bearing the full brunt of their fall, the merc slightly flinched out of pain before resuming their escape at full speed, before losing again their chasers.

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#5Kenzo Valens 

Silver City III - Solo [Quest] Empty Sun Aug 02, 2020 11:40 pm

Kenzo Valens
Once they were a safe distance away, Kenzo placed Giovanni in the ground, allowing him to run on his own. ”No time to waste!! Where to!?” Surprisingly, the noble was able to quickly recover from the whole situation and came back to his usual witty self. ”Follow me! We’re not far away from the safe house!” Kenzo trailed behind Giovanni as the latter led the way. Flashing through the crowds of the Lower District, the two cloaked men made their way across the crowded streets of the city. Taking multiple turns and several unseen passages, the two of them arrived at what could be called the slums within the slums. Concealed behind the collapsed remains of one of the Middle District’s walls, a passage leading to a small conglomeration of shacks opened up. At the far end, a wood and scraps building with a run-down door waited for them. Slamming the door open, Giovanni frantically searched through the poorly lit room. ”Elyon!!! Elyon!!!” The male desperately shouted as he inspected each of the rooms.

Silent, Kenzo pressed his lips against each other in a faint pucker. He could see the entire layout as clear as day. Yet, there was not a single person inside the place apart from them. ”Giovanni.” Kenzo spoke with a firm voice, interrupting the male from screaming for the boy once again. In the midst of his adrenaline rush, the noble looked at Kenzo with a look of distress, knowing what was to come. In exchange, the merc was only able to shake his head, confirming his suspicions.

”SHIT!” the noble kicked the nearest wooden table, making it crash against the rotten coach next to it. ”How could I have been so naïve!! Fuck… I was so stupid.” The noble sat down as he lamented himself.

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#6Kenzo Valens 

Silver City III - Solo [Quest] Empty Sun Aug 02, 2020 11:41 pm

Kenzo Valens
”It seems they were here before us…” Kenzo placed his hand gently over Giovanni’s right shoulder. As the male grabbed his hair back with both hands in anger, he took a glance back at the spot that the merc motioned with his head. Clearly displayed at the end of the wall, a carved-out symbol signaled the fate of the young Myras heir. It only a glance at the wall for Giovanni to start trembling. Collapsing into his knees, the noble lord of the Silver City tumbled forward as he barely stopped himself with both hands. As he looked at the ground, his words came out almost in a whisper. ”It’s the end…”

Starting to feel irritated over being left so out of the curve, the merc lift up the noble before slapping him with care. Startled by the slap, the noble looked at Kenzo for an answer. Before he could protest though, the blue haired male lowered himself to eye-level. ”Alright. Enough with the lamenting and victim act. You’re really starting to piss me off man.” Grabbing the blonde noble by his shoulders, Kenzo shook him for a bit, trying to bring him out of his self pitty. ”We’ve got two choices as of now. First, you can start filling me in on all these secrets and stuff I have no idea understanding like the meaning of that stupid spider drawing in the wall, or second we can stay all day long crying and waiting for those bastards to catch us.” Kenzo stood up from the ground as he placed his back against the wall, next to the symbol. ”So what’s it gonna be?” His tone was firm, slightly filled with irritation. This whole mission was going way slower than to his liking.

Shaking his head around, Giovanni slapped himself once again before standing up in his feet. ”I-“ the noble cleared his throat before trying once again. *AHEM* “I’m sorry you had to see that, it was unproper of my part.” The noble straightened the wrinkles of his clothes as he cleared the dust of the ground off too. ”That symbol over there can only mean one thing…” Giovanni crossed both arms as he furrowed his brow. ”The worst possible group of people we could have been facing against has kidnapped Elyon.” Pointing at the symbol carved in the wall, the noble finally spoke. ”That symbol over there, the twelve legged spider is from the Phantom Troupe.”

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