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Parking it [Judina]

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#1Lorelei L Lakefield 

Parking it [Judina] Empty on Sun Aug 02, 2020 2:32 am

Lorelei L Lakefield
"Uwaaaaa, this is all so freckin prettay!" She declared aloud as she entered into the sakura flower laden park, a piece of Joya brought to Fiore, transplanted into this place. That information alone was enough for the pink-haired lily known as Lorelei.

Not that she had any real business understanding what it all meant, she was a magus sure, but she had no real memory of major events, and even some simpler things like names of places eluded her. Even if she had visited Joya in the past, this was a rare occurrence: a second first time.

Not many people can make a claim to this type of thing. She had already met some non Joyan people here in Hosenka, it was a town for foreigners and tourists after all, but she was already making a name for herself when she was, according to rumors, flashing her wallet.

It dangled from the underside of that blue frog hoodie of hers, revealing to anyone who saw it on its lanyard that it was easy pickings. Unfortunately for most would-be bandits, there was no forgetting the instincts of a well trained maid.

A maid that, mind you, is trained in protecting an entire estate by her own hand. With her magic over water, and her molding skills at the ready, she had trounced several groups who sought to make a quick buck off her.

It made people tend to back up when she came into Sakura Alley. Viewing her like a Yakuza, she wasn't scary though, she just got reflexive when some strangers tried to get handsy with her money.

"The lanterns are made from paper? That's amazing! I wonder how the fire hazard is kept to a minimum?" SHe mused to herself while tilting her head, looking up at a string of the lanterns strewn between two trees.


Parking it [Judina] Empty on Sun Aug 02, 2020 11:25 am

She was back in this Alley again, Most likely now because Judina herself had taken a liking to the place more then any part of the city. Alistair, Judina's  6 foot tall in length and width cattain would just remark to Judina."You must like this spot if your back here so soon."Which so far Judina had said nothing to him in return."What can I say? there is something relaxing and nice about this spot."Then again in some manner Judina enjoyed the sights of nature and  trees remembering the times she would spend hours meditating under them.

Had she still stuck to this habit as she normally would, most likely that is what she would be doing, not worrying about so many things as she normally does. Judina and Alistair seemed when actually not busy with the things they needed to do quite down to earth and some what normal

It was nice to have a clear mind. Not many people seemed to be around. Judina was more interested in the sakura trees and nature rather. The mind was clear, her thoughts were clear, Judina was in a mental place of balance and peace.

Judina would stop were one of the trees was."Think it would be nice to sit here for a while."Judina mention. Alistair would just sit comfortably as he could for a massive giant cat Judina did not need a bench because she would sit on the ground and rest her back on Alistair, Getting comfortable, Judina would just enjoy the sound of nature and people around her, She and Alistair seemed content for the moment with their moment  of sitting under a tree and just embracing the moment of quiet nothing. What did fate have for Judina on this day, would be interesting to see.

#3Lorelei L Lakefield 

Parking it [Judina] Empty on Tue Aug 04, 2020 12:50 am

Lorelei L Lakefield
Walking her way on past Judina and Alistar was the pink haired little button known as Lorelei, or TRIP-L by many other people around here for the little nickname she made. Lorelei Laguna Lakefield. So naturally the youth of Hosenka took to calling her Triple, which then became TRIP-L.

Tangents on etymology aside, she was moving at a brisk pace, glancing back over her shoulder every few seconds, it seemed like she was being followed. There were hoodlums. A collection of five men, all with hair done up in topknots. Two had thick rimmed sunglasses, they were all carrying what looked like wooden katana.

They meant business, were they local ruffians? Yakuza? Black Market Slave Traders?! Either way, Lorelei was making haste on past Judina and Alistar! Though if they stepped up to help, Lorelei would turn around to see whow as going to be a white knight for her.

If they were allowed to walk past, Judina and her follower would hear from down the path, "Look, I'm sorry I didn't exactly react fairly! But you were trying to take my money! What? NO i'M NOT PAYING HOSPITAL BILLS WHEN YOU ARE PERFECTLY HEALTHY!"

Seems like there's going to be a fight brewing today, one way or another. Enchanted practice swords versus a girl that could craft an armory and bestiary from water!

Rather poetic in this magical world they lived in, backlit by sakura petals and paper lanterns, no?


Parking it [Judina] Empty on Tue Aug 04, 2020 3:38 pm

The main part of it all seemed like Judina and even Alistair did not need to worry about the pink haired woman, after all she was just minding her own business. It seemed like slowly Judina and her cat would slowly pick up on what was happening.

Good thing Judina was not actually trying to mediate in really you could not sneak trying to cause trouble when it was walking right in front of her.

When the men that would attempt what they would Judina would let out an annoying sigh making it noted loud enough to gather attention.

Alistair would feel Judina patting him since he was about to go take a nap. So Judina would get up from her spot, she had little to no interest in whatever games these people were playing, So to day, So for now whatever this game would be, It would end closer now.

So when she spoke, Judina had a bit of understanding where this was going. debts were not her worry, suffering and pain was and since none of these men seemed.

The better question new, What was more imposing to the men. One seemingly alone and unable to handle the fight woman. Or a a much taller woman with a giant cat.

Judina's face rather emotionless and neutral, Alistair just did not make any expression so far, Then again being a six feet tall and long as a cat was pretty rare it's self.

She would not take too long to get behind the men who were after Lorelei."Or do you can just go away and forget what your here for?"She seemed to be mentioning that to the men whatever they where a part of here for would not matter to Judina, She Judina would just break their legs if they had too.

#5Lorelei L Lakefield 

Parking it [Judina] Empty on Tue Aug 04, 2020 4:50 pm

Lorelei L Lakefield
Skidding to a halt when someone came to her rescue, she about-faced on the heels of her feet. Flailing her arms as she whip lashed herself from the sudden one-eighty. "Oh hello there! I appreciate the help you're providing me there chief!" Her accent sounded like a heavy blend of French and Scottish, she was clearly NOT from Fiore or Joya.

"Look, we want to talk to that little lady there, so, why don't you get outta the way if you don't want trouble brewing." Declared the leader of the group, a man who was wide, tall, and her what looked like three chins. He ate well, let's just say that. Though that wooden katana looked like it was out of place.

"She's gotta pay up for roughing us up the other day, we just wanted to talk to her after all." Chimed in another man, one of the ones in sunglasses, his sword looked to be soaked, as if it was holding on to plenty of water.

"You tried to just take my money! And then you accused me of assault! I had to speak to the authorities because of you!" She barked back, clapping her hands together before thrusting her arms down in front of herself. A magic circle forming as she crated what looked like a bazooka in her hands, made out of rushing rapids!

She was very confrontational! "I'm being honest here, they tried to take my money--"

"Well it's only natural you get your money taken if you flaunt it about on your hip!"

"Really, you brought it on yourself!"

"Now, pay up or do you want more of your magic soaked up by these swords? Huh?!"

Lorelei's eye twitched, while her smile twisted a little, she had constricted pupils, and the way she showed her teeth, she looked ready to pull the trigger if Judina moved at all. "Sure. Happy to drown those little twigs you're swinging around and wash you back out to the gutter!"


Parking it [Judina] Empty on Wed Aug 05, 2020 2:35 pm

Intimidation did not work on Judina, In fact it still seemed not phased."I can't say I am too impressed I must say."So far yes, Judina took nothing of it seriously. If anything it showed Judina was far less worried about it now, she was now thinking they where kind of weak in here eyes. Now the wonderful part would happen.

Judina would mockingly mention in return."You look like you can easily get beaten up, flaunting your easily punch able faces."Judina seemed to be saying it to prove a point, She had to wonder what their reactions would be.

lightly patting her cat. she would learn over and whisper something to him, So far Alistair just sat like a cat would waiting."Very well here's my deal."Judina sounded so casual and blunt about it."All you but her leave with nothing."then her second part would now be mentioned."You can leave with out any broken bones."Judina would wait for the answer from them.

She would follow it up with."Offer of time is limited..."Was it a game of chicken? were they fools brave enough to face Judina? Or stupid enough just to go after who they intended.

Judina had no reason to be scared, She had fought demons. She stared into the face of dragons. So many other criminals in her life too. So a few low lives seemed so, minor it was interesting to have that reflection. Now it was her waiting, Judina was start tapping her foot loudly every second like she was using to keep track of something. Did these low lives want to fight Judina and Alistair? Judina also was trying to annoy them or bait them as well into attacking Judina Or getting them to strike first.

#7Lorelei L Lakefield 

Parking it [Judina] Empty on Wed Aug 05, 2020 2:50 pm

Lorelei L Lakefield
"Oh yeah! That so? You think you can go up against us of the Sengoku Family and not expect some sort of repercussion?!"

"You tell her Aniki, show her who's the real boss around here!"

"Isn't Patriarch Sengoku the boss though?"

"Look shut up, just focus ahead."

"Alright, we'll give YOU the chance to turn and le-" They were all interrupted by a rocket made of water whizzing by past Judina and Alistar, giving them a little bit of a spritzing. The pink haired girl seemed to have let loose the first attack without regard for the hooligans' words.

As they were all blown to the side, Lorelei just grinned, casting her little water-make bazooka to the side, bursting into a puddle of water like an over ripe water balloon! "Get those swords please!" She declared, and if Judina or Alistar grabbed the wooden katana, and tried to swing them, tools made from water would all cascade out of the veins of the swords.

Each and every one that struck the ground would become a little puddle and Lorelei would sigh in relief. Though she would be doing it with the swords herself so she could free her various spells from the spongy wood.

As the ruffians started to get up, they all grunted and grumbled, before trying to make their move, they were coming in for an attack, ornery Yakuza be damned, they refused to back down.

"Get the hell out of our way! That little oni is ours to crush!" They seemed quite keen on making a mess of Lorelei.

granted with all of this happening, especially in a rather peaceful park, there was a crowd gathering, people were torn between cheering for the problem child who was a handful, or cheering for the local yakuza who wanted to at least teach the amnesiac a lesson about minding her filter before giving it a go.


Parking it [Judina] Empty on Thu Aug 06, 2020 2:34 pm

The fact they just used mere wooden sword was something to assume Judina would think their really amateurs, So she would continue on helping. by first pulling out her actual metal sword. Walking over she would just pick one up, While Alistair would run over and take one as well if there was three of them. She would just sigh and say."Really keep in mind what your dealing with." Judina would mention, The blank stare of at the one who spoke the most.

Did many chins express fear? it was a simple wonder. But Judina would not do anything too rash in this situation."And just go home now."Judina would just leave them, to that choice now. Most likely any other action by them that was not them giving could result in Judina actually having to use her sword against people.

Yet they still did not give up, in which Judina would say."Or will I crush you?"Judina was just making a point to them, They were not in the place to assume they can win. It seemed kind of boring and pointless, It seemed like no matter what these people did not know win, Just they did not know yet.

Alistair would just head over to Lorelei, as a casual normal cat would just not making any noises. Upon making it over to her Lorelei just would see Alistair sit down next to her. Then lightly Alistair would show a sign he was a friendly cat to her and leaning over and rubbing his head on the closest shoulder of Lorelei. Like a smaller cat would do, But Alistair was much bigger. But nonetheless Lorelei had a few friend, Or an easy out to climb on if she needed to run. What would happen now would be interesting.

#9Lorelei L Lakefield 

Parking it [Judina] Empty on Sat Aug 08, 2020 2:46 am

Lorelei L Lakefield
Well, after being blasted away by a watery bazooka, and the intimidation of another mage on the scene, a strong one at that, the five yakuza thugs quickly bolted, shouting something about how their captain would hear about this, or a lieutenant, or whoever was in the office that day that had some actual power.

Sighing to herself once that was all over, the swords were broken, and it was revealed that they were designed to siphon off water, specifically water spells. Draining Lorelei of her spells and holding them hostage somehow? Either way, they were all broken to bits and she was able to relax while Judina and her cat helped!

"Oh hello there it's nice to me-OH GEEZ!" SHe blurted out before stumbling back onto the ground with a thud, her tuckus hitting the dirt while she chuckled. Reaching over to pet the cat on the head and behind the ear, looking for the 'sweet spot'. "Pleased to meet you too, thanks a million." She said to Judina while looking back at the woman who had come to her rescue.

She motioned to one of the benches that was set up near a tree, a bench that was actually the one Judina had been on earlier?

"So, I'm new to this City, I think, and as far as I've learned, those guys are a part of some weird gang, and they like to extort money. And there are a lot of them, a LOT. Like, tens of thousands total?" She would start to explain to Judina about the quintet they quelled just earlier.

"Oh! I'm Lorelei by the way, Lorelei Laguna Lakefied! It's nice to meet you unless we've met before!" What a weird greeting.


Parking it [Judina] Empty on Sat Aug 08, 2020 12:36 pm

So the dangerous part was over. So Judina would take her time turning back to some what a normal person. Judina would take her time putting her sword away, She was still assuming some one could return and she might not ready to let her guard down quite yet.

Alistair would however start speaking now."Nice to meet you too."Revealing that Alistair was also a talking cat. Alistair content and happy with the attention he got from the new friends just sat down and said."It is alright Judi,You can relax now."Alistair would reveal Judina's name well part of it anyway.

Which Judina would finally start relaxing from her some what harden way of being. Judina was taking her time walking over to Alistair and the now named Lorelei. Judina would finally speak to Lorelei."We have not, I just noticed you walking past us while I was sitting under a tree before this all happen."So it just seemed it was more of less happen stance of a situation.

Whatever reason seemed to be the situation, Judina did not seem the type to even be worried about it."Whatever they are a part of, They are gone now."Judina would mention, Which was true however she still sounded like she was still in that mind set of when she had her weapon out.

So slowly Judina would just become her normal self. She seemed to just smile slightly."But we have not met before."Judina would just admit it now, However today Judina did not seem to mind meeting anyone new in this moment."I am Judina, If it is easier Judi works, Alistair is my friendly Cattain."Not just cat, But a Cattain.

Alistair seemed since like he was not needed for much just kind curled up, like a cat does into a ball and started taking a nap. Just because there was nothing else to do, Mostly because he felt like it. Now, Lorelei had two new friends so to say.

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Parking it [Judina] Empty on Sun Aug 09, 2020 1:00 am

Lorelei L Lakefield
She continued to pet the big cattain, even as they made their way over to the bench. "I don't remember any talking cats, then again, I don't really remember much of anything." She commented, trying to play down the fact that she was a little startled by the fact that he spoke.

She seemed so out of place, and that was evident in her asking if they had met before, even in their greeting. Some people had bad memories for faces or names, but a talking big cat? That's hard to forget. "Ah, I'm sorry about that. I seem to have amnesia." SHe would start before looking to Judina.

"What exactly is a cattain? Wait, back on topic. I have amnesia, and I am trying to find anyone who might remember me, or just wander around until I find this person I'm looking for who I can't even recall the face or name of." SHe had this concerned look on her face, pressing her elbows to her knees, and her forehead to the bridge between her fingers.

She was struggling a lot with all of this clearly, and it was bothering her because of it.

"When I woke up a few weeks ago, the person who was looking after me told me I fell from a rather tall mountain, miraculously, I survived. It was thanks to some other worldly healing magic I got to be here." She sighed.

She was laying it on thick, and bearing a lot of her heart to the woman, then again, she had no better leads to people who might know who she is.

"Sorry, that's...a lot to just throw at someone, but, I'm kind of desperate. I get these little flashes of memories when I do things I remember, but they aren't enough to last and I forget them shortly after."


Parking it [Judina] Empty on Mon Aug 10, 2020 7:42 am

So now they would go sit down somewhere comfortable, Lorelei would take the bunch, Judina just in return would wait for Alistair to sit down and sit on the ground and rest her back on Alistair."Well, Cattains are a bit of a rarity, So do not worry about that."Judina even knew Alistair was an oddity.

Lorelei's shattering thoughts was an interesting thing to piece together. Judina would at least explain."Cattain's are a rare cat, Alistair might be the one that has been around for a long period of time."Which was good intro to explaining, Even if it was not much to explain."Think of Alistair just as, A cat that is 6 feet tall,When measured in length from nose to tail is also 6 feet."But also not hiding the one thing as well."Just with the additive he can talk and fight."Seemed pretty simple to explain to Lorelei.

Hopefully it was not much for her to get confused about, Judina felt it was simple to explain anyway. then it looks like they would continue to address the main thing that Lorelei seemed to be having a problem with.

It was not uncommon for situation like this to happen."I can see why your feeling that way."Judina mentioned right away as Alistair settled into taking a nap."There are many problem still going to happen. Are you sure you are one hundred percent recovered from the fall?"Judina had to ask simply put effects of a concussion could still linger, Even if 7 to 10 days Judina does not how long Lorelei has been roaming around."I have no ways of fixing anything in matters of brain or minds that are damaged."Judina mentioned not trying to leave Lorelei with a dead end.

#13Lorelei L Lakefield 

Parking it [Judina] Empty on Wed Aug 12, 2020 3:02 am

Lorelei L Lakefield
[color=teal]"Could ya tell me a bit more about 'em? I'd love to spend some time learning. Especially if it jogs my memory." smiled warmly to Judina, before looking at the big softie, giving him more pets, crouching down next to the bench so she could be more level with him.

"I really appreciate the help and all that by the way. And in regards to my memory, I only have one that sticks with me no matter what, the outline of a woman wrapped in light. I can't see anything beyond her, or what she looks like. All I know is she's the only thing I do recall, and I need to see who she is and if she's alright." She sighed, rubbing her temples while scrunching her face up in a grimace of concentration and annoyance.

Meanwhile people walked by, making wider berths of strides to avoid getting near the duo of mages. Mages still were quite dangerous it seemed, something that Lorelei chose to forget about!

"So, have you dealt with that group before? The Sengoku family or whatever they're called. From what I've heard," She continued while resting back, planting her hands on the bench to push herself up and take a proper seat, "They extort money out of anyone that seems weak or on their own. ANd they collect 'protection money' from businesses around here."

Turning to Judina, she gave a rather cocky smile, "I think one of the things I want to do is teach them all a lesson and get their antics to stop, you know? I just have this gut wrenching annoyance over the thought of seeing people earn dishonest livings from those who worked hard for what they have!"


Parking it [Judina] Empty on Wed Aug 12, 2020 6:01 pm

Smiling to herself all she said."Even if not many Alistair is a simple cat, He naps, He eats, His master is alive, He is happy."So Lorelei might have enough information with what all Judina has given her so far."Feel free to ask anything else about what you might need to know about Alistair."Judina might seemed like bit less of the withdrawn person who was kind happening to help Lorelei to now a more social person.

It was interesting with that Lorelei mentioned only remember but Judina could way."Can not give you much off of that, Far too general for me to suggestion anything."Judina seemed to ponder if there was anything she could suggest Lorelei to look into to to continue her quest."If I do hear of anything that might help you, I will find you."Judina had to make sure that was said by her, Since Judina was more use to be a public servant still, being a rune knight was still in her even if they were long gone, Old habits died hard sometimes.

With about the bandits."No, I have not heard of them."Which well, Even if she had she would not be scared of them anyway."But even then, They do not look like any one I could not handle myself even if out numbered."That might be from what Judina would mention soon or the giant cat."They seem weak compared to fighting and slaying demons or what I dealt with when I worked with the Rune knights."Judina mentioned that part was coming up, It might seem to lead towards understanding how Judina might be, They just happen to meet a woman not scared of them at all and had no problems putting people in place so to say.

#15Lorelei L Lakefield 

Parking it [Judina] Empty on Sat Aug 15, 2020 9:19 pm

Lorelei L Lakefield
With the conversation drawing to a close naturally about the big cat, it drifted to the yakuza, something that she was intent on talking about, considering she was being harassed by them! Tugging her legs closer to her body, her slightly sharpened teeth grit together as she hissed in a sharp little breath before heaving out a sigh.

"Rune knights...are the authorities, right? And those were just run of the mill grunts. At least, from the sounds of it there's a lot more of them. I'd like to put a stop to them though. They're really not pleasant to have around. And I need this money I have." SHe held up her wallet, only to tuck it back away.

She didn't have a lot of money, in fact, one could say it was a negligible amount that could be next to nothing. But she still clung to all the money she had for whatever reason there was for that.

"I should get up and get moving though. Are you going to be in Hosenka for a while? I feel like those guys might try to cause me more problems going on in the future." She commented while looking around to the clouds. They were starting to darken from the sun moving off to set, dusk coming upon the land. It made the paper lanterns look so much prettier when night slowly came over the city.


Parking it [Judina] Empty on Mon Aug 17, 2020 4:01 am

Anything that generally was in mind, questions about Alistair were more of things he knew the answer if she actually asked, Judina knew little also did not ask much."Anything else I am missing about you Alistair?" Judina asked him, waiting for an answer. So far no answer from it. So Judina would just mention the minor details."He likes to take naps often, prefers to eat fish."Then Judina would just mention in general."Unsure what else to mention about Alistair."Judina would not admit it, But any question about Alistair she seemed to let him answer since he could. Then again Alistair was quiet because he might have fallen a sleep.

"They were, they do not exist anymore."Life was far different then, Part of her missed the rune knights but she would not openly admit it. Then again it was an easier and simpler time for Judina, considering that it was not a wonder to Judina why she missed it."But past work is past work."Judina was not trying to get caught up on it. So far at least it seemed a bit more casual. But it was interesting to see some one drive to want to see something gone.

Would she well that was a simple answer."I will be here for a while yes."Lorelei was more giving Judina a reason to stick around, Because she was more then willing to break a few bone for the sake of some one else safety when it was needed, But that might be for Lorelei to possibly see eventually if it needed to happen."I did come here to learn of a city I had never been too, Which has been interesting here, I am far out of place here, Which isn't horrible."Judina slowly would adjust to what this city was like.

#17Lorelei L Lakefield 

Parking it [Judina] Empty on Wed Aug 19, 2020 10:58 pm

Lorelei L Lakefield
She continued to stroke Alistair on top of the head with a smile on her face. "I'd love to hear a bit from you Alistair. But that may have to wait for later, you know? I do have some food I need to get and some things to tend to. I think." She put a hand on his chin and rubbed along it back and forth.

"I hope to see you around some more then. For now, I have some stuff I need to do. I just remembered a little something. I like brewing my own tea, and handling it from different countries. Did you know each country has a specific style of 'tea time'? Bosco prefers coffee brewed from a carafe for examples." SHe commented, not realizing why she remembered that.

"I, uh, the point is. I'd love to serve you some tea or coffee sometime. You too Alistair if you can drink it. I'm..." SHe trailed off, trying to discern what she was thinking about right then. "I need to go and shop for an apartment!" She smiled before turning to bow to them to excuse herself.



Parking it [Judina] Empty on Thu Aug 20, 2020 5:09 pm

It was eventually the starting meeting would end when it did, Not that Judina would assume anything wrong with it. Judina could only say."Assume the big cat ended up starting to nap anyway, But any time we meet again i am sure he will answer whatever needed."Life got bust Judina understood that, Alistair...was snoring because he fell asleep, What life he lived it seemed pretty simple and delightful for a massive cat."Hopefully you find the things you need to shop for."Judina seemed to be wishing her the best in the end.

Now she knew more about other lands and how that seemed interesting to learn."Huh, I did not know that of bosco."Judina only knew of Fiore and the things with it here. Hopefully she would remember eventually or at all. Then again the moment of making a new friend was much better in her view as well"Here my family at least just knows of the different kinds of tea from the different lands, The tea time part is a wee new for me to learn."It was casual remark, But learning of other nations was always interesting still.

So it was house hunting, not that Judina could blame her, Finding a place to live was important and always needed"I sure hope it does work out for you."When she would leave Judina would wave good bye, being that an actual human connection was made Judina felt a bit normal for once, When it she was gone Judina would enjoy the moment of bliss and feel rather normal for once in her life. So in return it was over all even if a rather soon departure, It was still a really nice situation over all for Judina. With it eventually turning into Judina and Alistair leaving to do find something else.


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