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Talking Skull [Quest/Darka]

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#1Darka Monyx 

Talking Skull [Quest/Darka] Empty Fri Jul 31, 2020 11:26 pm

Darka Monyx
One fine morning, Darka was stroling around Baska gathering information about the abandoned graveyard that famous with zombie. This time Darka get a pretty unique quest from a powerfull necromancer named Cain. Cain is struggling with quite a curious problem. In a recent effort to test out a new spell, an undead skeleton has gained sentience and become capable of speech somehow. The problem is, he became capable of this after being dumped in a graveyard full of hungry zombies. So that's why Darka have to gather more information about this graveyard.

Darka is pretty bad at talking nicely to people, so it's pretty hard to gain information since almost everyone he approach become scared of him. Darka also gain information by getting close to a group of people and listen to their conversation. He now gain enough information and going to prepare himself to go to the graveyard at night.

The night finally comes, Darka was prepared and pretty much ready to go to the graveyard. It's a mysterous looking place, creepy, horror looking. Of course, it's a graveyard. So Darka get in there, nothing really look suspicous at first. It looks like a pretty normal graveyard, no zombie insight. Darka decide to walk around the graveyard looking for more clue and maybe if he's lucky enough, he will face the talking skull straight away. He prepared for some surprise attack so make a fist and put in infront of his chest, and then a magical circle shows up behind his head activating the Mana Skin. This Mana Skin spell will increase his endurance, but not only that, he cross swing both of his hands infront of his chest, and some small magic circle shows up around his fist activating Cloak of Darkness. This Cloak of Darkness will increase his strength so he will be able to fight instantly.

He is getting deeper in the graveyard area, the exit way is not onsight anymore. When suddently he feel the earthquake, a pretty hard one. He jump of the ground while looking down around his leg, and his instinct is right. He saw some hands, green hands showing out from the ground. Getting out from the grave, some creature that called zombie, the undead. When he get back to the ground, he look around and notice there is a skeleton figure behind all this zombies. Without hesitation, He turn berserk mode and lunge to the army of zombies. Lucky he had his preparetion well, he punch those zombie like an angry bull. No zombie can ever stop him from getting that talking skull to complete his quest. One by one, almost all od the zombie is defeated by Darka with his Cloak of Darkness and his bare hand. When he get closer to the talking skull he prepare to jump and both of his hands. He then jump as high as he can towards the talking skull and grab the skull with both of his hands, he twist the skull of from the neck bone and get the skull. He finish his quest and get out from the graveyard. He returns to Cain, the powerfull necromancer and bring the skull back to him. And Darka get his reward.


Name: Cloak of Darkness
Rank: D-Rank
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Dark Magic
Type: Self-Buff [Strength]
Element: Darkness
Range: Self
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user will have to swing their weapon once (if the user use fist, they only need to cross swing their hands) and some small magic circle will shown up around the weapon and cover it with darkness. This Darkness element around the weapon will increase the user strength in D-rank state unti the user stop sustaining the spell.

Name: Mana Skin
Rank: D-rank
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Dark magic
Type: Self-Buff [Endurance]
Element: Darkness
Range: Self
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user have to cover their whole body with darkness element by making a fist and put it infront of their chest. A magic circle behind their head will shown up and make the darkness around their body increasing the endurance in D-rank state until the user stop sustaining the spell.

Talking Skull [Quest/Darka] Untitl11

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