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Heist Disguise [Quest/Darka]

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#1Darka Monyx 

Heist Disguise [Quest/Darka] Empty Fri Jul 31, 2020 7:13 pm

Darka Monyx
This is Darka's third day in Baska. He just completed the quest he get from Mattoro to blow the whole new mine site that manage by a not responsible contractor. He woke up to find a new interesting quest, this time is a different type of quest. But he needs to get ready and get to the location mentioned in the notes to meet his client. Darka get dressed and walking to the town square. The client noted that he will meet Darka in a dark alley alongside a strand of merchants in the square. The town square is really crowded. There are so many merchants there, seeling goods, items, equipments, some potions, and many many more. "Which alley?" Darka thinks while keep looking around for the darkest alley in the square, until he notice someone hidding very well in the dark. The client hide in the shadow, using a cloak fully cover his whole body looking at Darka all this time being confused.

When Darka notice him in that alley, he walks to that alley carefully knowing that his client this time really doesn't want anyone to notice him. The client then explain the detail to Darka "Your quest is to get me the perfect diguise to wear for my next heist. I will need you to get me a whole set, a hat, a mask, a cloak, pair of shoes and an all black track suit.". Darka note that all and agree to do the quest. "This crowd will help me out and become the best hidding for me while I'm stealing the stuff on the list.".

Base on that plan, Darka slowly get back with the crowd and blend in. He then walking around the square, looking for things that he need to steal. While walking around, he notice some rune knight guarding the square at some position, but he doesn't care and stick to his plan to hide in the crowd. He spot the merchants that have what he need, but they are all in a different stalls. He's planning a route to take from the first stall to the last, and finding his best way to get out of the town square. Once he's sure with his plan and the route he have to take, he start walking towards the first stall to take a hat and a mask. This stall is very crowded that make the seller busy in a hectic situation. Taking the advantage of this situation, Darka smoothly steal a hat and a mask with no trouble and get away from that stall. Walking straight to the second stall that have the cloak. This time, the stall is empty. Somehow, no one seems to buy anything from this stall, and the seller also look lazy and doesn't even try to advertise his items, he fell asleep instead. Without worrying about the seller, Darka take a good look at the situation around him before he walks pass the stall while his hand quickly grabbing a cloak and steal it and walk toward the third stall to take the all black track suit. With a careless move, he steal the track suit he needs and walk pretty fast away from the stall without being aware of his surounding. He walk to the last stall and steal the shoes. But right after he steal that shoes, a rune knight come to him and ask him about a person similar to his description in the area stealing from the stalls.

Darka straight away stump his feet to the ground activating the boots of darkness and run away from the rune knight into the crowd. Doing so, he have to go through the crowd and keep running away. While his boots of dakrness increase his speed, he's easily lost the rune knigth. He then get into one of the alley to meet with Neal, his client. Neal has been waiting for Darka and quickly check the stuff and reward him. They then walk to the opposite way from each other.

Name: Boots of Darkness
Rank: D-rank
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Dark magic
Type: Self-Buff [Speed]
Element: Darkness
Range: Self
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user have to stump one of their legs to the ground and it will make a magic circle under the user. The user foots will cover with darkness element in a boots looking form. This magic will increase the speed in D-rank state until the user stop sustaining the spell.

Heist Disguise [Quest/Darka] Untitl11

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