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Urnfortunate (Nuala)

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Zane (and Beelzebub) were continually a bit creeped out by the way Masami was acting. The boy kept asking Zane things. Why was he in Era? Zane couldn't even remember at the time. It was years ago. But why did the boy even want to know? Zane felt a bit of relief as Nuala took the time to share her own story soon after, even if he was a bit irritated that she thought it sucked. Nuala's story was admittedly more interesting than the one that Zane presented though. He had heard of the land known as Savannah a few times over his travels but didn't know too much about it overall.

"A land of demons, huh? Is that where you happen to be from?" Nuala's story piqued the interest of both Zane and Beelzebub as her comments shifted to a realm that was not like the ones human were in. "And the void... is that place real? Have you heard of it?" Beelzebub thought about it a bit, growing silent outside of a "hmmm" as the demon tried to recollect anything about such a place. "Nothing's springing to mind right now. If it's worse than our realm, well... it must be a place that even I wouldn't want to learn about. I'm sure there are some demons who would love such a place, though. They're not nearly as cultured as I am."

Zane turned to face Masami's finger as the boy asked Nuala a few questions. "Not human?" Now that Zane thought about it, it made sense. Those odd markings, the way she spoke about Kaiser not hanging out with "mortals" and a few other smaller signs that made more sense in retrospect, not to mention her story. It wasn't too surprising to Zane though. There were all sorts of people in Fiore. At this point there was very little that could surprise him when it came to race. Zane's wrist was soon held by the boy, enough to make Zane look into the kid's eyes. The way he said "we" was odd to Zane. It felt as though he wasn't talking about Masami and Zane. As though he was speaking of someone else. "There's that feeling again! What is that?! It feels so... familiar!" Beelzebub's voice spoke frantically, a tone Zane was not used to hearing from the demon. The beat of Zane's heart moved a bit faster, nervously letting out a "A-ah, yeah." in an attempt to move the conversation along, too preoccupied right now with the mystery of Masami's words to really care much about Nuala's story at this point in time. And just as Zane thought this was when he could theorize a bit, another bombshell dropped.

"Zane... he knows." The words of Beelzebub weren't necessary in this situation. Zane could already tell that Masami somehow sensed the demon in his head. But how? Nobody else had ever noticed anything about Beelzebub when Zane went untransformed. Not a single person ever had a single clue of it all. Zane didn't know how much Masami knew, but the fact that he could tell that there was something going on in Zane's head was enough to make him quite nervous. Zane's face turned pale, his voice showing a much softer tone to it. "Five people..." To say that Zane was intimidated wasn't exactly the right choice of words. He was creeped out. Trying to back up a little, Zane looked Masami up and down. Beelzebub had been sensing something from the boy this entire time too, right? Was there some way Zane could find a way to gather more info on the matter? He supposed there was one thing he could try.

"Does the name 'Beezlebub' mean anything to you?"


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“I don’t think so,” said the Voidling, cigarette still in hand. It was a simple response to Masami’s simple question – in the end, Zane and Nuala had just met and the woman knew as little about him as he did about her. “He never asked.” Nuala took a puff from her cigarette, and the nicotine did little to put her at ease; it was more of a bad habit now and the immortal often wondered why she still bothered with it. Cigarettes were overpriced and she worked too hard for her money. The atmosphere inside the Hinoki theatre took a sudden shift, and the Voidling inhaled a sharp breath of air. Something about that child was truly strange; the way Masami expressed himself odd, something about his mannerisms out of place. Still, Nuala couldn’t quite place it.

When he noted that five people were present, the Voidling could only assume that Masami was talking about something different, something that wasn’t like them. Because her senses were perceptive, and Nuala couldn’t see anyone in the darkness, nor could she hear any additional heartbeats and breaths for air – there were just the three of them, but perhaps Masami saw (or felt) something she didn’t. The idea that this could be the case worried the Voidling. In regards to her race, Nuala’s body did morph with a secondary creature from the void, making her technically not one whole being, but more of a ‘two in one’, but there was no way Masami could know. And besides, the symbiosis had happened nearly 60 years ago and from then until now Nuala had subdued the being, and become one with it. She no longer considered her body a shared space, even though it was.

Of course that was entirely different from what Masami and Zane were experiencing in regards to hosting two demon souls, but of course the thief did not know that.

Nuala didn’t know why, but the feeling she was picking up on made her feel unwell. It was almost as if something was wrong, and a side-eye towards Zane showed her that he was feeling the same. But then the conversation changed again and the name Zane spoke meant something to Nuala. She hadn’t fallen into the void, lived there for forty years and somehow came back out alive only to skip on her classes of demonology. No, Nuala had done her homework and to be frank, the Voidling wanted nothing to do with those hell spawns. Unlike her, they were evil, rotten and driven by bad boy behavior that not even Kenzo Valens could hope to compare to. Aaaand, that’s it. The woman thought to herself and put the cigarette out on the nearest wall.

“I have to return to my home now, before someone will come looking for me. I’m sure we will meet again, Masami and Zane.” The Voidling gave both a polite nod, and then casted her invisibility spell to (hopefully) disappear from their sight while she got the hell out of there. Nuala wasn’t particularly interested in any demon worship just yet, especially not with such a divine bed-partner currently at her side – but perhaps that would change in the future and then she could have more creepy get-togethers with those two weirdos again.


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The woman—Nuala—has struck Masami as a person who doesn't know herself rather than someone who wants her identity hidden. It's Fiore, after all, thought Masami, assuring himself that it's normal for people to forget who they are, even more so as not knowing who they are or the roles they are playing—here in Fiore, at least. Ever since the start, Nuala's presence had already been telling the two blonds that she was a—rogue? assassin? thief? scoundrel?—and such business was something Masami couldn't catch up to. In other words, it was overwhelming; sure, he had gone through underground businesses but to be dedicated in a job where you hide in the shadows, completely faking an identity and continuously running away otherwise you might get caught, is a job that Masami will never become dedicated to. Must be fun, bantered he, who had detached his hand from Zane's wrist after seeing Nuala disappear into nothingness, unsure whether she truly had left or not, but she seemed to be busy so she must have been honest when she said that she needed to go 'home,' to wherever that was. The void, perhaps? After all, it was already disappointing for a thief to know that they couldn't manage to steal a valuable item to their expectations.

Masami had turned away, because Zane asked him if he was familiar with the word (or name) "Beelzebub," which proved his senseless intuition correct, and that there truly were five (now four) people in this theater. "No." Masami answered immediately, and bluntly, but then he had taken his time to make sure if it indeed rang a bell or not. Now that this Zane-guy was around, Masami's intuition has been uncontrollable. It was as if he knew everything even if he didn't, because Lucifer didn't exist in Joya, and it definitely was different from the Lucifer that had become Satan afterwards. "Oh wait," he got the idea, then turned to Zane to tell him that indeed, the word (or name) "Beelzebub" rang a bell, "I do." And by then, his form had shifted into something people would refer to as "absurd" or "eccentric," because Masami's appearance when he lets the demon soul take-over him, had gotten to the point of aesthetic where it was confusing to look at. His hair had grown in length that reached his legs, which then covered the skin that was more revealed that it was a while ago. Not only his appearance, which was now more matured to look at, and the eyes that had turned scarlet in color, but his clothes had also shifted to suit what his demon soul wanted to wear.

Masami(?) tried to dash towards Zane's side, attempting to kick his ankles to the point where he'd fall down, facing the sky, and then Masami(?) would step on his abdomen, keeping him down, so that he may not leave similarly to how Nuala left, where Masami felt as if his possession was stripped off of him, an attachment that grew in those few minutes; the now scarlet-colored eyes that slightly glowed stared at its' seized target, enough to force him to give Masami(?) what he wanted. "Come on, now, show yourself," Masami was still himself, wasn't he? Wanting Zane to reveal whatever the demon soul wanted to reveal; if only he was like Beelzebub whose thoughts were separated from his host, then perhaps Masami wouldn't be one of those he had described as "self-unaware" and irrational. Masami(?) smiled at Zane, nevertheless, genuinely trying to earn his trust; "I suddenly remember," he said, "but... not really. Mind offering me—the owner of this establishment—more stories, so that you may be free to leave?"




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"Oh, uh, bye!" Zane said, the sudden departure of Nuala coming off as a bit weird to him. Was it the subject matter? "I wonder if my name meant anything to her. I am the lord of the flies, after all! I'm sure I'm a national sensation in Fiore. Zane seriously doubted that Beelzebub was any more well known in Fiore than any random passerby on the street, though Zane admittedly knew there was a solid chance he was wrong about it. Still, there were more important matters on hand. Zane wouldn't mind meeting up with Nuala again someday, but his interest had now been firmly cemented in the mystery surrounding Masami's words.

"Oh. Guess yo- er, he isn't so famous after all." Zane smirked a little, hoping Beelzebub would be peeved by his lack of fame. The situation was humorous. The situation was triumphant. The little boy was just talking nonsense. Beelzebub had been humiliated. There was no way that Zane could ever lose an argument about the Rush Hour movie franchise with the demon in his head ev- wait. Wait? Why wait? Zane's eyes widened at the sudden sight of the boy's changed appearance. It was then that both him and Beelzebub's suspicions were confirmed. They had finally met someone who had a similar power to them. Demon takeover. Both Zane and Beelzebub were so shocked by the revelation that they did not have the focus to stop themselves from being knocked over.

Grabbing onto Masami's - or whoever that was' - leg, Zane and Beelzebub spoke internally for a second. "This one of your demon buddies? I gotta say, he's somehow more flattering than you at least." Zane wasn't sure how much of a difference between how the two interacted with their respective demons. The appearance of the boy seemed to change in various ways like Zane and Beelzebub did, but their speech and personality seemed a lot different. Beelzanebub, their takeover form, was essentially a mixture of both their personalities and voices. They had Beelzebub's arrogance and greed mixed with Zane's goofy humor and intelligence. Most notably they always referred to themselves as "we", while this demon(?) seemed to act a lot differently. It was hard to get a grip on it, something that Zane didn't like. "It seems I wasn't the only one sent to go live in some dumb blonde boy's head. Say the magic words, Zane. Time to transform."

"Open sesame."

"I fucking hate you." Beelzebub couldn't help but think the quick joke was at least a tad funny, though he would certainly never tell Zane upright. "Avaritia." Zane's body quickly began changing, the hair on his head growing green and his teeth taking a shark-like appearance. Zane's body began glowing with a green aura, fly wings spreading out from his back. Beelzanebub smirked up at the figure above him. "Ta-da! Here we are. The Lords of the Flies, Beelzanebub themselves!" Beelzanebub's arms stretched out to the sides, opening up their lips to show their sharp teeth in a huge smile. "We've got plenty of stories to share. You want the Fiore ones, or the demon realm ones? Either are perfect candidates for a stageplay, by the way! I'm sure you'd win an oscar. Or, uh, whatever plays win."



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