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Myras to Hosenka [Foot Travel]

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Myras to Hosenka [Foot Travel] Empty Sat Aug 01, 2020 4:32 am


" Lady Marwyn please we need you here a little longer. Even though the deal has been complete it's still very new, we can't have you leaving now. Someone might think it's ok to challenge you while you are away by disrespecting your claim. " A man no taller than four feet squeaked his words out in a panic at a woman who towered over him in so many ways if he began to count them he would be doing so for a week.  He was hoping his words were getting through to her and that she was taking them to the heart or at least taking her seriously. His beady black eyes followed her movements as the woman took some essentials and placed them in what looked like a knapsack.
" You know I don't care. I'm a mage now Stweart. I go where I want, do what I want.  I already sent word to my father, he'll place someone here. " Smiling at the short man she gave his head a kiss and watched him turn as red as the tomatoes she loved eating. Once she was finished packing she cleaned up her room and left, leaving Stweart behind.

The morning sun would be her guiding light as she looked at the map leading to her next destination in Hosenka.  She had gotten a letter from her dear cousin who she hadn't seen since they were young teens. Usually, she would have some sort of transportation but she wanted to feel the freedom of traveling by foot. The trip started well, nothing to note as she walked along making her way through South Fiore. The first major city she passed through was Marigold city because it was such a small city the place's inns were too full to hold her for the night so she continued her trip. Restocking some essentials in Marigold, she stayed in the city until nightfall where the moon would be guiding her during the night. The light of the moon was perfect and she covered more land as she passed each city, resting at some skipping others until she got to Hosenka. She had never been to Hosenka before but it reminded of her home so much that she was ecstatic upon arriving and seeing the city. She was able to freely speak in Joyan with the citizens there which allowed her to get the best room at the best inn.

- exit -

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