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A New Mine [Quest/Darka]

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#1Darka Monyx 

A New Mine [Quest/Darka] Empty Fri Jul 31, 2020 3:57 am

Darka Monyx
One fine morning, Darka is arrive at the Baska Train station. He get a note earlier this morning from someone he never met before. His name is Mattoro. From the note, Darka learn that Mattoro knows some story about him and know that Darka have his will to bend the rules for something he believe. Mattoro nicely asked Darka to meet him here, in Baska. Mattoro said he will be waiting in an abandoned shack about a mile from the mineshaft and will explain the quest details to Darka.

Darka doesn't have any hesitation and get a train from Seighart train station to baska straigth away. When he arrive, he go around and looking for the abandoned shack that Mattoro mention in his note earlier. He then arrive there, noticing that he sees one guy that looking at him from head to toe. Feels weird, but Darka go to that guy surely knowing that that guy must be Mattoro. Of course he is right. And while trying to hide his face from the crowd, Mattoro explain the details and 4 mysterious sacks.

Mattoro tell Darka about what the contractors did to him and his man that work on the mine site, and share his concern about the new group workers. The contractors seems to avoid the responsibility of taking care of their workers. After knowing what happened, Darka become excited to do his mission as soon as possible. Mattoro gave him details of the location to put those sacks filled with explosives and warn Darka to not attack or killed any worker for no reason. Mattoro also incapacitating the worker is fine thing to do.

Darka agree and leave that abandoned shack with 4 sacks of explosives from Mattoro. He went to the mine site alone to see how the situation around the mine, to learn some detail about the workers work and break time, and he also looking at the workers uniform. After that Darka leave the mine site to do the preperation. He is looking for the uniform and some miners hat. He's planning to blend in with them and try to guide them out from the mine before he explode the place down.

The preperation he made is done, and now is time to do the real work. Darka get there in his uniform and hat, he brings the explosives sacks and try to blend in. At first, it went well no one really notice him as someone new. He then get in into the mining site and start placing the sacks. The first and second sacks was placed down pretty well, right where Mattoro told him where to put it. While Darka about to put the third sack, he notice that some workers are there mining. He then told them that every workers should be outside because there will be an announcement and no one should stay inside the mine. Darka can clearly see in the workers's face that they have hesitation towards him. For a few seconds, the room filled with silents. But then suddently those workers start walking out and say "You should come with us" while laughing happly cause they get some break time. Darka then said that he have to look around for another miners and tell them all to go out.

After manage to get away from that situation, Darka able to put the other two sacks in place. He then set all of the explosives and stump his feet to the ground activating Boots of Darkness. Using this buff, he move as quick as possible to get out from that mine. When he's getting close to the exit, he activate the explosive and they start blasting behind him. That big blast creating a chaos around the mine site, everyone is panicking and running away from the mine. Using this moment of chaos, Darka runs out from the mine and get away from the mine without anyone noticing him.

At night Darka get back to the abandoned shack to meet Mattoro and report the quest. He believe that Mattoro still have to do more to stop the contractors. Draka recive his reward and get away from the abandoned shack, fading away in the darkness of the night knowing he did that for the goods of people.

Name: Boots of Darkness
Rank: D-rank
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Dark magic
Type: Self-Buff [Speed]
Element: Darkness
Range: Self
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user have to stump one of their legs to the ground and it will make a magic circle under the user. The user foots will cover with darkness element in a boots looking form. This magic will increase the speed in D-rank state until the user stop sustaining the spell.

A New Mine [Quest/Darka] Untitl11

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