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A word from our sponsor [Open]

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#1Azure Fenic 

A word from our sponsor [Open]  Empty on Thu Jul 30, 2020 11:01 pm

Azure Fenic

Azure walked around the guild lost and confused even though he should know the layout of his own guild building. The design was like nothing he's ever seen before it was well thought out in every aspect of it looking back to the Castle in Myras he felt like this one was higher in the ranks. Part of him wanted to take over the castle given how easy it was for him to just get in and out as he saw fit. I would have had a better network if I did he told himself while turning down into a new hallway but this one had something down it that just couldn't pass upon.

The scholar questioned how he hadn't run into any of the higher-ups in the guild from what he was told a good number of them should have been around. "I should check some of the local places for information about him." he thought aloud while moving his hair to the side, after all, he was the main reason for this along with some other things. Some of the rooms that were filled with weapons or just empty for the most part though he did see what looked like a meeting room.

Azure found himself in a room filled with books from top to bottom I'm home!!! he thought running in and slamming the door closed behind himself. The range of books went from History of Fiore to locations in and around Sieghart with something like this at his disposal he could not know something, there was even a section that had books on the wildlife and such. It was like this section was just made for him all the information that he could ever need in one room life was complete. The scholar went through most of the books that were in the room before getting bored and leaving.

#2Azure Fenic 

A word from our sponsor [Open]  Empty on Sat Aug 01, 2020 3:52 am

Azure Fenic

While leaving the room Azure couldn't help but think wonder if Etaoin had made it to here or if they got lost it gives him great amusement if their friend did get lost while making their way north but then again he would miss out on making an actual friend in the process. The scholar walked through the halls of the guild and felt questioned what his life would have been like without the guild but then found themself outside the guild somehow about five feet away from the edge. He looked around and to see if someone was behind him but it looked as if he was so deep in thought he just happened to end up there.

Azure took out his notepad and jotted down some notes about the Guildhall for future reference, after all, he was still the new guy around here so making sure to stay off everyone's kill list was really high on his list in the list of thing to keep in mind. Even though he wasn't really a fan of the flying rock that was the guild it matched the master's personality well what he heard about it that was, Konstantin or Kon for short was a man that he still knew little about but in due time maybe he could.

Maybe I should look into this place more and see if anything new pops up, he thought to himself as he walked back into the building flipping his hair out his eyes. The scholar looked at the grey walls and couldn't help but feel like his time with the Syndicate was going to be one for the books once he was able to move on from where his old memory stops though he never really questioned it that much.

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