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Lorelei Laguna Lakefield

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#1Lorelei L Lakefield 

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Lorelei L Lakefield


Name: Lorelei Laguna Lakefield

Age: April 13, x771 (18 years old)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Lesbian

Ethnicity, Father: Boscosi

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Spellhowler

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Back of neck, indigo color

Face: Blue Poison - Arknights


Height: 5'3" | 1.6 m

Weight: 129 Lbs | 58.5 kg

Hair: Pink

Eyes: Blue

Overall: SOmeone with a lithe frame and short locks of pink hair pulled in to two pigtails, Lorelei is someone who can be described as a girl with boyish looks, attributing to her being more of a stereotyped crossdresser, though she has no problems with wearing suits or dressing up as a butler rather than maid dress.

She can be found wearing her blue poison dart frog themed hoodie, or having it on hand, though the majority of her outfit will change based on the climate she is in, this jacket will always be close at hand because of an attachment to it.

Extra: Tends to have ampules of varying sizes clipped to her jacket filled with water for the sake of hydrating.


Personality: First and foremost, Lorelei is a girl with unbridled curiosity for anything new she experiences, this should come as no surprise considering her amnesia, but it goes without saying that she loves every new thing. However, because of this curiosity of hers that she has built up, she also tends to be a gullible girl, easily swayed.  She is a very dedicated individual, never swaying from the path she lays before herself, whether it be to handle a chore, or to handle a fight. This however leads to a slightly sadistic if not full on sadomasochistic sensation during a fight, to the point she unnerves many people with her reactions.

Lorelei is prone to whimsy, changing her mind on things quite often, likely from her amnesiac energy she seems to be unbridled with the worry of judgment or a lack of fear of the unknown. However, she does let her emotions get the better of her, this is almost certainly lasting trauma from the bump to her head she suffered. Despite all of that, she has a stoic will that refuses to break, priding herself on her strong will.

Lastly, Lorelei is highly superstitious, believing in every little superstition under the sun!


  • Bread: Just, all types of bread. Regardless, she just loves bread. She even keeps a journal of the various types of bread she has eaten, the texture, temperature, seasonings, etc.
  • Dancing: She can easily lose herself in dance, whether it's on her own or with a girl at her hip, Lorelei tends to enjoy every little motion her body gets while feeling a beat.


  • Owing money: For some reason or another, Lorelei doesn't like owing anyone any sort of money, as such, she will do her best to pay off all debts.
  • Unjust work: Whether you are being overworked, given tasks you are not comfortable with, or any sort of condition you are unable to handle in work, Lorelei will support you, she detests any sort of employer that treats their people like slaves.


  • Memory Retention: Lorelei is determined to regain her memories, she wants to recall who she was, and what it was she was supposed to do, who she was supposed to protect.


  • Acrophobia: Thanks to her little tumble down the side of a mountain overnight, Lorelei has developed a crippling fear of heights, and will not even touch banister rails.
  • Her past self: She doesn't remember much about who she was prior to her tumble down a mountain, but with what glimpses she has, she is afraid of what she has done, or who she used to be.


Magic Name: Water-Make

Magic Element: Water

Magic Description: Contrary to its name, this magic is a rather simplistic water-based magic type. By striking specific poses or hand signs, she can create different objects made from water, she specializes in dynamic water-make spells, though knows how to perform some static water-make spells.
Due to her being a spell-howler, she is only able to perform offensive, self-buff, debuff, and supplementary spells.


History: Born to a poor off family, Lorelei had to make her living in servitude to the upper class rings of various countries, following the family she served while they mingled with the upper crust of just about every country in Earthland and the continents beyond the borders of the peninsular nation. Trained classically to handle a variety of situations, Lorelei was groomed from the youngest of possible ages. She would learn her skills in how to keep her Mistress and the family without want. Learning the cues of when to wake up, when to check on prepared food, how to keep things clean for specific members of the household.

Of course, she was cherished, her family was, after all, renowned for breeding the heads of the Butler staff, elite in their own right, and skilled in things beyond menial tasks. Lorelei for example was quite talented in the art of dance, picking up any new style she could even in to her teen years with nary a problem. Pairing off with her natural affinity for water magic, Lorelei was valued as not just one who could entertain house guests, but one who could defend the house on her own.

However, nothing good lasts without some form of trial rearing its ugly visage, no? While on a trip to Minstrel, their little mobile caravan mansion would be attacked, ransacked, bum rushed. Bandits abound, her situation grim from the number of people taken for the sake of Bosco slave trading. Her duty to protect her Mistress more so than anyone she worked with, despite her desire to. And during it all, she was blasted away, down the side of a mountain.

Some time later, she woke up in another village, and upon being told how she'd been found, and having fuzzy memories beyond the thought of someone she was supposed to protect, she set out, looking to find work that may jog her memory, and help her figure out who she really is.

Reference: Google

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