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[Quest - Ko, Steel, Ragnar] What's Mine is Mine (A-Rank)

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#1Ko Lesalt 

[Quest - Ko, Steel, Ragnar] What's Mine is Mine (A-Rank) Empty Wed Jul 29, 2020 9:30 am

Ko Lesalt

It was frightening how different everything seemed. When Ko had been training to control his new Dragon Slayer magic, he'd been worried that it would somehow change him in an intrinsic way. After all, he'd been practicing his Grudge Magic since he was a child. For such a long time he'd needed to keep his emotions on a tight leash, never allowing himself to let the full force of his anger or hatred out lest he endanger himself or his surroundings. It was probably no surprise that he turned to alcohol to muddle his emotions and prevent his anxiety attacks.

Now, however, everything was different. His magic flowed all around him, beneath his skin and in his belly, filling him with a cloying sensation like being immersed in molasses. It invigorated him with every breath, made the smells around him more vibrant and distinct. Up here, in the Sieghart mountains, it was especially apparent. The wind in the mountains was so fresh and clean, utterly devoid of the stench of civilization that Ko had encountered so often recently. Only the wispy scent of ashes and burnt sweetgrass invaded his senses, the telltale signature of Nantosuelta nearby.

The fact that Ko could smell her so distinctly had caused her no end of embarrassment initially, but she seemed to become more and more like a cat as she'd become accustomed to him breaching that particular part of Flamewyrm social dynamics. Not that he minded all the extra skinship. In this case it was just a little distracting, and the reason was what Ko was currently looking down on from his place on an outcropping outside Dawncliff Mine.

Since he and Steel had been here last, his employer had been reticent to send him in again for any prospecting. Honestly speaking, Ko couldn't blame the guy. He hadn't expected Steel to go off quite as badly as he had, and from what he heard the miners had been reluctant to return to work after that debacle. Well, Ko called it a debacle, but it had done was the client had intended. The mine was cleared of obstacles, and fresh workers were brought in to capitalize. Really, miners only stayed out for a few days before they flooded back in. Money soothes all pains, after all.

What was really causing problems was what the employer had called Ko in again for. From his vantage point Ko could clearly see the primary issue: the miners had organized. More specifically, they'd organized in such a way as to impede anyone who wasn't a member of their inclusive miner club to get into the mine. Wooden walls had been erected in a wide berth around the mine's main entrance, with only a single gate through which miners could come and go. The walls were a little roughshod, but it was solid work. These men and women were laborers, after all, and not all of them were miners by trade. There was only one real money maker in Sieghart however.

As one might expect, the miners getting organized to this extent was making many of the corporate merchants very nervous. Not necessarily nervous enough to warrant sending in someone to butcher the miners outright, but certainly getting their palms sweaty. What had tipped the scales was what happened after the miners had entrenched themselves: they'd started making demands of the owners. They wanted hourly wages now, instead of being paid based off of their individual hauls. For a merchant enterprise that had been operating well below cost for a long while, that was certainly a scary demand.

Normally Ko wouldn't have a problem with people getting organized and making demands of their immediate superiors. Hell, if the miners had been smart enough to contact him first, he might have been helping them defend themselves from whoever the owners called in to route them. But they hadn't done that. In fact, they hadn't hired anyone. At least, not anyone that Ko knew. He had seen a number of people coming in and out of the 'mining base' they'd constructed, but he didn't recognize any of them. They certainly weren't miners, however.

The best Ko could figure, the miners had thought ahead enough to hire some mercenaries to help defend their new encampment, but hadn't thought to anticipate just who exactly was going to show up to burn it down. Really, after the last two times, Ko would have expected them to learn. The people they'd hired looked like complete greenhorns; goody two-shoes adventurer types who got into the mercenary game to try and help people rather than make money. Hell, two of them even gave off that "Childhood Friends" vibe. It might have been cute if they weren't likely to die soon.

After staking the place out for a few days, Ko had received word from the owners that several of the other men in charge had decided that he alone wasn't going to be enough to safeguard their investment, so they were sending in two other mages to support him. Ko had a sneaking suspicion he'd know both of them, but nobody had shown up yet. "Ha~ah, they sure are taking their sweet time. Sooner they get here the sooner we can get paid." Nantosuelta hummed tiredly, still practically half asleep in the middle of a nap. Her cute snores sent little wisps of smoke into the air. Adorable.

Peaking out over the rocks, Ko caught sight of two of the mercenary group again: the young man who seemed to be the leader, and the girl who followed him around everywhere with a staff. They were outside the gates, and from the looks of it staff girl was giving the boy quite a stern lecture. Ko wondered idly what the kid did; there were a number of other young women in their group, maybe his not-girlfriend was angry at him for accidentally flirting. Once again, Ko suppressed the urge to gag. It was like watching a cheesy drama back in Marigold all over again. Heh, well that's somewhat ironic; back in Marigold, he'd have been playing the villain in the play as well.



[Quest - Ko, Steel, Ragnar] What's Mine is Mine (A-Rank) Empty Wed Jul 29, 2020 2:49 pm


Steel was hanging out far above the clouds on the back of his red wyvern. They had gotten a lot closer by now. They would occasionally go swimming together, they ate and slept together and sometimes they hunted together. They were currently living partners a hundred percent of the time. They were never separated except for things like Steel fighting. The reason behind that was because Steel did not want the wyvern to get hurt fighting a strong human opponent or other humanoid race opponent. Steel was wearing his full plate vanguards armor. His sheer size and build coupled with the metallic look of the armor would have made him look heroic but due to the large amounts of blood that had covered the armor and not been washed off it made him look like a villain.

Steel had also gained a new friend. A weird flying lemur that was white and brown furred with a small small nose and long long ears. It also had a pair of big yellow eyes reminding everyone of the fact that it was a nocturnal predator in it’s own habitat. It wasn’t big but probably hunted things like insects and gathered fruit for sustenance. The company of the lemur gave a comedic upside to the grim red crimson of the red wyvern and Steel’s armor.

The last week had been intense. Steel had been living in the wilds. Living off the land like a hunter gatherer. Eating roots, grassess and whatever fruits existed in this biotope. Honestly the harshest thing had been drinking his own piss due to not being able to get clean water most of the time due to the weird living conditions of being with the wyvern on top of a mountain. At first he had wanted to eat the lemur upon saving it from a bird of prey. But then he thought about it. He decided that domesticating the lemur would make life easier for him. And that's when he started getting a stronger wildlife diet. Fruits and berries caught by the lemur could be shared between them. They helped each other out and through that their relationship had become excitingly much closer.

In any case Steel was just soaring high in the sky over the mountains and over the clouds with his two new buddies. He had been hired by the rich guy that had hired Ko before to clean out the miners. Steel understood why. The last time he had helped Ko out he had killed a huge amount of people afterwards which wasn’t in any way cool. The rich guy had given him an earful afterwards. The rich guy was some bald aristocrat and while he knew Steel had butchered the miners he had not been afraid to sit there across from Steel in his bossman chair screaming at the top of his lungs in anger. Steel respected it though. The guy was the boss and he was paying the salaries. Steel had done fucked up and killed a lot of people which had caused the miners to riot and entrench in the mountains.

This time the rich guy bossman had hired Steel and someone Steel did not know to back Ko up. And not only that but also to actually uproot the miners from their entrenchment. He hadn’t seen either Ko or whoever else the bossman had hired but then again Steel was soaring. He imagined Ko could have been up here with Nantosuelta but apparently not. Steel brought the wyvern down closer to the ground but did not land. He wanted to check things in before diving into it. He scanned the area taking a swing around. His appearance on the scene was only apparent if anyone had their eyes on the sky.

While scoping the place out Steel noticed the wood walls, towers and some of the other entrenchments. Thing is they were not military and while they had some solid structure they did not have anything to combat things in the sky. But that was about all Steel could see from up here. Most of the actual people were only a bit bigger than ants from his vantage point.

He moved closer and closer until he was about fifty meters above the fort. At this point his appearance on the scene was made obvious to everyone around. He stood up standing on the back of the wyvern and then slowly stepped off the side falling through the air. During the fall he thought of something to say when landing but before he could finish his thought he had to prepare for landing. Out of reflex he once again did a three point landing. The landing itself sent dust and sand particles up into the air creating a dust cloud in a large area around the ground zero which in this case of course was Steel’s own body. He felt it in his knees, arms and shoulders. It sure was not pleasant. He slowly rose up from his position. He looked at the crowd of mercenaries and miners that had gathered around him.

Steel then picked up a small note from one of his pockets and read something off it. “Dear workers we must regretfully inform you that if when this note reaches you you do not surrender this stubbornness we will be forced to act to destroy all resistance.” Steel then continued on his own. “Blah blah blah blah blah signed by the rich guy from the village. You all get the deal I don’t need to tell you what happens if you do not lay down your arms and stop this or actually maybe I do.” Steel then drew his sword as if he did not really even care about what he had been telling them. It was a bit as if Steel was already going for it. “Now. I will give you all a few minutes to decide what you are going to do. Let’s say five minutes. In five minutes from now if you haven’t dropped your weapons and started tearing down this fortification then I will show force. I promise you I will not go easy on you and I promise you that the lot of you will not be able to get me.”

Steel then just stood around waiting. It seemed some of them got the memo but most of them were still all gung ho about fighting this out. But Steel still had a few minutes to give them and he would do so.

WC: 1083/2000

Strength: 55+60 from Earrings +60 from Sword +20 from Armor = 195
Speed: 31 +40 from Ring - 10 from Sword - 10 from Armor = 51
Constitution: 61 (HP + Armor = 2S ranks HP + 1S rank armor durability)
Endurance: 34
Intelligence: 21
Mana: 1635
Minor Armored Movement & Wielding: Half speed penalty on all heavy equipment except shields.

Weapon: Executioner Sword
Armor: Vanguards Haste
Earrings: Pyaar Earrings
Ring: Haste Ring

#3Ragnar Asgeir 

[Quest - Ko, Steel, Ragnar] What's Mine is Mine (A-Rank) Empty Wed Jul 29, 2020 4:26 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

A mere minute after Steel had given his decree in the distance, both Ko, his companion Nantisuelta and the new man, Steel could hear a very loud noise approaching in the distance. Whatever it was seemed to have very little subtly and could easily be heard for miles. If any of them bothered to look down the path he would seem what looked to be someone siding some kind of beast towards them at a very high rate of speed. As they got closer the beast this man was riding quickly started to stand out as not one of this world. Though Ko most likely didn't need to do this as he knew most likely instantly what was heading their way and it was their final member.

As Ragnar rode in on his Juggernaut, a beast that was as big and wide as a water buffalo while being far heavier. The horn on his head was a single one, forming a T shape on it, though on top of the flat of that T were large spikes, where it appeared skulls had been placed. It's appeared to be closer to a massive dog in shape and size, it's mouth appeared to be big enough to bite a man's head off with room to spare, its teeth looked like shortswords. From a distance color of the fur of the beast looked a dirty brass only as it got closer would people realize that it was not the color of the fur, it was armor. Sheets of Brass covered armor covered every inch of this beast and it didn't seem to slow it down at all in any way. The chains that were used to 'control' this beast was attached to a massive spiked collar around its neck. As it approached and slowly came to a stop, small gaps in the armor showed something possibly more terrible. This beast had no skin, it appeared to be made of machinery and parts mixed together with a living beast.

On top of the beast was something that was nearly as scary, one this was a monstrous man easily over six and a half feet tall and looked like he weighed as much as a bear. His long brown hair went past his shoulders, and his clothing was a set of leather pants known as a Fustanella, that covered his legs to his knees and a blue silk cloth that was held between those parts. The belt that held all of this together was covered in fur and metal studs. The man also did not wear any shoes and his feet showed it based on the amount of wear and tear on the bottom of his soles. On his back was a club that was over a meter long and Ragnar started to slow down to a stop. As Ragnar stopped the beast, his muscles were tight against the reins as the beast clearly fought against him to fight anyone in front of him, including the Flamewyrm.

Ragnar got off his mount, before saying a word that no one here would understand as it turned and ran off into the distant, just as loud as it was before. As Ragnar took a deep breath, he instantly smelled the man known as Steel and he smelt worse than anything Ragnar has smelled before though he had only recently been blessed with these new abilities from his Lord so the smells were often overpowering to him but he was adjusting well enough. Ragnar looked over at Ko and Nantosuelta and gave them a nod before looking over at Steel and looking him up and down. Ragnar made no effort to hide the fact that he was eyeing this man up for a fight, and Ragnar seemed to judge everything about him including the sword on his hip before his attention turned to the wall in front of them.

It seemed like a good wall, all things considered, it wasn't a piece of art by any means but it was effective, or at least it would have been if their boss didn't decide to send three killers to deal with this issue and problem. As Ragnar looked closely at the wall he became the slow walk towards it, well a slow walk for him anyway but due to his massive strides, it was rather quick. The people on the wall seemed to not be looking out at this moment or it was possible that this wall did not have the needed structure to hold people high above them. It did not matter either way to Ragnar.

Ragnar placed his hand against the wall as if to feel how strong the wood was before he took a deep breath. At that moment two massive grey arcane circles appeared at Ragnar's feet and Ragnar's already massive form started to become more massive though only slightly as his muscles increased in size before pulling out his club with a single hand slammed it into the wall with all of his force. This sounded like an explosion went off as the club slammed into the wooden wall for 2 S ranks of damage, sending the parts of the wall spraying into the camp like shrapnel, injuring some of the people behind the wall with it. The hole that Ragnar had left in this wall was around two meters high and two meters across, which was just barely tall enough for him to fit through but most likely not big enough for Ko's Wyrm. As Ragnar made this hole in the wall he smelled something new, the smell of something he could not instantly identify before he started hearing people screaming in fear. He then smelt something that basically smelled like he took a bar of copper and shoved it up to his own nose, he could almost taste it it was that think until he looked down and saw a man had already died from the blow he dealt through the wall. Is this what blood and fear smell like now?

As Ragnar took a very deep breath, smelling the battlefield for the first time it was a new rush like never before as he roared in exaltation before running directly right towards a group of miners. He had a mission to take care of and he was going to do it, with or without the other three.


[Quest - Ko, Steel, Ragnar] What's Mine is Mine (A-Rank) Dsafds10
#4Ko Lesalt 

[Quest - Ko, Steel, Ragnar] What's Mine is Mine (A-Rank) Empty Thu Jul 30, 2020 12:49 am

Ko Lesalt

Indeed, from Ko's vantage point he was certainly in a position to see where Steel was, but only if he happened to look up. Unfortunately, Ko's focus was mostly on the ground below, so he didn't take notice of Steel's descent until the other man was already swooping down. It seemed he would be taking the direct approach. Or at least, that's how it seemed at first. When Steel didn't immediately start attacking the miners after touching down, however, Ko wasn't completely sure. It looked like he was reading off of some kind of paper. Who knew what kind of odd instructions that bald idiot that ran the mining company gave him.

Whatever the case, it didn't seem like what Steel had read was being received with any kind of good will. As far as Ko could tell, the assembled miners were all on guard, but they weren't outright attacking. If anything, it looked like they were waiting for something. From where he was sitting, Ko could see exactly what it was. While most of the miners were clearly not interested in engaging Steel directly, they were confident that their own hired muscle would be able to step in. From where Ko was sitting, he could see six of them altogether. The girl with the staff and the boy with the sword from earlier, as well as another larger bare-chested man with an axe, a woman with a bow who looked like she might be an elf, another younger lady in full plate armor with a lance, and a woman in robes wearing metal gauntlets.

They were a ragtag group, that was for certain. It did seem from their composition and their interactions that they had worked together for at least some time. Whether they were experienced enough to be a real challenge, Ko didn't know. As he watched, the group approached Steel's position, the young boy with the sword at the head, clearly intending to confront him. Some words were exchanged, which Ko couldn't hear, but in the end it made no difference. As this exchange was happening, Ko had already heard Ragnar making his approach; honestly, that man had absolutely no subtlety.

It showed even more so when the beast of a man dismounted his abominable mount, and promptly smashed a hole in the wooden wall the miners had constructed around the emplacement. That seemed to set off the entire camp, with some miners scrambling to find cover while others ran to grab weapons. The mercenary group seemed just as shocked, though they recovered quickly, falling into fighting stances and immediately breaking up to try and contain both Steel and Ragnar. That seemed like Ko's cue.

Giving Nantosuelta a pat to wake her up, Ko quickly climbed onto her shoulders. "Come on girl. Time to go to work." Even half asleep as she was, Nantosuelta was airborne within a handful of wingbeats. While it was nice of Ragnar to make an entry point in the wall for him, Ko's job included removing those fortifications. Couldn't have the miners thinking a few wooden walls made them immune to reprise. Giving Ragnar a few moments to move on his way away from the walls, Ko gave Nantosuelta the signal. With a roar that filled the skies, the Flamewyrm dove down, swooping over the length of the wooden walls and spewing flames all along her path.

By the time Nantosuelta pulled up, the wooden walls were nearly completely immolated. Not even working together could the miners have hoped to put the fires out in time to save their structures. After taking a moment to admire his handiwork, Ko had to instinctively lean back on Nantosuelta's shoulders, an arrow flying right through the spot his head had been a moment ago. Looking down, it seemed the elven lady with the bow and the gauntleted girl had split off from their groups to try and intercept him. A good match, considering he was mounted and he didn't know what that girl in the gauntlets could do.

Rather than watch and wait for the elf to fire off another arrow, Ko gave Nantosuelta another pat, sending her down to the ground. With a flourish, Ko dismounted, leveling his gaze on the two challengers. The elf already had an arrow nocked, while the other young lady dropped into a martial arts stance. Now that he was seeing her close up, Ko could see she was Joyan, and her robes were intended for ease of motion. "You girls are in over your head. I don't know what these people are paying you, but its definitely not enough." To his surprise, the martial artist girl scoffed brusquely. "No kidding. A job like this oughta be paying triple what we're getting. Our leader is just a bleeding heart, I guess."

That was a surprise. Ko hadn't been expecting to get a sensible answer out of one of his opponents. But then again, she also wasn't backing down. "While I agree, I believe that is one of his finer qualities." And there was the elf chiming in. Zagan below, they really were walking tropes. Ko was done playing games. "Well that finer quality is gonna get both of you killed. Last chance to walk away. I'm really trying to be nice." Martial artist girl scoffed, grinning confidently. "And just let you massacre these people? Admit it, you just don't think you can handle both of us."

And just like that, Ko's goodwill was dead. He immediately started to advance, and unsurprisingly the elven woman launched her arrow. As he's expected it, bringing up his gauntlet to block the shot was simple, and it didn't slow him down at all. In the interim, he spotted a magic circle under the martial artist's feet, and though the robe concealed much it seemed like her muscles grew slightly. Having closed distance, she immediately lashed out with a gauntleted fist, only for Ko to turn the blow aside. She was surprisingly strong, but Ko had a feeling he knew why.

Her skill was enough for his own gauntlet to miss landing a blow, but it still made contact, and immediately Ko could see her surprise as her agility and strength suddenly snapped back to normal. "Wha-!?" Any surprised exclamation she intended to make was cut short as Ko's fist slammed into her face, her tomboyish features twisting in pain now that her defensive magics had failed her. Unfortunately for her partner, they hadn't anticipated Ko being a close range fighter, and his proximity to the martial artist made it impossible for the archer to fire.

With her defenses down, Ko began to systematically take her apart, disabling limbs with harsh blows one by one until finally she was unable to stand on her own. Rather than let her fall, Ko took hold of her in a head lock, turning to face the Archer. He could tell they were close friends just from the anguished look on the Archer's face. She had an arrow nocked, ready to fly, but was afraid to fire it lest she hit her friend. Ko, on the other hand, had no such compunctions. In front of his face, a violet magic circle appeared, and he took in a deep breath. As the spell completed, a beam of black and violet light fire from his mouth, a blast of pure dark magic that tore straight into the Archer's body with unrelenting force. The Roar of the Darkness Dragon.

The Archer fell dead right where she stood, and for half a moment Ko could feel the martial artist struggling in his grip. He tightened his grip, and after a few seconds her struggling ceased. This was barely even a fight. Ko hoped, vainly, that the next conflict was a bit more challenging. There was no way he'd be able to go up against Lanzerossa when he was stuck fighting opponents like this.



[Quest - Ko, Steel, Ragnar] What's Mine is Mine (A-Rank) Empty Thu Jul 30, 2020 6:16 pm


Steel was standing around waiting inside the fort when he heard the loud thundering of hooves as if an entire army was riding towards the fort. After getting close enough it sounded as if some huge wild beast had stopped just outside the gates. Not long after the wall not far from Steel exploded with the impact of something heavy leaving a gigantic hole in the wall. What stepped through the hole was a man about the same size as Steel but much wider. He had long brown hair and so wide arms and legs that he looked more like a bear than a human being. A bear wielding a large club. It was as if some sort of savage or barbarian had stepped onto the scene. The man walked up to Steel and since Steel was not a coward and knew how to work around beasts of the wild he simply locked eyes with the man as if staring down an animal. He would not flinch at anything the big man did.

All the while the people around Steel were screaming in fear and at least one of them had died due to the splinters of the wall ripping through their bodies. It was as if a mortar shell had hit. This all happened within a minute of Steel’s speech to the workers.

After that some of the obviously more trained mercenaries got into fighting poses. They all seemed to be fresh adventurers, guildless mages and more. Their leader was an obvious warrior clad in armor with a sword and he moved towards Steel to engage in combat but five minutes had not passed yet. A loud draconic roar could be heard as Ko and Nantosuelta dove down from the sky raining fire on the wooden walls and literally dousing them in flames. The wooden walls were now beyond saving and very aesthetically created a curtain of fire behind the lot of them. You could say the stage had been set for the entrance of these three evil men. Ko was in combat with two of the adventurers. One of them wielded a bow proficiently and fired a shot to try and knock Ko off Nantosuelta. The other was one wielding some sort of gauntlets. It seemed Ko would face them head on. As he landed and dismounted Nantosuelta, engaging in some sort of conversation with the two.

All while the larger of the adventurers advanced towards the big savage man that was on Steel’s side. It seemed the two of them were similar in size and combat type. A full-plate wearing woman with a lance also seemed to attack the large man that was on Steel’s side but Steel did not yet know his name. Honestly Steel knew nothing about the club wielder than the fact that he seemed to be a savage from the wilds.

Steel had a pretty good view of what was happening all around them. He looked back to the sword wielder and obvious leader of the group that had decided to fight Steel. A brave man who was actually older than Steel yet less accomplished. He seemed proud and strong. And he had an air of justice and heroism around him. Honestly it was as if Steel was looking into a mirror except Steel was broken. Steel was no longer a hero. There was also a staff wielding woman that seemed to accompany the sword wielding leader. The setup was obvious. The leader was a warrior, maybe even a spellsword like Steel and the woman was some sort of support mage that would hang back while the leader locked the opponent in combat. A classic tank and healer type of combo. Steel liked the fact that they were organized but was not exactly impressed.

The leader spoke to Steel it seemed he wanted to give a speech something to convince Steel or his teammates to stop attacking them. “Why are you doing this? Don’t you see that these people are struggling to provide for their families and are only asking for a payment that they have rightfully earned! Please. Leave this place. You can still be heroes instead of villains!” While the leader was speaking Steel was obviously not giving the man any attention. As he stood there counting each second holding his executioner's sword with his right hand he leaned the sword over his shoulder. Steel picked his teeth with the area of his gauntlet where the index finger nail of his left hand would have been.

Steel then locked eyes with the sword wielder and started counting loudly as if to allow the leader of the group to prepare for Steel’s assault. It was a courteous move but in reality it was a way of scaring and disorienting his enemy. Like a cat playing with it’s prey. “285, 286, 287, 288, 289, 290.” Whilst Steel started counting out loud the leader of the adventurers seemed to get truly angered. He had already understood Steel did not care about what he had said but the arrogant way Steel was acting angered him the most of all.

He advanced towards Steel getting into melee range he started striking, slashing and stabbing attempting to hit Steel but with each attack Steel dodged. For every dodge Steel made he kept counting “291, 292, 293, 294, 295.” Steel smiled and as he did the face of the leader turned whiter and whiter. “296, 297, 298, 299, 300.” Steel raised his executioner's sword from his shoulder readying it into a downwards slashing position. The sword wielder thought Steel would attack him and readied a defensive position. But he was wrong. Steel quickly sidestepped and then dug his feet into the ground and thrust forward at ten meters per second without an acceleration period. He moved twenty meters forward until he was standing in front of the woman with the staff. He brought his sword down effortlessly cleaving straight through the woman that had been totally unprepared to defend herself. He then turned around slowly towards the leader that screamed out and charged towards Steel. Steel smiled and spoke “Always deal with the support first.”

The leader got into close quarters with Steel again. The leader seemed to have lost all his cool and was just striking wildly at Steel. Steel was getting bored of this. So the next time the angered leader would strike Steel caught the sword with his left hand. The face of the leader lost all hope and he dropped the sword falling back onto the ground slowly crawling away whilst screaming “YOU MONSTER!”

Steel threw the leader's sword aside and slowly made his way closer. He spoke. “I gave you time to leave. I gave you the opportunity to surrender. You should have done so while you still had the chance. Now I will kill you and then I will make an example out of you.” As he spoke the last words he sunk the executioner's sword down into the leader killing him. He then chopped the head off and stuck it onto a pole. He then shouted to all the miners who were fleeing. “HEAR YE! Anyone who stands up against the authority of this place again will meet their deaths at either mine or my compatriots' here's hands.” He then left to get his reward he was done here.

WC: 2311/2000

Spells used:

Strength: 55+60 from Earrings +60 from Sword +20 from Armor = 195
Speed: 31 +40 from Ring - 10 from Sword - 10 from Armor = 51
Constitution: 61 (HP + Armor = 2S ranks HP + 1S rank armor durability)
Endurance: 34
Intelligence: 21
Mana: 1435/1635
Minor Armored Movement & Wielding: Half speed penalty on all heavy equipment except shields.

Weapon: Executioner Sword
Armor: Vanguards Haste
Earrings: Pyaar Earrings
Ring: Haste Ring

#6Ragnar Asgeir 

[Quest - Ko, Steel, Ragnar] What's Mine is Mine (A-Rank) Empty Sun Aug 02, 2020 1:11 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar simply looked around for a moment as he walked forward, trying to pick out targets for his first attack when he felt a massive amount of heat on his back. As he turned around he looked and saw that Ko and his Wyrm were burning the entire wall to the ground in a single flaming move. This was very impressive if excessive as Ragnar was sure it would not have taken him long to simply break it down himself if he needed to. Ragnar then looked across the field as refocused on trying to acquire targets for his attack, but then realized that they all seemed to have targets as he realized that the knight and some kind of caster had decided to go after the new guy, Steel, while an elf archer was taking potshots at Ko. Ragnar looked around and out of the corner of his eye he noticed very swift movement, much faster than the miners, and also there was something different about it though Ragnar was not sure what it was fully.

As Ragnar turned to go towards that direction, he encountered three miners that apparently got it in their mind to try and take a swing as Ragnar. Ragnar gave them a glance as he swung his massive club at them, being nearly as tall as a normal-sized man. Two of the men clearly had at least a little fighting experience as they stopped their charge but one did not as he was hit full on by the club. Ragnar had not stopped his increasing of his strength at this point in time and when the club hit the man, while this would normally bludgeon it was coming at him with such strength and speed that it caused the man to be torn in half at the waist. As his two halves came falling to the ground, his internal organs only being held in at this moment due to centrifugal force, Ragnar was still glancing around looking for the thing that was clearly faster than the rest of the miners here. The other two miners seemed to understand that they now had very little chance against this man as he had managed to cut their friend in half with a blunt interment caused them to drop their weapons and put their hands up and try to walk away. Ragnar normally would not allow them to surrender but he felt that he had much bigger fish to fry as he pushed past them and started to head towards the mess.

As Ragnar entered the tented area where there were many tabled played out parallel to each other with a counter filled with a large number of pots of food that seems to still be hot on the other end. Ragnar looked around and noticed the lack of a smell here, fear. Ragnar heard the movement before he could do anything about it as he heard something behind him and lower than him slide across the ground at which point he felt pain in his right calf, causing him to yell in pain and nearly making him fall to a knee as the whatever was here was clearly used to dealing with massive creatures and knew how to bring them down to its level.

Ragnar turned around and lashed out instinctually, the strength of his blows along with the length of his arm and club caused him to hit the long tables on either side of him and sent them flying across the mess, landing on other tables and flipping them over as well. Ragnar looked around and he could not spot this small target as it seemed to be very adept at hiding from his sight. Apparently this group of adventures had an assassin or rogue on their payroll as well, and Ragnar could not wait to crush them under his club. As he thought about this more, he realized that the tables here were a perfect place for this person to ambush him, outside of the mines which were luckily towards Ragnar's two companions and that might be just as suicidal as fighting Ragnar himself in open combat.

Ragnar came up with a game plan as he started to take his club and smash the long tables in half or into as small of pieces as he could, all the while keeping his eyes around him. He wasn't worried about not hitting and destroying the table, he was looking around for the counter-attack from the being that tried to cut him down. As Ragnar started to crush these tables into pieces, this took him by the time that Steel had managed to seriously start his fight with his two people. It did not take more than ten seconds for Ragnar to crush the rest of the tables and Ragnar could not smell any blood other than his so he knew that he didn't accidentally crush this rogue int into the ground while he was doing this. That is when Ragnar turned his attention to the counter at the front of the mess and he realized that maybe he had made a mistake as Ragnar ran over to the counter and gave it a very swift kick to the edge where the counter and the top meet. This sent the entire counter flipping through the air, lots of hot food flying with it against the cave wall.

Ragnar was surprised when he saw a trap door under this mess hall that went down. Ragnar looked at it, and he reached down for a moment before realizing that it might very well be trapped before Ragnar went and pulled a large piece of wood from the long tables he smashed and used that to smash the trap door into itself. The trapdoor was not trapped, but as Ragnar looked down into it he could see that he did now smell the fear coming from it but also it was not as fresh as the miners and he could see that it went towards the outer walls and outside the camp.

Ragnar growled as he realized that this person was smart enough to know that he just needed to keep Ragnar distracted long enough to escape and then run off using this escape hatch. With a sigh, Ragnar turned and saw that his companions had managed to kill the other members of the adventuring party without many issues it seems. Ragnar looking back at the hole where the rogue escaped, he knew that he was most likely the smartest one out of this group and ran while he could. Ragnar would have to find him and murder this man later. Ragnar now had his scent, and he would always remember it.


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