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Name: Andromeda Dios

Age: 18 (Aug, 23 x771)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother:Fiorian

Class: Spellhowler

Race: Human

Rank: C-rank


Tattoo: Black on the back of the left hand

Face: Platinum The Trinity - BlazBlue


Height: 4'7"

Weight: 110lb
Hair: Peach Blond

Eyes: Flux of Sea Green & Sky Blue

Overall: She looks to be fragile, a very slim girl with subtle curbs and a ballerina-esque shape to her. She moves with no clear indication that she knows where she is going and she hardly follows any set pace to her movements. One moment she may be walking the next skipping or even weaving about. Standing at an almost laughable height of four feet and seven inches, Andromeda weighs one hundred and fifteen pounds of pure magical power!! or ya know fat whatever.

Her facial structure is very soft, holding no sharp features. Milky skin with peachy undertones to show the healthy blood flowing through her. Her eyes are a never-ending flux of a deep-sea green and a clear sky blue that can convey every emotion imaginable. One does not have to look deeply into those doe shaped orbs to see the rather strange heart symbol that is her pupils and how they are just a few noticeable shades lighter than her overall eye color. Falling to her ankles, peach blond hair as thick as forest covers Andromeda's rather roundish head. She maintains her hair well enough but because of the length she always keeps it tied up.

Extra: Her pupils are heart-shaped, a trait that runs from her mother's side of the family.


Personality: Andromeda is overall a very optimistic person about most things in life. She is simple and her approach to a lot of situations is done with a smile. Anyone meeting her can just feel the overwhelming aura of happiness that she seems to emit naturally. With no real moral bindings to the masses, she for one cannot see anything wrong with doing what one wants and overall dislikes authority, rules, and laws. This does not mean she will do what she wants just because, no-no-no. Andromeda respects life in all it's forms and is against mindless killing, this is not to say she is against killing overall because she is capable and can kill anyone for any amount of reasons.
Like a rainbow and all of its many colors, Andromeda has a vast range of emotions and is easily triggered into them. She does not hold back what she is feeling and will act on them if pushed to that limit.

A social butterfly she enjoys the company of others and is always happy to be apart of well anything. For one so social she detests being tied down with obligations to anyone or anything and so distances herself from things and people that seem to want to.. Cling to her. Overall Andromeda is a free spirit not knowing the world fully outside of her own. Never one to hesitate she is neither above nor below anyone. Just wanting to have fun she can be triggered into bouts of irrational emotions..

  • [bMeeting New People:[/b] At her core Andromeda loves people. The more she meets the better she feels and the more ( possible ) friends she has made. One cannot get around in this world effectively ( or happily for that matter ) without others! ( even if there are some Debbie Downers who think otherwise )

  • Traveling: Like meeting new people, going to new places sparks a fire in Andromeda. Visiting a place she has never been to before excites her so much that she usually runs about the place trying to figure out everything about it.


  • Debbie Downers: Those are the worst people. Mad or Sad just because no real reason either. The types that wanna blow up the world and the types who can't have a good time.. Those rainclouds on a bright sunny day! Andromeda hates those people the absolute most.

  • The feeling of defeat: Back against the wall, all options exhausted, in the face of overwhelming defeat and not a single speck of hope to be found. In the last moments where it's only you and your thoughts.. That is the absolute worst feeling and on more than one occasion Andromeda had to feel that way, it makes her sick.


  • Being adored as an idol: Andromeda has learned to enjoy the spotlight and live selfishly. She wants everyone to love her cuteness and give her the attention she thinks she so rightly craves. She figures the main way to get into someone's heart is to be the world's best idol and sing and dance her way into the people's love.


  • Bugs: Don't you god damn dare... Bugs are disgusting, crawling little infestations upon the world. The fear as irrational as it is, is 100% real and will send Andromeda into a crying, screaming, fit as she tries to destroy it ( and everything in a ten-mile radius ) while running in order to rid it from her sights.

  • Her family: Ever since falling out favor with Zeus her family thinks she has cursed them. They despise her and she has been given a kill on site order from them. Any member of her family that she meets will attack her without remorse.


Magic Name: Curse of the Fourth Dimension

Magic Element: Darkness

Magic Description:
This magic allows Andromeda to control and create Darkness magic from her mana. This magic is very proficient in its use of debuff spells but it can also use offensive and supplementary ones as well. Imperfect growths lacking points are its ability to create healing and defensive spells but it can still manage to do that.


History: Born in a secluded village atop Sieghart Mountains where the people praised the Sky God known as Zeus, Andromeda was birthed from one of three bloodlines within the  village that held the ability to obtain the divine magic. The divine magic in question is Take-Over: God Soul, with the god soul belonging to Zeus. The three bloodlines in the village cycled between one another for ten years before the magic was passed on to another in the next blood line, and then it would cycle into those within that set bloodline. Andromeda was considered lucky as she was born because for the last fifty years her bloodline had been considered sterile and no longer able to produce any that would be able to utilize this magic, thus shunning the family. Upon realizing that she was indeed the holder of the magic Andromeda lived without fear and with much love and admiration....

As she got older Andromeda was taught all there was to teach about the magic she wielded. Because of her naturally vivid imagination she took to using her magic like a fish to water. The village elders realized that she could no longer stay in the village if she were to do the bidding of their lord, which was to spread his name and regain his followers. At ten years old she was sent off to live in Baska Town to learn the ways of the people and to get a proper education. Apparently Baska was use to getting children from the mountain and after awhile knew exactly what was coming. So for a good portion of her young life Andromeda lived with a woman named Nancy Bojangles. Nancy volunteered to take care of any children from the mountains but she was passed her prime and had been doing this for years now. Although old she made sure Andromeda got all she needed and made sure the girl knew the power of hard work and respect for life...

Once Andromeda turned 14 Nancy passed away, happily due to old age. Although sad she knew Nancy passed on peacefully and made sure the woman who was a second mother to her got the burial she deserved.... Near the top of the mountains. With nothing tying her to Baska she left to explore more of the world and get a better understanding of life itself. She knew the only reason she would experience this freedom was because of the magic she had and she knew what her duty to her village was.. her duty to her god. In order to obtain more power she would need to show the awesome power of Zeus and continue to get his blessings, but who's to say she wasn't going to have some fun and live her life while doing it?

-timeskip period-

As the years went on Andromeda lost her magic and her favor with Zeus. She had changed her face and slumed it out in the worst places imaginable. She almost took her life and couldn't be bothered with living until the day she met a nephlim. He was beautiful and gave her a new purpose and a new reason to live, for herself. She was seventeen when she met the man and when she turned eighteen he died but left her with a token of her gratitude, a beautiful singing voice. To this day Andromeda lives a happy life and goes through each day like it was her last, living life to the fullest.

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Andromeda  Empty Wed Jul 29, 2020 4:19 am

Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: NA
  • Weapon: NA
  • Off-Hand: NA
  • Head: NA
  • Body: NA
  • Relic: NA
  • Race: / NA
  • Companion: / NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 45

  • Strength: 5
  • Speed: 10
  • Endurance: 10
  • Constitution: 10
  • Intelligence: 10

Other Changes



Andromeda  Empty Wed Jul 29, 2020 10:27 pm

This character application has been approved.

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