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Darka Monyx

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#1Darka Monyx 

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Darka Monyx


Name: Darka Monyx

Age: March 30th, X770

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Yami Monyx (Caelese) - Deceased

Ethnicity, Mother: Umine Monyx (Joyan) - Deceased

Class: Berserker

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Sentinel Syndicate

Tattoo: Right Shoulder, Black

Face: Yami Sukehiro - Black Clover


Height: 6 feet

Weight: 75KG

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Overall: Darka is a tall teenager with a very muscular build. He has black eyes and black hair of medium length that is messily combed backward. Darka is very simple and consists only use a white shirt and black trousers with an extra layer of tan leather that covers his outer thighs and down to his knees. The trousers are only supported by a belt around his waist. Lastly, he wears black high boots that cover most of his calves. Darka also wears a black banner over his right shoulder and it is attached by two strings to his left shoulder. The banner also has tattered edges, seeming to have been ripped off from a bigger banner.

Extra: He some times use a simple black rope all over his shoulder


Personality: Darka is uncouth, reckless, slightly hypocritical, and prone to delivering death threats at the slightest provocation. He is typically a stoic teenager who believes more in actions than in words. He is very hot-headed, who can be easily angered by small matters such as being bumped by another person or interrupted when talking. Despite being very hot-headed, reckless, and unrefined , Darka is an experienced and perceptive warrior, picking apart his opponent's strategies with a glance and is constantly trying to come up with counters for them.

Darka also does not discriminate people according to their social status or circumstances. He trust people who intend to prove their words by action instead of talking too much about theories or strategies with out being in the field and fight on his side and facing the real situation on the spot. Darka show little to no remorse when it comes to their actions in combat afterwards. In a fit of rage, he can easily retaliate against their allies as well if they get in his way.He always focus on his target and never let anything or anyone get is his way, not even his allies. He willing to do anything to reach his target even if he must sacrifise himself to win the battle for his team or guild. He willing to bend and even break the laws to reach his or his guild goals. People usually called him BullsHead.


  • Fighting: Darka always a big fans of fighting, martial art, sword art, and physical activity. He intend to use violance as the answer for almost every problems He faced
  • Alchohol: Darka really loves alchohol, a good alle will make a good day for him. The only thing is he can't get drunk and liking alchohol purely for it taste.


  • Technical Stuff: Darka always hate to be in a long conversation or a meeting and gathering, because he is bassicly hates to hear point and plans and technical stuff.
  • Being told what to do : Darka is a hot-headed teenager and he is arogance. He really hate if he get orders or a mission that he doesn't agree with the goal. He will eventualy do his best and give it all out if he agree and find that the goals of the mission is the same as what he want.


  • Grudge: He have a big grudge to the church and the crown because of what happended during the Great War. And he want revenge.
  • His Parents: Even tho Darka is hot headed and reckless, He loves his parents. And their dead is really hard for Darka. In honor of their dead, He promise to take care of his home town no matter how.


  • Powerless: Darka really really scared of being powerless, and can't do anything in certain situation. He's scared that he can't protect people he cares and end up losing them, just like his parents.
  • Snail: Despite his big muscular appearance, he is scared of snail, a slimy snail.


Magic Name: Dark Magic

Magic Element: Darkness

Magic Description: This magic attribute allows the user to generate and manipulate darkness. This magic also allows Darka to cast: Touch-based Offensive spells, Superior Self-buff and Inferior Supplementary spells. Dark Magic has been described as the polar opposite of Light Magic, and one of the fundamental properties of this magic is that it has low speed and requires more time to cast spells. To combat this disadvantage, Darka mostly use his magic on his sword or specific part of his body like fist or feet.


History: Darka Monyx, the only son of Yami Monyx and Umine Monyx. Darka was born in Orchidia City, North Fiore on March 30th X770. Darka has been in Orchidia City his whole life. Normal kids who play with friends and family, Darka is actually a happy kid. He is a good kid and love his parents above everything. He grow up well and liking martial arts, sword art, he like to learn self defense. But he is just a kid.

Until one day the Great War between Crown and Church ruins his life. His family have to hide and secretly moving around to survive from the chaos that happended during the war. He have to see people die infront of his own eyes. People has been shot, slit, slice, killed infront of him and everyone. Darka have to strugle on his young ages, and see how his dad and his mom struggling to get food, how his mom cried, how his dad have to fight back and protect his family without really able to help. One day during the chaos, he wake up to find that his parents is gone. He was devastated, he start panicking and runs around looking for his parents. Until he finally find out and see his parents was being drag by one of the soldier of the war. His parents realize that Darka was there and looking at them, and spontaneously give Darka a clue to hide and be quite. Little Darka was so scared and he was shivering till it's hard for him to move his feet and hide.

One of the soldier shout "Hey, you kid over there". That shook Darka and he run as fast as he can, he manage to hide and check on his parents who now tied to a pole and blindfolded. As Darka deperately look at his parents, and can't do anything to help. He have to see how the cruelty of the soldier take his parents live being slit on their throat. All his sadness, anger, scaredness fill him up while he have to hold himself and keep hiding for his life, powerlessly. As the time goes by, He manage to keep hiding and be safe from the war slaughtery. He survive by stealing food, fight againts people, and he keep trained his physical abillity, he trained his martial art and sword art as he likes it since he was a boy. And his story begin.

Reference: N/A

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Hello, welcome to FTRP! I will be reviewing your character application.

  • Although the 'Personality' section is fine, please divide it into two (2) paragraphs for easier reading.

  • In the 'Magic' section, since your class is a 'Berserker', please state that the magic allows you to cast: Touch-based Offensive spells, Superior Self-buff and Inferior Supplementary spells.

  • The 'History' section is alright but do divide it into two (2) or three (3) paragraphs for easier reading – that way it won't be a clump/wall of text!

  • Lastly, please state the guild tattoo color!

Bump when fixed!

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Darka Monyx
Bump bump bump

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This character application has been approved.

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