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Luxin Orihara

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#1Luxin Orihara 

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Luxin Orihara


Name: Luxin Orihara

Age: September 12th x767

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Boscosi

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Sentinel Syndicate

Tattoo: On his back

Face: Bob Makihara (Tenjho Tenge)


Height: 6ft 3inch

Weight: 106kg/235lb

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue (left eye), Dark Brown (right eye)

Overall: Luxin is a tall, muscular man, with a dark skin tone and dreadlocks. He also has a rare genetic disorder called heterochromia, in which leaves him with his left eye blue and his right eye dark brown.

Extra: Luxin has acquired a taste for tattoos and piercings as he has a rather large tattoo of the grim reaper on his back with the words death in Kanji across it in red and a silver bar piercing on left cartilage and a skull-piercing on his left earlobe.


Personality: Luxin is rather lazy, he would rather sleep than actually do any kind of work. He is sarcastic most of the time and usually very mocking towards people with his mocking politeness, Luxin is quick to analyse any situation and is quick to find a way to overcome it rather easily as well as being able to keep calm under extreme pressure.

He is able to tolerate most things despite being cynical and dark towards them, such as loud people or naturally disruptive people but he would come off as severely sarcastic towards them in general.

He can be quite stubborn when he wants to be and rarely anything can change his mind once he has set him himself for something. Luxin prefers quite as he is rather silent in everything he does due to him learning how to steal just about anything from his time on the streets.


  • Darkness: Luxin loves the dark as thieves like him thrive in the dark when everyone is unaware of people like him and are easy pickings, he also enjoys the dark because that when people are less likely to disturb him while he is sleeping or star gazing.
  • Sleep: Luxin loves sleeping cause he is lazy pure and simple, and sleeping lets him get away with not doing anything at all.


  • Being Disturbed: Luxin hates being disturbed when doing anything because if he is doing something which is rarely, that meant he deemed it important enough for him to do instead of lazing about.
  • Stupid People: People with less than average intelligence annoy Luxin because they are the type of people who get their friends hurt for rushing into situations and not thinking things through.


  • Money: Money is one of Luxin's because in order to earn more money he has to become a higher rank to do higher paid missions which in turn means he has to become strong enough to do those missions easily. To achieve this he has to become one of the strongest in the guild to earn enough money that it would be incredibly hard for him to become poor.


  • Being poor:Luxin is afraid of being poor again as he had to scrape through life on the streets stealing to get food and money to survive and he doesn't want to experience that type of life again.
  • Dying:Luxin is scary afraid of dying, mainly because he doesn't know what will become of him when he leaves this world. He isn't religious but the orphanage he stayed at as a kid was rather religious and their stories left an imprint on him as he broke more than one commandment according to the matron.


Magic Name: Wind magic

Magic Element: Wind

Magic Description: A variation of Air Magic enables its users to generate wind, as well as to manipulate the wind around them at their will. Wind Magic grants them high offensive power, allowing them to assault enemies in different ways: the most prominent aspect of such Magic lies in the ability to give the wind cutting properties, manifesting it in the form of fast-moving air blades which are employed at mid-to-long range; they can also generate powerful gusts of wind to inflict blunt damage upon enemies and send them flying away, and even form hurricanes of various scales, which, in addition to their rotational power, seem to retain his wind's signature sharpness. "Description was provided by Fairy Tail wikia"

The magic allows the user to cast superior offensive spells and inferior supplementary, defensive and self-buff spells.


History: Luxin's life before becoming a thief was not that all that great as he has never known either of his parents, when he asked a matron about them all he got was his father was unknown and his mother had unfortunately died in a bandit attack a year after he was taken to the orphanage.

They had also stated that they found him on the doorstep in a small crib with only a small blanket to keep him warm and a birth certificate where it states that he was born in Fiore on September 12th.  Since his father is status was unknown and his mother's whereabouts also unknown at the time he was taken to an orphanage at the ripe age of 6 months old.

Due to living in an orphanage all his life he has bounced from home to home and eventually coming back to the orphanage because of either financial problems or that he just wasn't the type of child they wanted after reaching his fifteenth birthday Luxin had enough of moving from home to home only to end back to square one so he packed what little he had and ran away and had found an abandoned building in which he lived in for a year, and during this year he learnt how to pickpocket without getting caught and how to avoid capture as well as how to read body language to a certain degree, Luxin had to be able to figure out for from a friend when approached by other homeless around him to tell if they meant him harm or not. This lead to him having to learn how to read a person's intention with body language alone which proved to be a hard task as he had been fooled before by a homeless man who had robbed him as he slept, this experience made him even more cynical towards people in general and had made him more closed off in general. During this time, he learned how to fend for himself on the streets as a year had gone by. He ran into a thief and mage named Dan who would come to be his mentor as well as a father figure to him. He had met Dan on a wet autumn afternoon as he was on the run from the rune knights for stealing a few clothes from a shop using his newly learned magic, as he was turning a corner he lost sight of the rune knights as he walked down the busy street he spotted a rather tall man who was about 6'4 wearing an expensive suit.

As he continued walking he decided to nick a few couple hundred pounds from this man as rich people had lots of money to spare well at least in his point of view. Following the man through sharp bends and dodgy alleyways he finally reached the last bend the man disappeared around only to find no one in front of him as if the man disappeared into thin air, as he walked off disappointed that he would go to his makeshift home penniless as usual he heard a deep chuckling sound coming from the rooftop of one of the building, looking up he spotted the man. "Look, kid, you got skill, I was watching as you stole these clothes and ran from the rune knights kinda reminded me of how I was around your age." The man said as he dropped down. "Hey, kid how would you like for me to teach you the trick of the trade and to become an expert thief and mage like me, oh yeah the names Dan by the way," the man said dramatically.

Thinking it over Luxin decided that it could be worth it even though in the back of his mind he knew he wasn't going to trust this man as he was a thief but he agreed after weighing out the pros and cons, A few years after Luxin came to see Dan as a person he could trust as Dan had helped him over the two years they have been together and during this time he learnt all the tricks of the trade, he also learnt how to steal, lie even escape into the crowd as well as parkour, and had grown to become almost as proficient at wind type magic as Dan. As the year was almost over Dan decided he wanted Luxin to come live with him as he had grown to like the kid and had started to love him as his son over the past two years, when he confronted Luxin about this, Luxin ran up to him catching him a bear hug as he wept tears of joy as he had grown to see Dan as a type of father.

Reference: Email ? Whoever sent the email about dragons


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