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South > North [Air Travel solo]

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#1Azure Fenic 

South > North [Air Travel solo] Empty Tue Jul 28, 2020 11:29 pm

Azure Fenic

Now with his work done in Myras he needed to head back to the guild and rest a bit while also getting some more supplies for his next outing that was sure to take him someplace with interesting information and people. "Welp time to set off my fine feathered friend!." he told his Gryphon, They took off from the rooftop of the inn denting it as they took off into the sky above them. This was something new for the scholar as the last time that he road the beats was when they escaped the castle to what seems like months ago when in reality it was just three weeks ago that he ... acquired the mount. Within a matter of what felt like seconds, they were already Miragold a place that had a pretty surface but an even darker underbelly if you knew the right people or so he heard from others that is. The weather was fair for the time being but it could have a drastic change once he made it to the East or West but even so, he wasn't going to let that stop him from getting back home to the guild. The wind had a calming effect too it as he watched the clouds past by and waved at the birds that would fly next to them for once he actually felt like a kid that had a wish come true on their birthday. Azure's main objectives were still so far away from him that he nearly pushed things too far on occasions but that was the life he lived, Extortion chipped to what he could only assume to cheer him up.

As he landed in Hosenka city he felt as though he had been flying for weeks given it was his official first time riding Extortion he felt like off in many ways and give he had yet to get any riding equipment for this moment he was very out of it. Even though he had planned on heading to the guild he needed to sleep and rest for a bit. as he looked around he mainly looked for the riding equipment that he had forgotten to get before "Come on Azure get it together! First the guild first!" he muttered as he tapped his Gryphon on the head and they began there travel once again. Without realizing it Azure had made it to the east without anything happening, by that it was in reference to his ability to get into trouble in matter the location so even though he wasn't able to really get any information along the way he enjoyed this time to himself. He had decided to stop in the 'Holy Capital' for some much-needed rest as they had been flying for some time and he didn't want to push his mount too far while they have only just begun their partnership or would it be called something else, the matter could wait till much later to be resolved if anything. Azure did some rather quick research while he was in the capital mostly on the rulers and such though he did find that some of the most higher-ranked guilds had been doing a lot. Oddly enough he stumbled upon a story or news that someone has been hard at work in the Worth Woodsea with something so now he had something to check out later on.

Once again the two took off and Making good time I guess he thought to pull out his map to see where the next rest stop would be and sure enough it would be the city of Baska the place just before Oak. Azure fell asleep for most of the ride so the beats took it upon its self to land and wait for its master to wake up. About five hours later he awoke and found himself in front of Baska so he took his half-awake self and ventured into the city where he could bearly remember what he did. Now that he was able to obtain his riding gear from a rather quick pit stop in Baska, who knew that flying would make traveling so much more exciting though the scholar did wish he had someone to share the experience with. He suddenly had the feeling as though he had talked to someone about travel somewhere but it comes and goes like a Lacrima that's running on the last bit of magic power in it. The scholar thought back to the time when he was learning his way around Fiore and how lost he would get due to his lack of listening to others and the language barrier that was still up. With the destination so close now he could bearly hold his excitement to finally be back at the guild and its ever gloomy appearance, he knew they had a rather frightening leader but to think the building would refelt that was rather a small let down to him.

By the time that he made it to the North, he couldn't help but get the feeling that he was forgetting something or someone that was kind of important "Oh well must not have been that important..." he told himself as the beast began to sway side to side which meant something was wrong with it. He tried to get it to regain itself self but it seemed like it was going to crash into some part of the guild building or the huge rock it was on, either way, it spelled a rather painfully end that he could probably walk away from if not crawl away. He found it laughable that he would finally get back to the guild only to cause trouble on arrival as it would probably be his personal best if it did then again the Boss would be rather upset with him if anything happened to the guild building or would he? something that he would rather not want to test out. Azure held on to the leather tightly as his mount tried to stabilize its self just enough to land in a semi-decent place Now that I think about it how did I get here before he thought to himself as the beast landed and throw him off its back and into a wall "...Owwww" he picked himself up and checked his mount to find that it had fallen asleep. Now that he was finally back he had some rest and training to catch up on while he was here, though that would mean that he would need a partner to help with such things. The sudden realization hit Azure "Oh...I forgot about them...." he muttered remembering that he forgot about Etaoin back in Myras after telling them they would make this trip together "I'll deal with that issue later if anything else comes up." he told himself aloud while heading into the rather gloomy building.


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