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Silver City I - Solo [Quest]

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#1Kenzo Valens 

Silver City I - Solo [Quest] Empty Tue Jul 28, 2020 10:55 pm

Kenzo Valens
As Kenzo made his way through the opulent streets and stalls lining up the Silver District, the male couldn’t help but marvel at the display of wealth in every nook and cranny. Contrary to the battered and run-down houses and streets from the lower district, the Silver City truly lived up to its name the higher one climbed up the district rings surrounding the Castle Alvalen. It had been far too long since the last time Kenzo had done this. It was to be expected after all… After not having to worry about money for a couple of months, what would be the mercenary’s surprise upon finding out that his spending habits had twisted themselves so much from his past self? Facing his situation with a smirk, the male decided to wake up early that day and get back to the grind. As his memory came back to him, the thoughts of last nights partying served as a reminder why he never spoke with strangers. In uncharacteristic manner from him, Kenzo had gone and lost a huge sum of money in a bet. Even worse, more than a bet, it was definitely what most would consider a heat of the moment hand out. Tch, no use crying over spilled beans. After all, he’d obtained the number of quite a good-looking gal that previous night. As his memory slowly came back to him in his hangover, a certain thought crossed his mind. Did he even ask for her name at all? ”Fuck.”

As these thoughts filled the man’s head, he had unknowingly arrived at his destination. The entrance was lavishly decorated in golden and silver traces along the white granite walls. An expensive ebony door met Kenzo as he lightly knocked at it. ”*Ahem*… I’m here to meet with Master Giovanni”

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#2Kenzo Valens 

Silver City I - Solo [Quest] Empty Tue Jul 28, 2020 10:56 pm

Kenzo Valens
Not even a second had passed before a stoic looking man opened the door. ”Oh goodness. Are you perhaps Mr. Valens?” The old stranger greeted the mercenary with impeccable etiquette. ”The one and only” Kenzo replied with a cheeky smile. ”Praise the gods! You’re just in time” The older male bowed as he invited Kenzo to step inside his wealthy patron’s mansion. ”Master Giovanni has been looking forward to your meeting. I believe he’s spent the majority of the morning worked up about it, so please excuse the hectic environment going around.” The butler spoke with a polite tone as he guided Kenzo through the reception hall and into the main office. Meanwhile, an army of maids and cleaning people worked themselves off as they tried to clean each and every speck of dust from the walls, floors and furniture.

Meanwhile, Kenzo wondered if that was the way that all nobles took care of their houses. Truth be told, this was the first time he was invited to enter into the state of someone belonging to nobility. Sure, he’d mingled himself with important people from Fiore in the past, generally the leading or ruling families of a city, but never had he stepped inside the private quarters of a noble lineage. However, it came to no surprise for Kenzo, given the popularity he enjoyed these days. Reluctant as he was to accept the noble’s invitation he received as soon as he registered to spend the night at a local inn, the merc decided to gamble on his luck. After all, if they’d noticed as quickly as they did that someone notorious like Kenzo had checked in at a place, they might not have had the best of intentions. If they were after his bounty, he’d just have to fight them.

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#3Kenzo Valens 

Silver City I - Solo [Quest] Empty Tue Jul 28, 2020 10:56 pm

Kenzo Valens
Luckily for him though, that would prove no to be the case. ”Apologies for the sudden notice Mr. Valens, I’m sure my letter must have raised quite the suspicion from you” A stoic and solemn voice greeted Kenzo as he entered the main office of the mansion. ”Not at all… I’m aware I cannot live while keeping my guard up all the time.” Kenzo replied with a laugh as he took a seat at the couch in front of a tea table. A set of silver crockery for tea had been prepared by now. As the male took a pause, Giovanni expertly read the mood as he questioned him if he wanted some. ”Tea?” The noble motioned at the butler to serve a cup for Kenzo. ”Much obliged~” The merc responded in a playful tone.

”Besides… I’ve nothing to be afraid by agreeing to meet with you. Am I right?” Kenzo asked with a grin as he flashed a stark gaze at the noble who’d taken a seat just across him. Even if the blue haired man’s words were polite in nature, they carried a certain degree of aggressiveness in them. After all, the two of them were virtually strangers by this point. Reading the mood in an instant once again, the gallant looking Giovanni proceeded to chuckle in clear diplomatic fashion. ”Kukuku~ Of course not. Please rest assured that I want nothing but a mutual benefit for both of us. It is also as you say… Even if we wanted, there was nothing we could do to stop you from getting away from here. Is there?” The noble returned Kenzo’s remark with a slight threat of his own. Kenzo simply smirked at the way he had not left himself be intimidated. ”Hoh~ I’m sure we’ll get along just fine”

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#4Kenzo Valens 

Silver City I - Solo [Quest] Empty Tue Jul 28, 2020 10:57 pm

Kenzo Valens
The reason for the men meeting was a simple one. Rich and powerful as he might be, Giovanni had his quirks like every other person in the world. While Kenzo had been first-hand witness to the most terrible wishes that money could buy to people in power, all to cater to their twisted fantasies, Giovanni’s was quite the tame one. Like many people before him, the burdens of nobility had taken his freedom as hostage. As such, the male enjoyed the occasional escapade to the Lower Districts of Myras City. Though this was not the first time he’d met a noble with such a hobby, it was quite an uncommon one. Nevertheless, it seemed that Giovanni’s adventuring had brought him into set of trouble, as life in the forsaken areas of a bustling city used to do. ”Though it pains me to admit it, the truth is that many years ago I found myself involved with a woman from the Lower District.” Giovanni had made sure that his butler closed to door far away from prying ears. ”I was a young and stupid person, believing I would one day hold the power to change how things worked. As such, I fell in love with the love of my live… She was... breathtaking. Working as a flower girl that sold them by piece to make ends meet.” The noble took a pause as he massaged his temple with a face full of regret. ”I was a naïve man, and we soon fell in love. Before I knew it, she was pregnant with my firstborn. However, there was not a way our love could ever work. After all… I was a member of Fioran nobility. Even if I have a wife and children with her, I’ve never forgotten about what we had”

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#5Kenzo Valens 

Silver City I - Solo [Quest] Empty Tue Jul 28, 2020 10:57 pm

Kenzo Valens
Giovanni took a pause as he collected his thoughts again, sighing once he was finally ready to continue. ”She died shortly after giving birth. Though I was never able to make her my wife, I swore I’d make sure the kid wouldn’t need anything.” Kenzo listened attentively to Giovanni’s story without muttering a single word. It was not his place to say anything after all. However, the impending silence meant the noble wanted him to prod him to continue. ”And I guess something happened to the boy, is that right?” Asked the mercenary after taking a sip from the tea.

”You are correct. As such, I need to visit him myself. I’ve been receiving death threatening letters, telling me they’ve found out about my secret. I need to confirm his wellbeing.”

The conversation between the two men dragged for a short while longer. Mainly focusing on the details and stuff over Kenzo’s payment. As wealthy as Myras was, Giovanni didn’t want to hire just any bodyguard. Once he’d learned that Kenzo was around, he knew his best bet was to hire the mercenary guild master. For the blue haired swordsman, it was all the better. The money was quite good after all. Once they descended to the Lower District, the mood instantly changed. Even if he had expected it, there was something amiss. They were dragging too much attention to themselves, in suspicious amounts. They had taken the highest precaution measures, making sure only a small group of people knew about their plan. As such, there was no plausible way they had been caught so easily. Whatever what was going on, Kenzo was sure Giovanni had been double crossed.

Alas, Kenzo’s biggest fears came into fruition. After doubling to the right in an abandoned corner, a group of armed men ambushed Kenzo and his client. Regrettably, there was nothing for the mercenary to do but cut them down. ”There is something going on…” He commented to Giovanni as the two of them found for a safe spot.

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