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Shot for Shot [Kenzo]

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The sounds of laughter and music spilled into the streets from the Goat's Beard Inn. As usual, the place was lively and festive as people drank and danced without a care in the world. Marwyn sat at the bar, tossing back drinks and eating bits of fruit and nuts. She had just finished a successful business meeting with the local gangsters of the area and was given the ok to set up shop here. This bit of news made her feel like she had gotten some work done today and that the trip to this place wasn't all for naught.

" Another Shot of whatever ya got. "
The words were clear and the barkeeper nodded his head and filled up her little cup with some of the strongest liquor he owned. He was very impressed with her ability to keep throwing them back as he had already bet another patron that she would go down after her third shot, but here she was on her sixth with no sign of slowing down. Pushing rebellious strands of her golden hair from her face Marwyn looked around for some entertainment. It was great drinking and all but it would be better if someone wasn't afraid to come approach her.

#2Kenzo Valens 

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Kenzo Valens
Kenzo had wasted most of his time at the Goat’s Beard Inn that night. As a seasoned drinker himself, he had to admit that the place had quite an impressive assortment of drinks available. Ever the eager drunkard, the male had already ordered a shot of every bottle in the counter. A line of small crystal glasses started littering the bar’s counter as they kept piling for him to drink. After a while, Kenzo and the inn keeper had started kicking it off, exchanging jokes and betting for more booze. In fact, an interesting development caught the mercenary’s attention.

A young-looking girl had taken place in a stool a couple of seats away from him, downing alcohol like it was nothing. At some point in time, the friendly bartender bet Kenzo that she’d pass out from three shots from his finest bottle. Holding his chin while he pondered for a second, the blue haired male decided to bet against it. The bet was simple, if she could take more than 3 shots, his own tab would be covered by the keeper. As soon as she crossed the 6 shots mark, the grumpy male finally admitted his defeat as he pardoned the swordsman’s bill. Happy over his victory, a clearly tipsy Kenzo made his way over her direction. The least he could do was thank her for making him a winner, right?

”Well well… It’s not everyday you meet someone who can drink as professionally as you. Allow me to thank you for making me a profit back there” Kenzo introduced himself as he motioned at the keeper that was now throwing a fit. ”Truth be told.. I was getting a bit bored by now.” Kenzo took a sip of his own drink as he sat next to the golden haired girl. A playful smile forming in his lips. ”Can I perhaps interest you in a game?” The mercenary’s ominous looking jawbone coming out of his cheek flashed a devilish grin as the male awaited for her answer.


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It burned so good going down, another shot of liqour to the face and only a light shade of pink forming over her cheeks to show for it. She was having herself a marvelous time and on her eighth shot she was finally approached by someone, a handsome someone. Giving her full attention to the newcomer she put on a smile while resting her chin in her hand. She didn't know what he was talking about with his first remark but she let out a chuckle and allowed him to continue without interrupting the rest of his approach. At this point she was well over into the tipsy zone and as soon as he asked to play a game she was instantly sold. Her jeweled orbs ate him up as she took in every inch of him, practically devouring him with her eyes. He was most definitely pleasing on her eyes which probably made her overlook the fact that she pinned him as human. She didnt even care about the obvious jawbone on his face in fact it was taking everything in her not to run her delicate finger across it and take his face in her hand. "Of course. I like games. What did you have in mind stranger? " there was a hint of slur in her voice not enough to be called sloppy but just enough to drag out the last word a second too long. With her tone of voice it almost sounded sultry but this was not her intention.

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Kenzo Valens
As he saw the stranger’s reaction, Kenzo couldn’t help but feel excited. It was not everyday that he met such a beautiful looking person in this kind of ragtag places. As her delicate hand cupped her chin, a mere look at her emerald eyes felt as if they were swallowing him whole. Grinning playfully, Kenzo rested his head on his hand as his index finger traced through the sharp bone teeth lining up his cheek while he waited for her answer. Once he had it, Kenzo chuckled at her eagerness.

”Well… It is quite a popular game in Myras from what I’ve heard.” Moving his torso away from the counter and towards her for a second, the male extended his open palm in front of her. Seemingly out of nowhere, a certain trinket he’d found in the lower district that day materialized in his hand. As the blue gem from his pocket dimensional ring shone in a dim light, a piece of leather parchment rested where once was nothing. ”According to a guy I met, the stuck up nobles from the upper districts have forbidden gambling in the city…” He said taking a pause for a second. Kenzo needed to muster every inch of concentration to stop himself from slurring and dragging his words. After organizing his thoughts, he finally continued. ” Fed up, they came up with this.” The blue haired male allowed the girl to take it for further inspection if she so desired

Even if it looked like a crude blank piece of leather, it was definitely magical in nature. ”The game is quite simple. As long as I provide some mana to this thing, a flare will consume it and draw a number from 1 to 100 in the air before disappearing. If you guess correctly in which range it is, you win whatever we bet.” Feeling emboldened by the amount of alcohol he’d ingested so far, the usually cool headed male decided to show off a bit. Certainly, the degree to which he was attracted by her played the most part too. Keeping up with the carefree and playful tone he characteristically had, he tried to act as cool as possible. Or at least as much as his drunk mind told him to. ”How about we bet a million Jewels? If you guess either of the low odds you don’t have to pay them back…” The male smiled at the amount he was putting in the line. Not frugal by any means, the reality was that being the guild master of a mercenary guild turned to be quite profitable. ”If you guess the high odds… we’ll call it even as long as I can get your number” Even if the game was not exactly played like that, Kenzo didn’t care. The way the drunk him saw it; it was a win-win situation. For that reason, the merc rested his head on the counter with his hand while he eagerly waited for her reaction.

OOC: After your post Roll a 100 dice. “Low odds” is a number between 1-15 or 85-100. “High odds” Is anything in between.


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She was unaware about Gambling being illegal in Myras. This tidbit of information cast a shadow on most of everything else he said to her. Her attention though was still very much on him as she nodded when appropriate during his going over the rules of the game. It was simple enough and the prizes were pretty amazing. Even if she lost she wouldn't be in debt to him and she wasnt against spending time with someone this handsome. Sitting up in her chair and folding on leg over the other she called the bartender over and had him pour up two shots. This was a game basically on luck. As far as she knew he could rig the the game in his favor, though if she thought about it there was no real loss on his side. "Alright. Let's see.I don't have a million to put up so my safest bet is to shoot for a high odds number. How bout 56. Seems like its easier that way...But I'm curious about what I'm going to do if I lose. " She chuckled because losing a one million jewel bet was so ridiculous she couldn't even believe she allowed herself to even humor this man on it. Slamming back her drink she looked the blue haired hottie dead in the eyes " Roll em ace. Lets see what lady luck got for me. "


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Kenzo Valens
As Kenzo saw the readiness with which she agreed to play the game, he couldn’t help but laugh. She even thought about a specific number after all. ”56 Huh?” Kenzo quickly thought about what would happen if she managed to miss after mentioning it. Statistically it was a highly unlikely occurrence, but one never knew how lady luck would treat them. As soon as the girl gave him the go, the male channeled some of his mana into the parchment. Even if he couldn’t use magic, he sure as hell had innate magic power inside him, so doing this kind of stuff was easy.

”Alright.. Let’s see what you got.” In a flash, the piece of leather was instantly consumed in a blaze as magical flames flew out of Kenzo’s palm and into the air. Lingering untamed for a second, the flare formed a number 6 before it disappeared into thin air. The girl was quite confident in her choice and yet, there was a moment of silence.

Unable to help it, Kenzo burst into laughter. After trying to refrain himself from coming off as rude, he composed himself for a bit. ”Well… that was a shame.” A chuckle escaped from his lips unwillingly. Before he could continue though, a small flying beast would suddenly arrive and land in Kenzo’s shoulder. Kin, his winged lemur companion, had arrived with a letter in tow. Immediately understanding the contents of the letter by the seal it sported, the mercenary knew he had overstayed his welcome at the bar. However, he decided to humor himself a bit more before leaving for good. ”Well… seems like my time here is over.” Careful not to stumble around, the blue haired man stood up from his chair. ”Hmm. I’ll tell you what. Since your guess was 56, you technically guessed half correctly. That’s a green mark in my book, so here ya go~” Without thinking it twice, the merc threw a sack full of jewels at the beauty next to him. ”The name’s Kenzo. If you ever wanna pay those back I’m sure you’ll have no trouble looking for me”

Kenzo threw a sack of money at the bartender to pay for his tab too. Even if he’d won the bet, he knew that a friendship with the keeper of a place as visited as the Goat’s Beard Inn was way more valuable. Inns were the best spots to gather intel after all. As for the girl, well… leaving a good impression in a beauty such as her would serve for something right? At least that was what Kenzo’s drunk mind told him. ”See you around…stranger” Flashing a last smirk at the girl, the male bid his farewell as he raised his right hand while walking away. Kin, his flying lemur took flight from the countertop as he followed the swordsman, prancing in the air around him. Not looking back, the two of them left the place. Kenzo had some urgent matters to settle.



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She felt lucky and she was almost certain that was the booze talking about not her actual luck stat rising. In fact she didnt have a luck stat so it was entirely the booze making her feel that way. She was excited, gambling was one of her favorite past times and she hardly cared about winning or losing, it was the rush of it that got her high. At this point her body was at full attention when she watched Blue put his mana into the paper. Her eyes were glazed over in wonder and when the number six popped up a moment of silence fell over the two. She was so off the mark it was hilarious and this caused her to laugh along with the blue haired guy next to her. Technically she won according to her mystery friend and that was enough for him to drop a sack of jewels in front of her. Marwyn's eyes widened ever so slightly as her hands wrapped around the bag. She was dumbstruck for a moment but managed to get out a word of thanks as she watched him walk away. He had given her his name but she got tight lipped with hers, if she ever saw him again he'd be sure to get it. Smiling while she watched him walk away she took another down her last shot, paid the barkeeper and started making her own moves to her room for some sleep.


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