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Dragon Ball Destiny Fall

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Dragon Ball Destiny Fall Empty Tue Jul 28, 2020 5:07 pm

Dragon Ball Destiny Fall Destiny_Fall_Ad_WIP_3
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A Dragon Ball Roleplay set in the distant future of Age 1,290, hundreds of years after the end of the original Dragon Ball Z and Son Goku's legendary adventures. With everyone gone from the original story, a new era beacons to life! After a time of peace and tranquility, recent events are starting to happen across the galaxy which require a new breed of heroes! Will a new set of Z warriors rise to meet the darkness? Will it be YOU that becomes the next hero?! Find out in Dragon Ball: Destiny Fall!!!

•Friendly Staff and Players

•Active and Committed playerbase.

•Choose from a variety of unique races! (From vanilla races to custom races!)

•Progress your character’s power level through the exciting new sagas!

•Choose between the laid back Freeform RP or the progressive Mechanical RP!

•Unique and Original Combat Mechanics

•Character Shop to browse.

•Progression friendly environment.

•Original Lore!

•Seasonal Events!

•Discord Server Available

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