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Marwyn Zane

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Name: Marwyn Zane

Age: 29 ( Dec. 29th, X760 )
Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother:  Joyan

Class: Spellhowler

Race: Wood Elf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: N/A

Tattoo: Middle of back, Black

Face: Artoria Pendragon (All) - Fate Series


Height: 6'0"
Weight: 150lbs

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Green-Blue

Marwyn is a mature woman of the Zane family. Her Golden hair falls wildly down her back like a raging waterfall and touches her ankles when not in a high ponytail which is her preferred hairstyle. Her fair skin is usually a little on the pale side but it's not sickly looking in any way. She has blue-green eyes and they shine brightly in all lights with the ability to convey every emotion without even having to speak (though she does anyway).

Marwyn tends to carry herself with pride, she has perfect posture and absolutely no bad habits that are shown from the way she moves. Her clothing choice varies but they all show off her figure which is very healthy in " too many men's fantasy " sort of way. She walks with her head held high and speaks clearly and without stumbling over any of her words.

Extra: Besides her slightly pointed ears to give away that she is a Wood elf, none.



She lives for the thrill of life and the excitement of a good hunt. Her actions speak louder than her words but she still talks with reckless abandon. Subtly was never something she understood and it shows as she says what's on her mind without a second thought and without much care to another person's feelings.
She may come off as a little brash and that's because she is but she has a good heart when it comes to friends, family, and the things she wants to protect.

Never one for second chances it takes a lot to build a bridge that someone has burned with her,  she is also one for revenge seeing it as an appropriate response to those who've wronged her. She won't back down from a challenge and is always first to volunteer herself on the front line to a dangerous situation. For some, her overbearing personality is a bit much and she fully understands that and tries to reel it in a bit for her " meeker " friends.

Marwyn, for the most part, is someone that can be counted on to an extent. She is always willing to help but this doesn't mean she is always willing to do the job without something in return. She is not a charity and always looks for things that will better her and those on her side. Her stubborn nature has caused her to be at odds with others and she hardly takes leadership well unless they establish dominance. For all, it's worth she is a good individual to have on a squad that values her go-getter attitude to the table.


  • Nature: Call it an elf thing if you will but she loves the purity of nature. It's apart of her and she understands and respects that.
  • Freedom: Her freedom is something she cherishes. Nothing can stand in the way of it and she will fight for it as it gives her such a high to do what she wants to is basically addicted to it.


  • Most Humans: She finds them inferior and just a mess of a race. She can tolerate them and some of them even pass for likable, but she could do without their presence in the world.
  • Mazes: Mazes are such a pain in the ass to get through it's basically getting lost on purpose and she ain't even a fan of getting lost. To not be able to find your way out is so frustrating.


  • Becoming Infamous: When she dies she wants a legacy to be built behind her. She wants her name in the history books and her family name to create a stain on the world. She thirsts for power and acknowledgment enough that it's what keeps her getting up in the morning to do better. She wants the power to be able to rock the world and have people bowing at her feet when she walks by.


  • Never reaching her goals: Dying without being remembered is a fate worse than death. Having to be forgotten by a world that will move on without you is a one way trip to basically never having had lived at all.
  • Tight Spaces: Also known as claustrophobia. She loves being free and growing up running wild has planted a seed of not being able to be enclosed in small spaces well, usually causing her to go into a panic and destroy everything trying to get out.


Magic Name: Imperfect Growth

Magic Element: Nature

Magic Description: This magic allows Marwyn to control and create nature from her mana. This magic is very proficient in its use of debuff spells but it can also use offensive and supplementary ones as well. Imperfect growths lacking points are its ability to create healing and defensive spells but it can still manage to do that.


A lot of what could be said about Marwyn's history is steeped in mystery to the outside world. For reasons unknown, there are no records of her birth and no real trail that could be led to her past. She lived a simple life with her parents in the beautiful country of Joya. She was raised with basically a silver spoon in her mouth, getting everything she desired, and having the best things in life. She learned a lot due to her many tutors but she also had the freedom to do whatever she pleased as long as she did well in whatever she did. When Marwyn turned about five her parents did quite a bit of traveling between Joya and Fiore. At the time Marwyn would spend a lot of that time with her cousin Christian's family in Fiore while her parents conducted whatever business they were doing.

As the years went on she learned many different languages and met different people. Upon her sixteenth birthday, she was told why her family moved around so much. It seemed that her parents had a grip on the drug trade, primarily aimed towards humans as they were weak and could be easily hooked on drugs. Marwyn was expected to take over but her parents wouldn't push it on her if she didn't want to do it. She really didn't care about the humans and since she traveled all her life, knowing the reason for it made it all that much more exciting. She accepted her parent's offer and was soon learning a different set of skills, one that made her able to traverse the underbelly of the seedy world. Years went by and eventually, she had earned a piece of her parent's work and was now officially selling drugs in her own little part of Fiore, expanding her own little empire and living life to the fullest. Currently having learned about guilds and the like she figured she could be much bigger than what her parents had given her so she put the drug trade life on the back burner to become a mage.

Reference: N/A


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