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Second Generation: Poison Dragon Slayer [1,500,000J]

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Second Generation: Poison Dragon Slayer [1,500,000J] Empty Tue Jul 28, 2020 2:10 pm


Name: Poison Dragon Slayer (Lacrima)

Elements: Nature

Category: Single

Quantity: Limited

Description: Those from the second generation of Dragon Slayers have had Dragon Lacrima implanted into their bodies, granting them the ability to use Dragon Slayer Magic. Because they were not taught their abilities by a Dragon, they are considered artificial Dragon Slayers. Dragon Slayers are known to possess keener senses than those of normal humans such as smell, as well as distinctive characteristics and features such as slitted pupils and noticeably sharper teeth.


  • The user must possess a magic class.


  • The magic requires one available Enhancement slot.


  • The name of the user's magic will be replaced with the prefix of the lacrima they purchase e.g. Hurricane Dragon Slayer magic.
  • The user will not lose their existing spells. Instead, the prefix will be applied to the spells as well along with the advantage e.g. Water Beam becomes Hurricane Dragon's Water Beam.
  • Should the user already possess a First Generation Dragon Slayer from the same element, they will become a Third Generation Dragon Slayer instead of a Second Generation Slayer.

Third Generation Dragon Slayer Bonus:

  • The Moderate Resistance of the Dragon Slayer will be replaced by a Major Resistance to their respective element.

Third Generation Dragon Slayer Spells:

  • Name: Dragon Force
    Mana Cost: 10% of Total Base Mana
    Requirements: The user must complete 50 posts as a 3rd Generation Dragon Slayer
    Type: Transformation
    Range: Self
    Cooldown: Once per Topic
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: When using Dragon Force, the user will grow scales across their body and develop an aura around them of the color of their element. Their features will look more like that of a dragon, while they still retain their humanoid appearance. This transformation increases the base physical stats of the user by 20% as long as it is sustained. In addition, the user may cast offensive spell type for one rank higher while using this transformation. This is not a spell but a biological capability. Therefore it cannot be canceled by artifacts or magics that can cancel spells.

Dragon Slayer Bonus:

  • The user receives Moderate Resistance to Nature.
  • The user has an enhanced smell that allows them to smell anyone within a 25 meter radius. They can only associate the smell to someone if they have smelled them before in a topic. The user can't pinpoint their location to fight blindly. It simply tells them that whoever they are smelling is within a 25 meter radius.

Poison Dragon Slayer Bonus:

  • The spells of the user cause Debuff when the target is hit. The Debuff must be decided upon spell creation. The debuff is equal to the rank of the spell and lasts two posts.


Second Generation: Poison Dragon Slayer [1,500,000J] Empty Sun Aug 09, 2020 6:54 pm


Purchasing with my 20% guild discount to a grand total of 1,200.000

#3Venus Rosé 

Second Generation: Poison Dragon Slayer [1,500,000J] Empty Sun Aug 09, 2020 6:58 pm

Venus Rosé

Manzo has purchased Second Generation: Poison Dragon Slayer for 1,200,000 Jewels.


Second Generation: Poison Dragon Slayer [1,500,000J] Empty Sun Nov 15, 2020 8:19 am

This magic is available for purchase.

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