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Feeling of Joy and Youth.(Suki)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Feeling of Joy and Youth.(Suki) Empty Fri Jul 24, 2020 4:12 pm

Judith Karlinius
It was an interesting place, Something far different then being in Magnolia for long period of time being stuck in the same place and cycle for a long period of time sure made her enjoy such different places a lot more. Judith wondered what she could be fine here that all could be desired for Alice and her children, Kurisa's kids or her husband.

There was a lot of joy to be had here in this city, Much like life in general, the nature mage was more then ready to face was to come, Judith then looking around realizing something that would just feel her with the joy that was like giving a child candy, she could find more flowers and planet she did not know of here. It was like a child getting a piece of candy only to learn there is many more, that they can in fact also eat.

For the moment Judith was not worried about what kind of people she would meet, She wanted to find plants look at all of them, take in the information and see if she could bring some home.

There was a lot to see and Judith was just starting, With the many wonders of an explorer and the interest of many things.

Tiny and determined, Judith would take her time looking around as she normally would when exploring and searching, There were a lot of things here: Food, Clothing, Places to stay, spots to sit, it was a lot of things to do. As always humming a delighted tune to herself her adventure has started in Hosenka, To either the delight of many or the horror what exactly that was would be up entirely to the people she talked too and dealt with that day, Hopefully it was all peaceful.

#2Suki Lesalt 

Feeling of Joy and Youth.(Suki) Empty Fri Jul 24, 2020 10:20 pm

Suki Lesalt
Suki nomnomed her little bamboo tissue as she gazed around silently. She held onto a package close to her chest as she was told to give it to someone. She had to do what she could for little money, but enough to survive. She had no idea where to go. She was Joyan sure, but she had no contacts here. She frowned, but the only way one could tell was from the movement of her brows as they furrowed. Her long hair slowly tickled against her back as she wondered which way to run off to. There was no time for fun, sadly.

She jolted out into the crowd as her kimono stayed in place. Her eyes were wide and like pink jewels glistened with the lights. If her chest wasn't bound, it'd be hard to run, but they felt small due to the pressure of the fat going against her chest plate. She gotta go fast, super-fast as she zoomed past everyone. She was doing a good job until she then ran into someone. She felt back instantly and with that the package also was dropped. Her brows furrowed once more, 'Oh no...' she thought as the first thought was to get up, bow to the person in apologies and look for the package.

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#3Judith Karlinius 

Feeling of Joy and Youth.(Suki) Empty Sat Jul 25, 2020 12:30 pm

Judith Karlinius
With in her casual paced shopping, Her normal shopping around and wonder as she was doing normally Judith would stop for a moment at a vendor pondering upon her. What they had was interesting in some manner but not enough for Judith to buy something, She was picky and it was more clothing and other things in that manner in which she really did not need currently.

So moving on to the next vendor Judith would continue looking upon the many things still trying to find something. Judith see something of her interest finally, But she was in a stage of thought being unsure if she wanted to buy it, So she would quietly just leave that stall as she normally would anything else while shopping.

Eventually Judith stopped in place because she heard some one fall. Judith more of a caring person and generally filled a bit more compassion turned to the area where this had happen and observed in many ways as she generally did.

She was something on the ground, Some one must have dropped it, But where is the person whom held it? Judith had to wonder while Judith walked over and picked it up. Looking around Judith did not see any one who looking for a pack so far.

But Judith was not a soul to give up she would continue looking and searching. Wondering if she was doing it wrong in some way. After all Judith did not know enough people a part of her was hoping when she found the person, she would be told she was stealing something. It would not be exactly the situation she would want to be in. So Judith would be still, with what this package she did not look at in hand, waiting and hoping some one would come over to for their package.

#4Suki Lesalt 

Feeling of Joy and Youth.(Suki) Empty Sat Jul 25, 2020 4:32 pm

Suki Lesalt
Oh my, oh no! Where could it have gone! She felt afraid of what the client might say if she does not find the package. People kept kicking around, moving so fast that her eyes had a hard time keeping track. Maybe that was something she will have to learn. Her heart was beating a million miles per hour as she then dashed into the crowd. She still has not seen it, but then her head tilted upward to see a woman not so far. She too looked lost, but that is not what really got her attention. She had her package! Was she stealing it?! No, the woman looked so nice, so flowery as she saw her eyes too look for something or perhaps someone.

She let her arms outward and dashed towards her soon after to stand in front of her. Her head slowly tilted to look at her. Suki's arms went out forward as if she was waiting for the woman to give the box. B-box please. She said sweetly, muffled yet one could understand her. Her eyes looked away and then back at the woman. Blinking, she innocently stood there waiting as the crowd just walked around them. They had no care of what someone else was doing, good. Yes it was good indeed.

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#5Judith Karlinius 

Feeling of Joy and Youth.(Suki) Empty Sun Jul 26, 2020 12:34 pm

Judith Karlinius
It was like fate had shaped this situation for it to happen, Suki would now have an situation where some one who seemed: Older, Wiser and many other words to come."Oh this is yours?"Judith seemed to have no problems giving Suki what she asked back."I was far too worried about some one stealing it."

Then the moment that might be interesting for Suki, Judith seemed just the slightest amount shorter to Suki."Hopefully you get this package to where it is needed to go."Judith seemed happy, delighted and rather friendly to be around. She had hopped it was not weird for Suki.

After handing it over. Judith did seemed curious and seemed to be wondering about why she seemed to have bamboo over her mouth and teeth, But felt it was rude to upfront ask. This young lady seemed to be super interesting, Cute ass well but that is because Judith's motherly way of thinking almost anything would be cute in her motherly eyes.

So in her making sure curious as she was."Is this being delivered some where?"Judith would ask curiously then would follow it up with."If so do you know where your going with it?"Judith wanted to be sure since she was more interested in being sure whatever she was doing she was safe, Judith was just being herself. The feeling could be given off that way.

Judith would be willing to put her shopping aside to ensure Suki would be safe, But not knowing Judith it would be really normal for Suki to know of Judith right away, To anyone else who knew Judith it would not be a shock to anyone. Now Judith would wait for an answer, Only because she was making sure as he normally would

#6Suki Lesalt 

Feeling of Joy and Youth.(Suki) Empty Mon Jul 27, 2020 2:15 pm

Suki Lesalt
Suki looked at the woman who gave her the package that was needed to be delivered. As she was about to bow and head off, the woman seemed to ask if she knew where she was going. Did she know? Her head tilted as she questioned her whole entire being for a moment. Was she lost? Her head turned as her eyes wandered, of course, lost. Her eyes looked back by the corner of her eyes to see the woman. "M-maybe." She said innocently as she held onto the package tightly, but not too tightly to break it. Suki did not know what was in the package anyways.

She looked at the address, "Nine, Nine, Six Hua Street." She spoke in her muffling soft voice. Her head shook no while looking at the woman. It was obvious that the woman was probably offering the poor girl an escort. The woman was motherly looking, like her own mother who she misses. She wondered how she was doing. She was told she was in the sky taking a vacation. By who? Suki does not remember that either. All she was hoping was that her mother's vacation was very fun and relaxing. Her mother deserved it.

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#7Judith Karlinius 

Feeling of Joy and Youth.(Suki) Empty Tue Jul 28, 2020 4:13 pm

Judith Karlinius
The luck of the moment, Judith did not seem over barring making sure everything was okay for some one. She was cute and Judith in some manner wish to just hug her, But avoided temptation because there were other things to worry for the moment. Judith did have actual worry for the young one only because streets like this where busy and easy to get lost. Judith just knew how to not get lost here then again she was more looking for other things that starting to understand how the streets work around here but only just slightly.

"Well, I might have an idea of where that is."Judith say because she did kind of have a feeling she knew where it was, Thinking he maybe passed it on her way over to the stalls of the market place.

Because Judith isn't the type to force anyone to do anything even the young ones Judith said."Would you like me to guide you?"She would be sure, Judith did have other plans that she could actually include her in. Judith even consider offer to let her hold her hand, But withheld doing that because it might be exactly the best idea.

Judith would always keep her motherly ways tamed and under control, She knew some people were sometimes put off by her caring behavior. Her various thoughts was something along the line how she much like the other children she looked after and even ones she had herself, She wanted to take Suki in, Make sure she was warm, feed her  hug her and see her smile, At least the best she could smile, Judith would avoid asking about the bamboo still, it was really not her place even if curious to the motherly nature mage, still just how Judith was.

#8Suki Lesalt 

Feeling of Joy and Youth.(Suki) Empty Thu Jul 30, 2020 5:27 pm

Suki Lesalt
Suki looked at the woman while holding her box, silently like she studied a stranger. It was only those two in this world sort of silence as the wind bristled past time. The wind felt warmer like a sun's kiss against her fair cheeks. She wondered what this woman truly wanted or was it because she was a lost little girl who seemed to need help? It did not matter as she could never say no to a nice lady. Her head nodded and walked beside her. Simply, Suki did a small hop with a shuffle of her feet once and once only.

Thy went off, walked past people as if they were some nobodies, but herself? She was somebody to somebody right now as she held onto the box close to her. She wondered what was inside. It could be because of her childish nature or maybe there could be something bad inside. Where was the location? Hosenka had so many buildings all grouped up together. Some people had businesses on carts as well so it could be one of those. It confused poor Suki as her pure thoughts could not think of anything different. She walked with the woman in her kimono, slowly as people watched them with their own curious eyes.

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#9Judith Karlinius 

Feeling of Joy and Youth.(Suki) Empty Fri Jul 31, 2020 12:44 pm

Judith Karlinius
The different look and culture did not seem to bother Judith in fact she was tempted to buy a few outfit here, keeping in mind she was pretty sure her husband might not enjoy having Judith have random clothing she might not wear often general.

It was wonderful moment to see some one skipping about happily, Internally Judith was wishing her children where this age again: So quiet, so nice, So innocent. Even part of her wished she could be that young as well.

Get her mind on how simple her life back then was well, No being alone with what brothers and sister she could have had then and so long a go she did not remember. A chance to redo it all. It was a wonderful thought she could make herself change so many things.

Judith would start singing a song to herself. A song she sung the last time it rained."Downpours~"Judith singing voice seemed to waste no time and coming out as always. It was always a wonderful distraction while walking"And Waterfalls~So wonderful~"Judith seemed to be looking at the streets signs while she was walking with Suki."To see it all~"

Judith would most likely get a few glares singing like she was while guiding some one thought. She would then repeat a part of it."Downpours~"Judith would also look behind her every once and a while to make sure Suki did not lose her or she did not lose Suki."And waterfalls~"

Judith now was in the stage of being in her own world of bless while she was helping Suki."So wonderful, Until we've seen it all~"There was a lot of happiness and joy in her singing as well. like Judith generally expressed emotions this way and Suki was one of many people to see it.

Song Reference

#10Suki Lesalt 

Feeling of Joy and Youth.(Suki) Empty Sun Aug 02, 2020 9:26 am

Suki Lesalt
Suki was being led by Judith who was singing like this was Disney. She enjoyed the music of the walk as they passed the people who gave them stares. Suki did not care, oh no as she just gazed there with an unreadable expression. The song kept saying a lot of Downpours, waterfalls and how they're wonderful. She thought about what downpours of waters fall looked like, but where she was from there weren't any. The areas were so easy to get lost in as the woman stood by her. Did she even know her name? Her eyes looked over at the woman nervously as her pink eyes mirrored the woman with pure anxiety.

Swiftly she looked back to the street where they were walking. Soon enough she saw a man waiting for her. She believed that anyways. It mattered not as she jogged ahead of Judi and gave him the package. He seemed happy, that is what counted. She turned back to the woman and went to her. Slowly, she hopped cutely and tilted her head. Suddenly, a growl escaped from her belly. Her face blushed a red like a tomato as her gaze went away. She was hungry, how embarrassing.

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#11Judith Karlinius 

Feeling of Joy and Youth.(Suki) Empty Sun Aug 02, 2020 1:06 pm

Judith Karlinius
It seemed Suki paid better attention to what was around her then Judith was. Watching Suki run off and deliver what she had too, Was almost like watching her three kids run around collecting candy during Halloween or opening gifts during Christmas. That was just Judith's mind trailing in her always changing thoughts.

Suki had no problem getting it done and Judith would just smile"Ahh wonderful, I guess my eyes are not as good as I remember them being."Judith mentioned not minding that she did not pick on the street names. It was most likely from not knowing the city well herself.

Judith had other ways of making sure things where okay."A job well done."Judith would mention to Suki. It would lead into Suki stomach making that noise and her face turning red, So Judith would lead into making a solution for that problem."Oh, some one is hungry?"this conversation would then lead her to ask."Let me fix that problem, Would you like to see if Mama Judith can find a spot to cook? Or shall we find a place to sit down and eat?"Judith was giving Suki options and her name now.

Judith wanted to see which Suki would choose, not rushing her to make a choice as well since young mind did not tend to work well with stress. That and Judith did not like to stress people. The choice was now Suki's to make and Judith seemed no matter what happy what was chosen. But if unsure Judith would not mind choosing as well. Judith had plenty of idea of what to make. With her mind being on: Stir fry, Fried rice, curry and many more things on her mind. But if Suki had something she really wanted Judith no problems seeing that happen.

#12Suki Lesalt 

Feeling of Joy and Youth.(Suki) Empty Tue Aug 04, 2020 8:51 pm

Suki Lesalt
Suki looked up at Judith somewhat lost. She did not know what to do as the people around her were laughing, crying and running around with someone. Her head couldn't wrap around what she was saying at the moment since she suddenly felt lonely. Truthfully, she did not realize it as all she knew was that something was hurting. Something was very much missing. She nodded towards Judith who offered to go somewhere to eat. Not many trusted a stranger, but she was pure and maybe a little naive. This woman offered her food, she was hungry so she agrees to go.


After that, she assumes that Judith takes her to her place. There were many food choices that were in her own head. Anything was good, as long as there were no darn tomatoes! They were disgusting and truly an abomination like herself. Her big pure eyes of light pink shined like moons as each light lit them up. She chewed on her bamboo nervously as she stayed close by Judith. Not many people appeared to be who they seem to be so what about her? How long till they got to their place. Her legs were hurting and her body felt weak due to feeling overly hungry. She hasn't ate since... that accident.

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#13Judith Karlinius 

Feeling of Joy and Youth.(Suki) Empty Wed Aug 05, 2020 4:40 pm

Judith Karlinius
Unknown to Suki, Judith done this before, Across a few life times as well. Just in this moment Judith's focus. Happen so much Judith might not remember exactly everyone's name who has been through well one of them might have been her husband, Now days Judith barely remembered the day she met him, their time together was far more priceless to her.

Judith's blissful walk towards a new goal was to her, Judith's standard day of life. To Judith locked away in many layers of her mind, she feared it would end at any moment for her, she would end far sooner then she ever, no matter how much sue sought to flee. But Suki would never be expose to that part reality in Judith's mind, If fate and called to end Judith's time here she wanted to be alone.

Feelings of impending dread aside. Walking with Suki was delightful to her, She would continue shopping in the market but with a new goal in mind, Feeding the tiny one. As they walked thought the markets Judith was starting to picking vegetables.

In a moment Judith's hands seemed full, Then before anything else Judith would lean over touch the ground and as her finger would slowly raise up from the ground, the vine of a plant did, It then sprouted and grew a leaf, That in which Judith would keep what she was picking up in.

Judith would finish by buying a small bag of rice and some meat to go along with it. Suki would be seeing Judith's magic for the first time that way."Do you want anything while we are here?"Judith would make sure that she turned around and looked at Suki to know she was talking her with that comment.

Judith waited for an answer before they would head back to where she had rented for time here in Hosenka, only because even if new Judith maybe risky spoiling children, That was the balance point to Anders he kept his wife in check that way.

#14Suki Lesalt 

Feeling of Joy and Youth.(Suki) Empty Sun Aug 09, 2020 9:43 pm

Suki Lesalt
The woman was nice about everything and now she was going to take her shopping for ingredients to cook with. She felt excited. Her momma uses to take her food shopping all the time so she could learn how to be a future housewife. Suki did all the chores, helped her mom with the store and the cooking. She had to learn more quickly than was intended since the sickness struck her mom. Soon after that her mom went on vacation to get better. Her large ruby-pink eyes watched her pick up somethings, used some magic on top of that.

Suki jogged and hopped towards some fruits and meat. She liked pineapple, canteloupe and strawberries when it came to fruits. The meat section, she loved seafood, chicken and that was about it. She was not huge in eating cow nor pig unless it was bacon. Suki could not kill herself a pig, even when father told her to. She always cried to big brother and got him to do it. She loved animals so eating them was hard, but when it came to survival she had to kill and devour. That statement, she did not realize it at this time what it meant, but soon she will... After gathering the stuff she gave the bag to Judith.

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#15Judith Karlinius 

Feeling of Joy and Youth.(Suki) Empty Mon Aug 10, 2020 5:50 am

Judith Karlinius
It just seemed like Judith would have ideas brought to her as well, At least with Suki knowing what she wanted, It would give Judith ideas of what to make her. Judith was still picking up a few things while Suki was picking up the things she wanted, Since they are gathering, Some of the few things left that Judith was making sure to get was some spices and seasoning.

It was a good hall to gather considering, Judith then would have to mention."I wonder if both of will manage to eat all we have here."Judith would mention after settling whatever costs were needed, Judith and Suki would finish there trip to the market all done.

Just in case, Before they left Judith then would stop and ask."Was there anything else you would like, Before we the market?"Judith would ask to make sure. But that was most likely to be expected for Judith to be sure, It was a nice situation for Judith, It made her feel younger figuratively again, Then Judith would realize she was kind of day dreaming again and she would need to snap back into reality, Not a horrible thing for her to realize.

After just in case anything else was needed Judith would go to leave the market with Suki. To where Judith would be staying, Some how Judith managed to find the quite area, with some one she could cook the food herself. Judith always managed to find small houses to rent while she traveled to different areas.

Nonetheless the happy musical humming of Judith carrying the hull with her magic the sight of the moment, Suki would be in for an interesting day, After all Judith had some one to take care off, Her mind was kept in a simple place for now.

#16Suki Lesalt 

Feeling of Joy and Youth.(Suki) Empty Thu Aug 13, 2020 2:38 pm

Suki Lesalt
Suki was not that strong, but she had to pull her own weight around here. She gave off an innocent and pure look as she walked beside Judith. They went to someplace that she assumed as the woman's house. The place was really small but somehow large enough for a family. It was an interesting thing for sure, smaller than her house in one country - she forgot where she was from now! Oh no. Her eyes watched Judith and wondered something while Judith was cooking for her. "Mmm..." She hesitated to speak as she gnawed on her bamboo tissue. She wanted to speak, but maybe it was a weird question.

The place was modern to the view of a hermit as it was plant-based and pretty. She roamed around as she has been on a pirate ship for a couple of years. After landing in that one city, she just slept outside in a box. Boxes became her favorite. It made her feel safe, yes. She hopped once simply as she was in front of the mother. "M-may I call you momma?" she blushes and shuddered a little bit. It was strange since she will never forget her actual mom, but this woman reminded her of her mom. Someday, she will have a big family. Yes. After eating she felt a nap was nesseasry. With that she yawned softly...

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#17Judith Karlinius 

Feeling of Joy and Youth.(Suki) Empty Fri Aug 14, 2020 3:36 pm

Judith Karlinius
Judith would have preferred her actual house, more flowers and things she was use to her own actual house, But she could manage this one until he got home. Taking her time to place the various things she had on a table with in this house, In all accounts Judith was acting some what her normal self seemed to be, quiet and happy. Much like Suki seemed to be so far, Judith was a simple woman to keep happy so these things were just what she wanted and seemed to do in life.

Then walking over while Suki seemed to be pondering to herself Judith would wash her hands, As normal her happen humming tunes seemed to be light the mood up at her normal peaceful and settled times it had been. Judith had finished drying her hands, She would organize things as she needed."I wonder what to start with, Consider the things we have gathered."Judith had not chosen but she wanted Suki to choose if anything, Because she was more there to take care of her as just much as she was had to feed herself."Do I cut up the fruit for a snack while I cook up dinner?"Judith seemed to talk to herself slowly.

Then what Judith got asked from Suki made her stop for a moment, Only to stop herself from letting out a loud noise of delight and joy over being asked that question. So she would quietly walk over to Suki, Realizing that where about the same but Judith was a bit shorter in height but it would not effect what Judith would do only because she was merely thinking to herself.

Hugging Suki Judith just simply said."You may call me that Suki."Judith was just being a bit more motherly with that hug yes, But it was one of the few things she always felt needed, Everyone needed the feeling to lover of a mother, Judith was one of the few willing to do that because she felt it was needed for a lot of people.

#18Suki Lesalt 

Feeling of Joy and Youth.(Suki) Empty Mon Aug 17, 2020 2:04 pm

Suki Lesalt
Her eyes watched her move around and make things. She wasn't mentally following exactly what she was making though. Her eyes shifted towards a table in the kitchen in which she assumed there was one. Plopping onto a chair she kicked her legs innocently in the air while fiddling her pointing fingers in a circular motion. Her head motioned left and right as if she had a musical tune inside her head. She had to entertain herself somehow. Soon enough the woman answered her question; answering being yes. She was indeed a mama. Her age sure looked young, but her presence gave off the mother nature feeling.

"I'd like pineapple and the other fruit, please!"
She wished for the good tasting fruit. Her muffling bamboo stayed in place, even while she ate. She had a little slot at the bottom to insert small food just enough for her to eat it. She was certainly a slow eater because of it. Her eyes looked around to see photos of some children and a man. "Where are they?" She wondered quietly. Was this some witch house?! Was she going to be eaten like in that story?! She furrowed her brows in worry and then her mood shifted quickly to innocently watch Mama Judith.

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#19Judith Karlinius 

Feeling of Joy and Youth.(Suki) Empty Tue Aug 18, 2020 8:35 am

Judith Karlinius
It seemed Judith just had that magic in her, Not that it was something that any one generally would truly figure out at all, Judith would still be hiding that as long as she could, After all no even her own daughter believed the truth behind it and Judith was find with her thinking that way about it. One less problem one Judith would be willing to take to her own hopeful grave. Suki request was simple Judith had no problem even starting that first.

The fruit such a good young child to want things over the normal things she was far use to her own children wanting, Then again most of them were will good about equaling sweets with food they were suppose to eat. Judith would answer what Suki was saying after, Because she needed to focus on cutting up fruit that Suki was to eat.

Judith seemed to have a knife and cutting board out with in moments, with in a few minutes Judith would cut up all of the fruit that Judith felt that both could manage. She would not waste food with, The longer the supply last the better in Judith mind, But that was just her.

Judith would finish cutting up the fruit and even walk over with it on a small plate, She would place the fruit plate next to Suki, Looking over at what she was talking about. Judith just smiled and said."They are all in different parts of the land."Judith would answer. It was a general answer, She knew were most of them are."That would be My: Husband and children."Suki found a picture and did not realize it was a picture."This is just a picture of them, when i had them last all home in my house in Magnolia."Judith explained at least, Unsure if Suki knew what exactly that meant, However there was not fruit for Suki and a happy mother here for her.

#20Suki Lesalt 

Feeling of Joy and Youth.(Suki) Empty Thu Aug 27, 2020 1:49 pm

Suki Lesalt
She had her own children who she loved and wanted more it seemed to her. Suki was a child, yes in a way as she was a young woman. As soon as she was eighteen though she would no longer be counted as one. Soon in a few months, she will hit her sixteen-stage. Her body was like a flower of eternity that blossomed late. She did not know that though nor really thought about it. The fruit was finished after that conversation sadly. "Mag..nolia? Never been there. I recently docked off from Myras or... Hargeon? I don't remember." She gazed towards the side.

She felt hungry and then wondered, "Do you miss having children? ... I wonder if my mom misses me..." She frowned with her eyebrows furrowing. All she had was who she meets here. She lost everyone and everything besides the things in her heart and the memories that were locked for specific reasons. "I have this one angel thought that keeps sending my jewels to support me though. I don't know why she does this, but thanks to her I found my way here." She clapped a few times while gazing up at Judith. "My adventure here gave me many stories here. Yes. Random facts, there you go!~" She purely spoke and giggled a little funsly.

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#21Judith Karlinius 

Feeling of Joy and Youth.(Suki) Empty Fri Aug 28, 2020 5:37 pm

Judith Karlinius
So now Judith would getting insight to what exactly was going on in her life, It was internally depress her and Judina would not really express it."Well, when you do eventually arrive here, You will be welcome into my house, My husband will be happy to have you around and you will have a room there for you."Judith seemed to be setting that up right away for her, After all it did seem to Judith it was better that it was for Suki to know that in this moment.

For the moment Judith would sit next to Suki while, Judith would sit down herself to enjoy a bit of the fruit herself, the natural candy they had was always wonderful in Judith's mind."Even if I miss them in their youth, in some manner I do miss having children."But this is where Judith always had other thing to eventually add to that, mostly because she had moved from from that wish after all."But I have you to look after now."Judith even placing her hand on top of Suki's head and petting it slightly.

Judith could only assume."I am sure she does, It is natural of a mother to miss her children."Then again, Judith was only really saying that to comfort Suki because she did not know anything about her mother, She was hoping it was not a something horrible why she was not around.

It seemed Judith would learn something interesting, So fate had an blessed Suki with a guardian. Even if something actual angels exist now Judith was unsure if it was either her claiming she was an angel, Or if an actual one was helping her, Was this some one Judith herself new?"Oh an angel, I would thank them if I could meet them, For ensuring your safety."Judith would even munch on the fruit they had slowly during their conversation.

Talks of an angel made Judith miss some one, She would have to deal with that eventually."You have quite a story, I am glad you are here to tell me about it."So many things for some one so young, Judith's life reflecting upon that age was much different, But also in some part hard for her to remember.

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