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(Quest - Ko and Ragnar) What's Mine is Mine

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#1Ko Lesalt 

(Quest - Ko and Ragnar) What's Mine is Mine Empty Tue Jul 21, 2020 10:56 pm

Ko Lesalt

Dawncliff Mine. If ever there was a name for a place that was exactly half correct, it was Dawncliff. Considering it was named after the guy who founded it, even just that much was somewhat impressive. It had been Ko's second stop after arriving in Sieghart, his first having been to visit the village where his current client had been staying. The job itself seemed plenty simple on the cover: enter the mine, find areas that people hadn't completely emptied out, come back. For the amount of money the man was offering, it seemed a little too easy.

Of course, Ko's concerns were only bolstered when he was informed he would be working alongside someone else. From the description, it didn't sound like the rich man was expecting their foray into the mines to go quickly or quietly. Despite those concerns, Ko was excited. This was the most he'd been offered for a job in his entire life, and his reputation had preceded him as well. Nantosuelta was accustomed to maneuvering in tunnels as well, though he was tempted to ask her to wait outside for fear of cave-ins.

In the end, Ko decided to wait for this stranger before making any decisions. He found a spot outside the main entrance of the mine, taking a seat and letting Nantosuelta rest her head in his lap, giving her a little love and attention. She deserved it after hauling him from one end of Fiore to the other on an empty stomach. He'd need to find something suitable to thank her for all her hard work. "This guy sure is taking his time though. Name sounds Icebergian so he's probably a goddamn giant. What do you think Nan?" Of course, the entire time Ko was idly making conversation with Nantosuelta, he was acutely aware of the miners coming in and out of the mines, shooting angry glances in his direction when they thought he couldn't see them.


#2Ragnar Asgeir 

(Quest - Ko and Ragnar) What's Mine is Mine Empty Wed Jul 22, 2020 6:22 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

In the distance, both Ko and his companion Nantosuelta could hear something coming towards him, whatever it was seemed to have very little subtly and could easily be heard for miles. If Ko bothered to look down the path he would seem what looked to be someone siding some kind of beast towards them at a very high rate of speed. As they got closer the beast this man was riding quickly started to stand out as not one of this world.

As Ragnar rode in on his Juggernaut, a beast that was as big and wide as a water buffalo while being far heavier. The horn on his head was a single one, forming a T shape on it, though on top of the flat of that T were large spikes, where it appeared skulls had been placed. It's appeared to be closer to a massive dog in shape and size, it's mouth appeared to be big enough to bite a man's head off with room to spare, its teeth looked like shortswords. From a distance color of the fur of the beast looked a dirty brass only as it got closer would people realize that it was not the color of the fur, it was armor. Sheets of Brass covered armor covered every inch of this beast and it didn't seem to slow it down at all in any way. The chains that were used to 'control' this beast was attached to a massive spiked collar around its neck. As it approached and slowly came to a stop, small gaps in the armor showed something possibly more terrible. This beast had no skin, it appeared to be made of machinery and parts mixed together with a living beast.

On top of the beast was something that was nearly as scary, one this was a monstrous man easily over six and a half feet tall and looked like he weighed as much as a bear. His long brown hair went past his shoulders, and his clothing was a set of leather pants that covered his legs to his knees and a blue cloth that was held between those parts. The belt that held all of this together was covered in fur and metal studs. The man also did not wear any shoes and his feet showed it based on the amount of wear and tear on the bottom of his soles. On his back was a club that was over a meter long and he was approaching very quickly until he was right next to Ko.

The man smelled of blood, sweat, and oil as he stepped off the mount at which point the mount started to run into the distance, still just as loud as it was coming up before once it went out of sight a clap of thunder could be heard and the noise of the beast was gone. Ragnar looked at the man before him, looking down at him and at the Wyrm next to him. Ragnar gave a slight bow to the Wyrm, showing his respect as he felt one of her race was entitled to due to her races' strength before saying to Ko " So I assume that you are Ko... I was told that you would be here and I am glad to see that you are here. "

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(Quest - Ko and Ragnar) What's Mine is Mine Dsafds10
#3Ko Lesalt 

(Quest - Ko and Ragnar) What's Mine is Mine Empty Wed Jul 22, 2020 11:47 pm

Ko Lesalt

Ko heard the man's approach well before he came into view, which was saying something considering how quickly Ko caught sight of him. If Ko had been expecting some kind of horrifying barbarian before, the sight of the man's mount dropped his expectations even lower, and he hadn't even seen the thing up close yet. Even Nantosuelta took notice of the racket it was making, and as the two of them got closer she lifted her head out of Ko's lap and hovered behind him defensively.

Naturally, the man and his strange beast were both incredibly intimidating. He had to be at least half a foot taller than Ko was, forcing him to crane his neck to look Ragnar in the face. A part of Ko wanted to throw down right there, but the more intelligent part reminded him they were there to do a job. "Yeah, that's me. You must be Ragnar. I had a feeling this job was gonna be tricky when they said they hired someone else, and looking at you I'm doubly worried now. What kind of trouble are they expecting to think they'd need a giant and a dragon?"

Of course, Ko was purposely speaking louder than necessary, letting his voice carry to the miners that were still congregating around the entrance of the mine. As he thought, a lot of them started pointedly acting as though they were focused on their job, but just as many were shooting irritated looks their way. Ko had no doubt some of the miners inside the mine were going to act out. "If you don't mind, me and Nan will take point. We're used to tight spaces."

Assuming Ragnar acquiesced, Ko turned along with Nantosuelta and passed into the interior of the Dawncliff Mines. There wasn't a lot of work happening near the surface, which wasn't surprising. He figured they'd have to get fairly deep in before they found what they were looking for. "I don't suppose you've got any experience in ore prospecting, do you Ragnar?"


#4Ragnar Asgeir 

(Quest - Ko and Ragnar) What's Mine is Mine Empty Thu Jul 23, 2020 7:28 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

As Ragnar listened to the man he clearly gathered that this was his first time having to do this. Ragnar had done this adventure several times at this point for various Mining barons or whatever title they decided to give themselves as he said simply "Let's just say that the people in these mines rarely give up their spots without some blood being spilled.... at least normally. " As Ragnar said this out loud he too noticed that some of the miners were looking at them, and they most likely gathered what was about to happen or what was going on.

As Ragnar looked at them and they quickly went back to looking like they were doing work, and Ragnar started to pay more attention to his surroundings until he spotted someone that he thought could be useful to them as they started to walk into the interior of the mine. " No I do not, but I know someone who does. " As Ragnar said this he went over to a man sitting against the wall, eating a sandwich. He was wearing the same clothing as everyone else, and he was covered in dust but in his other hand was a small pickaxe. Ragnar knew nothing about prospecting but he knew that was a prospecting pick. Ragnar then reached out his massive hand and grabbed the man by the back of his neck and lifted him off the ground.

The man did not seem to realize that Ragnar was coming and freaked out, as expected until he seemed to quickly realize that Ragnar could just as easily snap his neck as he could drop him so he started to try and ask questions before he was dropped in front of Ko and his Wyrm. " He knows something about prospecting. " The man still had his sandwich in one hand but he was now missing his pick which was laying on the floor where Ragnar picked him up.


#5Ko Lesalt 

(Quest - Ko and Ragnar) What's Mine is Mine Empty Fri Jul 24, 2020 3:31 am

Ko Lesalt

It seemed to Ko that Ragnar must have done this particular job a few times in the past. Not only that, but he clearly had to get his hands dirty more than a few times. That seemed odd to Ko, since the guy who requested the job hadn't asked them to rough anyone up. Then again, he also hadn't told them to avoid hurting anybody either, so perhaps that's where that loophole came in. "That so? Can't say I'm horribly surprised, considering how lucrative these mines supposedly are."

Ko's assumption that Ragnar had worked these mines before was given more credence after Ragnar admitted to not knowing anything about prospecting, but knowing someone who did. What Ko wasn't expecting was for said 'someone' to be sitting so close to the entrance of the mine. Again, Ragnar proved himself to be meeting Ko's initial assessment of him as he proceeded to approach the unknown man and hoist him up by the back of his neck like he was a sack of walnuts. Ko actually had to suppress a bout of laughter at the sight.

Leaning down to pick up the man's fallen pickaxe, Ko brandished the thing around a bit, looking at the man with a smug smirk on his face. "How's it going there, friend? Me and the big guy are here to do a little inspection and we could use someone with an eye for ore to help us out." Ko laid the pickaxe across his shoulders and hung his arms over it, his smirk taking on a predatory glint. "We insist."

Turning away from Ragnar and the man dangling from his hand, Ko surveyed the tunnel ahead. Already he could see branching paths leading into the mountain. "If we're gonna find untapped veins, we gotta go to lesser travelled areas. I bet our friend knows exactly where to go to find those, right?" The man was already nodding. This was gonna be a cakewalk.


#6Ragnar Asgeir 

(Quest - Ko and Ragnar) What's Mine is Mine Empty Fri Jul 24, 2020 5:49 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

As the man moved forward, walking towards the mine shaft he eventually took a turn that wasn't off the normal path still outside the mountain. As he kept walking without saying anything, but with a desperate spring in his step as he almost could be thought to be running from this giant, a man and a Wyrm. As he jogged quickly, Ragnar had little issue keeping up as he kept going and as he ran he looked back to see Ko was right behind him without any real issue as well. Ragnar realized that maybe this man had some talent in combat and wasn't just having sex with a Flamewyrm.

After a few minutes of running higher up the mountain, they were pretty far away from where they originally started but also pretty far away from everyone else, and that most likely meant untapped resources. On the side of the mountain, there was the start of a mineshaft hidden in an outcove of the mountain, not labeled and if Ko and Ragnar weren't looking for it they might have missed it with where it was located. The man looked back to see if Ragnar and Ko were still following and then kept running, this time running at full speed down the mine shaft.

The man wasn't nearly as fast as Ko or Ragnar but he did seem to know the tunnels much better than either of them and could run at full speed without tripping while Ragnar could not without risking tripping and falling on his face. Eventually, the man ran into a massive natural cavern, one that looked like it went up for miles though they could not see the top of it. In that location was a group of fifty or more miners sitting there. It was basically an entire camp of miners inside this cavern in a mine and Ragnar could see why they picked it. If someone like them came in, they could fight them in their own territory and in a place where they had more control then your average fighter, and if they needed to run they knew what tunnels were here better then anyone else.

The man then whistled to the group of men, and the men seemed to understand what that meant as they picked up their pickaxes and sledgehammers and started to get ready for a fight. By the time Ragnar turned the corner and got into the cavern their leader, or who Ragnar assumed to be the leader said in a voice that sounded like if a rock could speak, and nearly as intelligent " Who are you! What do here! " the man yelled at both Ko and Ragnar.

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(Quest - Ko and Ragnar) What's Mine is Mine Dsafds10
#7Ko Lesalt 

(Quest - Ko and Ragnar) What's Mine is Mine Empty Fri Jul 24, 2020 7:44 pm

Ko Lesalt

As expected, with two warriors armed to the teeth motivating him, the prospector did exactly as Ko and Ragnar needed. He lead them down mineshaft after mineshaft, eventually bringing them to areas that were clearly not often traveled. Even Ko could tell as much, but at the same time it made him more and more suspicious. This prospector was moving a tad too confidently for these areas to be this untapped. After all, if people weren't mining these areas, that meant easy money, but it was worthless if no one did any work there. So why would the prospector come here so often that he could navigate it without issue?

Ko's suspicions were confirmed when the man suddenly took off sprinting, ducking into a mineshaft Ko wouldn't have seen if he hadn't just watched someone enter it. "Shit! Sneaky little rat!" He and Ragnar took off running after him, yet every time they seemed to close the distance he took another path that gave him a further head start. Finally they broke out of the mine proper and into a natural cavern, filled with miners. "So that was his game. Fine then."

As the man with the gravely voice spoke up, questioning their presence, Ko obliged him. "Well my friend and I were just here for a little old fashioned prospecting. Our buddy over there-" Ko gestured at the man who had lead them on the chase a moment ago. "Is the one that lead us here. And I gotta say, this is some primo real estate you're sitting on. Thanks for keeping it warm for us."

At Ko's silent cue, Nantosuelta sidled up behind him and leaned back on her hind legs, stretching to her full 3 meter height in the open space of the cavern. Even in the dim lighting, several of the miners backed up in surprise at the sight, and Ko couldn't suppress his grin. "Now get the fuck out, or the first thing our employer pulls out of this mine will be your charred remains." Of course, while Ko's threat gave many of the miners pause, the majority just started brandishing their weapons and psyching themselves up for battle. He shouldn't have been surprised. Most of them had probably never even seen a Flamewyrm, let alone know what one is capable of. "Well alright then. Don't say I didn't ask nicely."


#8Ragnar Asgeir 

(Quest - Ko and Ragnar) What's Mine is Mine Empty Fri Jul 24, 2020 8:23 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

As Ragnar looked around, he looked up into the darkness as he tried to figure out if this place was large enough for him but he had his doubts and he wasn't in a position to make that call in any real way, as he did not know what happened with his magic if he entered a place where he could not fit and he wasn't willing to test it out at this exact moment in time. As Ragnar looked out over the field of enemies he could not help me smile to himself as he started to walk forward. This should be a fairly easy fight but he might be surprised at how well some of these men do against him.

Ragnar said simply " They most likely will pull not pull out any remains if your Wyrm does her thing.. they might only get some ashes and bone shards left after it is all said and done. Based on what I have seen the Frost kind of her race do, I am sure it would be quite impressive. " At this point two of the miners ran towards Ragnar with a pick in hand as they attempted to attack him, these men were clearly stronger than your average guy and clearly capable fighters in their own right but they were dealing with a B rank mage at this point who outclassed them in every possible category. Ragnar pulled his club off his back, being nearly 5 feet long Ragnar lifted it with a single hand as he swung it. Between his own arm length and the length of the club, Ragnar could hit these guys at nearly 9 feet away from him, and they did not seem to expect this as his club slammed into one of them and then slammed into the other one with a massive hit. The hit was so strong that the sound of bones cracking and shattering could be heard echoing in the cavern as their bodies flew to the right side of the cavern. That is when the others attacked, and half of them minus two went over to Ragnar and started to try and outmanoeuvre him which Ragnar did not allow as he jumped backwards and started to move them away from Ko. The other half started to run towards Ko and the Flamewyrm, though what happened after that Ragnar was not paying attention to as he had over a dozen men coming at him at full speed trying to kill him.


(Quest - Ko and Ragnar) What's Mine is Mine Dsafds10
#9Ko Lesalt 

(Quest - Ko and Ragnar) What's Mine is Mine Empty Fri Jul 24, 2020 8:56 pm

Ko Lesalt

Nantosuelta growled in an amused fashion at Ragnar's suggestion that she's leave nothing but ashes behind, responding in her usual distorted yet feminine tone. "I'd be happy to show why flame is superior to frost!" Sure enough, the miners as a whole responded to their threats with violence rather than capitulation. That suited Ko just fine. It'd be easier to sort out that way, and he wouldn't have to worry about them ambushing them afterwards.

The group attacking Ragnar got to him first, giving Ko a moment to see the man in action. He was a real beast in motion, that man. Well with a companion like that Ko couldn't let himself be out done. Drawing his hooked blade in one motion, Ko gestured at the group that was coming towards him. "Go nuts Nan." With a roar that rattled the stone ground, Nantosuelta leaped over Ko's shoulder and barreled into the group of miners with savagery befitting a descendant of dragons.

Of course, Ko didn't stay back. He charged in as well, taking advantage of the confusion Nantosuelta had caused to cut a bloody swathe through the rebelling miners. His blade had torn through several of their number before they even realized he was attacking them at the same time, and those who were closest finally turned their picks against him. Ironically, they were actually rather formidable using their tools as weapons. After all, they spent all day swinging these things at solid rock; a soft target in a layer of metal would be simple to break through.

Or it would be, if it were someone other than Ko and Ragnar. Sparks flew as Ko easily deflected the straightforward blows of the miners, Nantosuelta's flames suddenly bursting out and filling the cavern with light and the screams of dying men. One miner actually managed to get the drop on Ko, landing a blow against the side of his head. Rather than crumple as the man had expected, Ko simply turned to face him in a flash, face split by a manic grin. He lashed out with one hand, grabbing the miner by the face. "Get back in the gutter, trash!" With the man's head still in Ko's grasp, a magic circle appearing behind the man's head. Dark violet light shined from beneath Ko's palm before suddenly detonating, leaving the miner with a smoke stump at the top of his neck.


#10Ragnar Asgeir 

(Quest - Ko and Ragnar) What's Mine is Mine Empty Sat Jul 25, 2020 7:49 pm

Ragnar Asgeir

Ragnar was very occupied with the miners that were in front of him, enough that after he had quickly counted were a dozen after some had gotten too close and Ragnar hit them with his club. Ragnar had a real advantage over the miners here in the simple fact that his weapon allowed him to stay outside of the reach of these miners and he was also faster than them and was willing to be smart with his combat style in this case. As Ragnar jumped backward, he slammed directly into the stone wall of the cave. Ragnar growled as he realized his mistake, he realized that there was very little chance to get out of here before someone attempted to take a swing at him.

Right as he said that, he felt a sharp pain in his stomach and he looked down to see a smaller man had slammed the tip of his pickaxe into his stomach, as his blood started to pour out of him Ragnar lost all sense of himself as two magical circles appeared around him as Ragnar's muscles started to grow in size and steam started to flow off his body. The man had quickly seemed to realize that he had made a mistake but he would never get the chance to regret it as Ragnar's hand went through his chest and spine. Ragnar held his heart in his hand as he removed his arm from the man's chest, the man falling to the ground dead before he hit it. Ragnar then started to swing his massive club in massive arcs, attempting to just hit anyone and he and the miners seemed to realize that any hit from Ragnar's club would mean that they would be deader than dead.

It did not take long for Ragnar to wipe up his dozen miners using his faster speed, lunges along the S rank damage he put out with every swing of his club. It would take under a minute before all of the miners were dead, and Ragnar still had the pick in his stomach at the end of it. Once it was all over Ragnar looked down at his stomach, before ripping the pickaxe out and throwing it onto the ground as he stepped over the bodies of his dead enemies. None of them were worthy of taking back to his Lord. The only two skulls in this cave that was were the Wyrms and Ko's.

As Ragnar walked over to the other two, he had managed to get quite the distance away from them during his fight but it didn't take long for him to reach them with his long step. " I assume you are done playing with your food Nan? Ko, are you done with your set as well? " Ragnar did not know the dragon's full name otherwise he would have used it, so he assumed the dragon's name was Nan.

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(Quest - Ko and Ragnar) What's Mine is Mine Dsafds10
#11Ko Lesalt 

(Quest - Ko and Ragnar) What's Mine is Mine Empty Sat Jul 25, 2020 11:59 pm

Ko Lesalt

After beheading the miner that had managed to hit him, it was only a matter of cleaning up the ones that were left over. A dozen miners was hardly much of a challenge for Ko and Nantosuelta after all. Hell, a part of him wondered why he had been sent here with Ragnar in the first place. Clearly the client for this job had expected a great deal more complications than what had cropped up. Looking at Ragnar, having now grown to staggering height, Ko had trouble believing he'd have struggled with the entire group. Hell, Ko was confident he and Nantosuelta could have defeated the entire group of miscreants without much difficulty.

Sure enough, Ragnar and Nantosuelta finished off their final opponents at around the same time, leaving the cavern quiet save for the crackling of Nantosuelta's flames and Ragnar's heavy footsteps. Ko was busy checking his forehead for wounds when Ragnar approached, the young Caelese's expression surprisingly blase considering how many lives they'd just snuffed out. "Yeah, all done. Not much of a challenge, but then they weren't exactly warriors after all." Nantosuelta, hearing Ragnar call her by Ko's nickname, bristled. "Watch your tongue, knave! My name is Nantosuelta, not 'Nan'!"

Ko rolled his eyes. "I call you Nan all the time." Naturally, she immediately rounded on him, butting her head into his chest and nearly knocking him over. "Yes, you do! In defiance of all the times I have ordered you to cease, you metal-encased monkey!" It was a testament to Ko's brass tacks, or perhaps the bond between him and the wyrm, that rather than be cowed Ko merely laughed. "You're right, you're right. I'll make it up to you since the job is done." Ko nodded to Ragnar, motioning towards the exit to the cavern the miners had been inhabiting. "Let's go tell that money-grubber where to find his ores."


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