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South to East [Foot Travel]

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South to East [Foot Travel] Empty Tue Jul 21, 2020 10:47 am

Packing his bags, Zane had decided it was finally time to leave Myras. He had been in this city for waaayyy too long. Seriously. He wasn't expecting this trip to take such a long time. Still, he kinda felt like he had learned about himself a little bit now. That was always a good feeling. Leaving the city behind, Zane took one last look at it as he passed through the mountains, looking up to its impressive architecture. In an odd way, Myras was perhaps the biggest shithole in Fiore. Still... Zane couldn't help but admit he had a little bit of a soft spot for it. Besides, better to be an interesting shithole than a boring yet generic good town. Maybe he'd come back one day. For now, he continued through the mountains, making his way to Hargeon, where he'd make a stop on his way.

Zane rested at the inn in Hargeon, getting a good night's sleep as well as being able to check a map to make sure he was going the right places. He wanted to go to Hosenka, another town in fiore he had never been to. It sounded like an interesting place. Once Zane got his directions, he had an early breakfast from the inn and got to work on trying to make his way onward to the city of Hosenka.

Zane's travels were filled with his thoughts. He always did think a lot, after all. About far too many things. Still, he was thinking even more nowadays. It must've been something to do with his insecurities. He was self aware of it all, but still allowed it to go on... he was such a weird man. Sighing, Zane took a nap on the road. It wasn't something he would usually do, at least as a human. When he was an elf he would do it a lot, though. Oh, how he longed for those days sometimes.... to be an innocent young man again. He was still a bit innocent now, though. Perhaps not for too long.

Finally arriving at Hosenka, Zane took in the sights. This was a really cool place! Amazed by the town in general, Zane walked into the streets, not even bothering to find an inn for the time being. He wanted to explore tonight. And he was going to do just that, that was for certain. There was no stopping him! Even if he spent the entire night away, he was sure it would be worth it.


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