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Myras to Dahlia [Flight Travel]

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 Myras to Dahlia [Flight Travel] Empty Tue Jul 21, 2020 9:01 am



-Do not fret the Night-


"Together, we will arise with the morning light."


Aegis wasn't at all thrilled of having to go back to Dhalia. He always felt that something was off when he was in the region, and he did not believe this would be different this time. However, Tomoe had requested him for some tasks in the area that required his help, and he wasn't going to turn it down for that reason alone, as it was more than often that he had to do things that put in an awkward situations.

Rashida was still in marigold, so luckily he didn't have to worry about setting protections up for her while he was out. This also made packing up the airship a little bit faster, without having to worry about the safety of a small human running around.
The actual fight itself was pretty uneventful and was relatively short considering he was in the adjacent region and flight weather was decently optimal.

PG Quest -15%

WC - 151/140


 Myras to Dahlia [Flight Travel] Yaga-f12
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