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Silver City III [Quest]

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Silver City III [Quest] Empty Mon Jul 20, 2020 2:54 am

Small day jobs were the perfect way to make a little extra money here and there. While this one was on the lower side in terms of the pay it offered, it was quick and easy. A perfect way to not only kill the afternoon, but also make a quick buck from it as well. Who in the world could complain about that? Certainly not Zane. Walking down the streets of Era as he watched over his client, Zane was doing yet another job that involved him watching over some rich guy who needed protection on the streets. Truly an original thing that Zane had never heard of before. He wondered if he'd end up doing it a fourth time. Regardless, Zane's client this time seemed about average. Perhaps a bit too concious of his appearance, but other than that Zane couldn't really find anything good or bad about him. In the end he was basically just the supplier of the paycheck anyways - Zane knew that he probably wouldn't be running into this guy ever again, and if he did then he was certain neither of them would want to make much conservation. Ah, how Zane envied the rich... he hoped one day he would be the one hiring random people in Myras to act as a bodyguard for him. Today was just a stepping stone in making that dream come true, Zane supposed.

There were few incidents this time around. Just a few hecklers, all of which Zane quickly intimidated. This proved to be successful on all accounts. Some got genuinely scared while others simply just scoffed and decided it wasn't worth their effort. Both cases were fine with Zane, in the end it meant all of them left his client alone either way. Zane definitely preffered the fear one, though. Most likely a case of him wanting to seem cool so badly. Nothing else was cooler than that, right? Well, there were probably a ton of things that were cooler than scaring away some hooligans on the street, but... Zane didn't mind that for now. He just wanted to focus on the upside - the fact that this work was easy. A few other smaller incidents went on during the day, the most notable of which was a beggar. Zane felt sorry for the poor man, but unfortunately neither he nor his employer spared anything. Zane had learned as of late that money was unfortunately a resource one should not give away so easily. While he had empathy for the guy, he didn't want to part with his jewels. Besides, Zane knew the beggar was likely to simply just waste it on a drink, just so he could come out the next day and beg for another.

Finishing his work, Zane managed to get his employer back to his large mansion in the upper district. After a few parting words, Zane took his money from the generic rich man and counted it. Just as promised. In a happy mood, Zane walked away from the upper district while humming a little tune.



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