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South to East [Foot]

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#1Suki Lesalt 

South to East [Foot] Empty Wed Jul 15, 2020 5:52 pm

Suki Lesalt
Suki felt like she had to get out of Myras since the pirates might come looking for her. She did not want to find out if that man was working for the bad people or even her crew. The cost of her life was too much as she had to live to find her brother. Did he know that their family died? Was he here at this location like someone once told her? It was a mystery. Her pink deep eyes watched as people got on different beasts and rode off. Did people use them to ride everywhere? Where were their horses or cars?

This place was weird to her, but she will get used to it. She went towards the people who sold such animals and looked at all of them. There were none that were the same as the other. Did they not fear of them eating each other? Her pink eyes gazed at the sign that she had to have money for one. Slowly, she reached inside her pockets to see nothing come out besides flies. Her heart sank as she had to move along. The merchant gave her dirty stares that were unholy towards a younger girl.


She moved along and left within the forest. Should he follow, she ran as fast as she could silently. Her arms went outward as she ran and her black hair strands went flailing. She had to go elsewhere. She heard that there was a colorful city named Hosenka. It was new according to some old folks in Myras. Many looked at Suki within her traveling and believed she was about eleven if not a tad bit younger. She yawned and curled up next to some bush as she felt it was the smartest thing to do.

She did not want to sleep out in the open where a stranger could do what he pleased. She was vaunrable at the moment till she got stronger. No one could understand what she went through and if they did, she has not found them quite yet. After she woke up from her sleep she walked the rest. She felt hungry and tired, but she knew that as soon as she got there she had to start getting stronger. Her nose wiggled as she smelled snacks. Her eyes widened as they were bonbons on a stick. Was this what some called a mirage? She ignored it and went within Hosenka.



South to East [Foot] Sig10

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