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Oak City -> Sieghart Mountains [FOOT TRAVEL; SOLO]

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Oak City -> Sieghart Mountains [FOOT TRAVEL; SOLO] Empty Tue Jul 14, 2020 12:57 am

"Uwah! You're finally awake!"

Masami found himself lying on top of a clean bed, his body once again covered in bandages. His eyes were flickering a moment ago, unsure whether to wake up or not, but finally he chose to keep them open. Masami's eyes met with the fox boy he met earlier, whose sitting a meter away, looking at Masami with joy. "You seem to be having a nightmare." said the fox boy, his legs swinging forward and behind. Thus, Masami held unto the side of his head while he sits up, trying to recall a proper posture.

Unlike it was earlier, the city feels noisier than earlier. They were in a clinic and the footsteps were circulating back and forth. He didn't even need to ask where he was, the atmosphere was already predictable. "Ah, thank you." said Masami, slightly bowing. The fox boy's response to this was sort of awkward, intertwined with panic. "N-No... you did more than I did... actually." said the fox boy, his gaze turning away from Masami. "A-Anyway! Now that I'm done here, I'm going to Sieghart—"

Masami tried to cut him off, "Mountains?" the question caused both to raise a brow. Masami was going to venture there, as well, and he could use some companion. "Yeah?" the fox boy wasn't so sure of what he was going to say, watching Masami stand up and wear his coat, slightly staggering a bit. "We could go now if you'd like, I'm also a traveler." He was proud to say that the bandages were clean, trying not to express his joy a little bit too much. He was the first one to walk out of the room, his leather shoulder bag placed exactly where it was supposed to be. Masami didn't need the fox boy's permission, he could come along or leave whenever he wanted. Now, Masami could see the peacefulness of Oak... City, not town? Oh, Masami hoped that he wasn't dreaming, but perhaps their management had made a quick deal in fixing the structures like this. "Wait a moment!" shouted the fox boy before catching up.



Oak City -> Sieghart Mountains [FOOT TRAVEL; SOLO] Untitl19
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