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Silver City I

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#1Suki Lesalt 

Silver City I Empty Mon Jul 13, 2020 8:26 pm

Suki Lesalt
Her eyes lit up as she wandered with her eyes on the board filled with papers. Some were older than others as no one seemed to dare touch the missions. Suki wondered where to start since it was her very first one. Getting stronger felt like a must if she wanted to figure out life! The meeting with Manzo helped her a little, he was a really nice man. He could be her dad in age. Her eyes half-closed and her eye color became more solid. The thought of her father made her think darkly, but a part of her knew that she had to think of other things.

She shook her head and looked at all the quests. Myras didn't have many besides many of a mission called 'Silver City'. It required her to protect some aristocrats from some baddies. She can do that, right?! She pumped towards her side with her right arm and twirled about. She went towards the location, but stopped and ran back. She forgot the paper! Suki did not want someone else picking it up as it could be silly if another person showed up. She jogged towards the direction that was described in the information on the paper.

People were somewhat in her way, but thankfully, since she was small she could fit through and squeeze in between people. Her long black hair with tips of red flailed behind her. Her pink pretty eyes shined like jewels as they watered from the moisture within the air. She was supposed to meet someone at their estate which was not a huge one like Suki expected. Was he a lower class aristocrat? He could have fooled her, but once she got there she was welcomed by a guard. Out came a man with robes of red and gold.


#2Suki Lesalt 

Silver City I Empty Mon Jul 13, 2020 8:35 pm

Suki Lesalt
The man was very old - about into his seventies (70s) with his white mustache that curved each side and his scrawny bodily form. He walked very slowly with his cane that had a hawk head on the top. It was like that thing was gazing at her. A part of her felt spooked by it, but her eyes then paid attention to the silly old man. "This little girl?" He cocked his eyebrows with an expression that made her feel like he wanted to laugh. Her wide pink eyes gazed into his own eyes that were covered with his bushy eyebrows.

"Let's go then." He motioned. They walked towards the lower district with no one to bother them. He kept looking at her and then forward. At first, it was pretty silent, but then he talked to her about how she seemed the age where she could be his granddaughter or even his great-granddaughter. Suki did not mind it very much as it was nice to have someone to talk to - even if they were just a client. They went by some pottery that some architects made out of marble. It shined like an emerald jewel with the linings of black topaz.

He bought it and they were walking back. In the middle of the path, she saw a boy who was around her age. He ran past, but her eyes saw his hands. It was super suspicious of this boy to be gazing at them in such a mischievous way. As he ran towards the old man, Suki dashed and pushed the boy away, dropping his knife. He glared at Suki, she glared at him. He looked away and told her how he will remember her face. Next, he ran off and she did not see him after that. Suki finally took the old man home and was rewarded.




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