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Yu Xiānlián

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Name: Yu Xiānlián | 雨仙莲

Nicknames: 莲灵 | Lián líng or 莲哥 | Ren-gē or 仙 | Xiān (Tiên)

Age: 17 | December 6th, x772

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Tamashī Yoshirō (魂義郎)| Joyan
Yu Tiānlíng (雨天灵) (Deceased) | Sinese - Birth Father

Ethnicity, Mother: Yu Héhuā (雨荷花) | Sinese

Class: Warrior

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Tattoo: Lower Right Back - Red

Face: Kanda Yuu - D.Gray-Man


Height: 175 cm (5'9")

Weight: 62 kg (137 lbs)

Hair: Black (blue in certain lighting)

Eyes: Sapphire Blue

Overall: Tiên is a handsome young teen, with long hair that reaches to his lower back and a relatively tanned complexion, due to being from the eastern countries to Fiore. His body build is strong but also lean build with a soft face though he has a strong jaw, due to this Tiên is quite often mistaken as a pretty boy, much to his dismay, but he still has masculinity to himself despite how girly he looks with his appearance. When touched, Tiên has been told that his hair is smooth almost like silk, which always prompts various questions on how he keeps his hair like this, another thing that confused many people sometimes is the colour of his hair, since up close, his hair is black hair with tints of a dark blue, whereas from afar it just looks plain black, and sometimes shimmers blue depending on the light that graces it. Tiên also has slim dark sapphire blue eyes, that usually give off a cold aloof gaze, but soften when he feels comfortable or is around people he feels comfortable with.

Clothing wise in general, Tiên likes to wear comfortable clothing unless stated necessary, he is usually seen in either smart or casual wear, or outfits that are vaguely similar to that of tai chi uniforms or a uniform that he does like to wear, inspired by his birth father. He is usually only seen wearing those tai chi outfits when either training, or within the walls of the guild or his home. On any other occasion, Tiên will be seen wearing a specific outfit that he prefers, that consists of a long black coat with red trimmings and a crest on the left side breast area, plain trousers that are easy to move around in just in case fighting happens, and combat boots with red linings and straps. For casual clothing, Tiên likes to wear combat trousers, boots or trainers and maybe a slightly larger shirt with some kind of jacket over the top, unless he wants to go more smart-like clothing, then he will wear fitted trousers, sometimes with smart shoes or just smart looking trainers, on the top half it would either be a plain button up with a waist coat, or maybe just a button up layered with a sweatshirt, but that is usually only for jobs that recommend this kind of style.

Underneath all of this, Tiên’s body can be seen bearing a symbol on his left side pectoral, that represents the symbol “Om” that covers most of it and a little bit of his shoulder. On his forearms he also has two scars that represent just the “lesser” punishment one would receive for going against the way of a life that his step father had pushed onto him and his older brother. Other than these, the rest of his body probably has a few small littered scars from training to “learn the way of the blade” throughout his childhood. Tiên’s guildmark is also located on the lower right side of his back, just above his trousers would sit on his hips, and the colour that graces this mark is the colour imperial red.

Extra: Markings on his forearms and left pectoral.


Personality: Even though Tiên sometimes comes off cold and aloof, he is actually a genuinely caring person, though he does like to be alone just like anyone else, sometimes a bit more than most people. He is proud of how he looks in general, although that is his downfall as he can easily be flocked by men and women alike, and as much as he doesn’t care about what people have gender-wise, Tiên is still struggling with becoming attached to people, in anyway due to how his first love parted from this plane of existence.
Though he may not be fond of attachment, that is not stopping Tiên from wanting to make new friends, or even possible relationships in the future, he strongly believes that this is what his friends that he left behind and the boy from his childhood would want for him, now that he has escaped that life. In doing so, Tiên has made a promise to himself that what friends and possible self appointed family he makes in this new life so to say, he will try his best to protect as much as he can with what strength he has and what strength he gains in the future.

Other than his problems with people, and socialising in general, Tiên is subtly passionate about flora and the stars as they remind him of his mother and brother, he loves animals as they remind him of his former friends and he is also fond of music and magic in general, as someone who cannot perform magic and enjoys the sounds of a calm musical piece, plus the fact he was given a chance to love someone because of a simple magic trick, Tiên is most fond of these things.

When it comes to fighting, Tiên is albeit hotheaded, and tends to react to any pokes, but he is still honourable and prideful of what skills he was taught by his step father, no matter how much he despises the man. Tiên is generally more skilled with the blade than any other weapon, and does know some hand to hand combat, but prefers to use a blade the most.


  • Flora: Tiên loves forests and lakes. He has specific flowers that he loves which reminds him of the lakes his mother would either take him to or talk to him about during his childhood, but flora is something he very much can appreciate.

  • Animals: Tiên loves animals, he always has since he was little. He loves being around them, and caring for them to the point where he could spend hours in forests with the animals and call it “fun”. Though his favourite animals are canines.


  • Clingy People: Due to his past, Tiên is not exactly fond of clingy people, as they remind him of his brother and friends from his home country. Though the only time he will deal with clingy people is when it has to do with his job.

  • Crowded Areas: Not exactly the most social person, Tiên will avoid crowded areas, unless it is absolutely necessary for him to be there, like if it was something requested by the guild he is in, as he does prefer to be on his own, though there are a select few that he will chill with whenever he wants.


  • Friends: Tiên only wants to have a few bonds, but what friends he makes, he will make it his goal to protect them better than he did his brother and former friends.

  • Peace: After hearing stories of how his mother lived in Sin, peace was always a dream, and a goal for Tiên. To live peacefully with his mother and brother, without his poisonous father. Despite what has happened in the past, peace is still a goal that Tiên would like to achieve.


  • Attachment: Due to the issues with his family, and how he became very attached to his mother and brother, Tiên has a slightly fear of becoming attached once more to people for a fear that bad things will happen to whoever he gets attached too out of the threats and punishments that his step-father had practically beaten into him.

  • His Step-Father: Honour and respect was all Tiên's step-father cared about. The way of a samurai. Whenever possible, Tiên's step-father would use the threat that came with this way of life against Tiên and his brother. When he gained friends that his step-father did not approve on, Tiên was seen as a "disgrace" in his step-father's eyes which caused the man to threaten him even more with the punishments that came along with being dishonourable. This changed the way Tiên saw his step-father, amongst other situations within home life, and caused an sudden fear but also distrust and hate towards the man that raised him.


Magic Name: -

Magic Element: -

Magic Description: -


History: Xiānlián grew up in a family of four, within the country of Sin. A loving father and mother, and an older brother named Xiānlíng, it was as best as a family could get within a country that was in a destructive commonwealth of invading regions and no form of unity insight anytime soon, even though the government says they are doing their best, sometimes it felt like they were not trying hard enough, and it caused distraught for his mother. All his mother wanted was a relatively unproblematic environment for her boys to grow up in, but it changed when their small town in the region was raided and Xiānlián lost his father. It was at this moment that their mother made the decision of leaving Sin, moving to a new place, starting over.

Joya. This is where they moved too, and eventually their mother had found herself in a relationship. Xiānlián and his brother, where cautious of this new man that had entered their family so quickly, they didn’t know what was going to happen, and being as young as seven and eight, who knew what they would be put through that wasn’t already as harsh as what happened in their former home. The man was well off, he wasn’t rich but he also was not poor, and that seemed to be good enough for their mother, although Xiānlián felt like there was a catch with this. He had learned about Joya in his lessons at school, the country was all about a certain way of life, and he felt something foreboding if they stayed with this man, but he just wasn’t sure on what.

Xiānlián and Xiānlíng were never apart all through the rest of their childhood and preteen years, even when they reached the age of fifteen. Though when Xiānlián started to make friends his age, and his brother made friends his age, things began to get chaotic. His group of friends were an odd bunch, all from different areas of Joya, or countries in general, his brother would poke fun at him jokingly for always finding friends that were so different from one another, but also relayed how he was happy that his little brother had found his own crowd. At the same time though, their new father began to teach them a tradition that ran through his family. A tradition of learning the way of the samurai. They were told that they must learn this as it was to show respect to their superiors, and in doing so you are going against superiors and that always ends in punishment, but their new father never did explain what that punishment was.

Between Xiānlián telling Xiānlíng everything that his friends would teach him, whether it was the history of their homes, or the language of their country they were from, and Xiānlíng always ready to hear what his brother had to tell him, plus learning the ways of the samurai from their strict new step father, it was a very chaotic time. What did not help at all, was that their step father never did tell them what the punishment was if they went against this way of life, or dishonored the family by not being up to par in their step father’s eyes.

They never found out until a few years later when Xiānlián fell in love with one of his friends. One in particular caught his eye. A boy who seemed to not be from this country, he performed magic and entertained the rest of their friends with this power he had, and Xiānlián felt a strange gravitation towards this boy, a boy who taught Xiānlián many things, history, languages, so many things, and in return, Xiānlián taught this boy what his mother had taught him about flora and the stars, about the history of Sin, the good and the bad. As it continued the gravitation grew more and more, and it finally reached the point where they found themselves admitting this mutual feeling. When Xiānlián told his mother and brother, they were happy for him, his mother would tell him along with Xiānlíng on how she felt when she had first met their birth father. It was beautiful, his father had taken her to a secret lake, filled with flowers that she was named after, and that she had named Xiānlián after. Upon hearing more about the early days of his mother and father, Xiānlián felt like he was okay to feel this way, it was mutual between him and his friend, they both liked each other. The only issue was their step father, when he found out just which friend it was that Xiānlián had fallen in love with.

Disgraceful and Dishounourable.

That is what he had told Xiānlián, when reprimanding him about how he was not allowed to fall for this boy. He must only do what he must to obey the way of a samurai. Only to obey and live for their superiors. Live and die by the blade for their superiors. Love was not something that was allowed. This is when Xiānlián had realised the catch on why this man had agreed to marry their mother. He did not have sons of his own, and she did. Marrying his mother, meant he had sons to pass this way of life on. Xiānlián felt betrayed. He was demanded to rid this feelings he had developed otherwise be punished. He refused to do any of what his step father requested, and the consequences were unbearable. If he refused to break off a friendship or more with this boy, then his step father proposed to just get rid of this foreign boy, and in doing so, the man lost all and any trust that Xiānlián had left for him.

Xiānlián had tried to tell his mother what had happened, how this was bad, and they had to run, but sadly his mother would not do so, leaving Xiānlián just a few options. He no longer wanted to live with this man, but he also did not want to leave his mother with this man, who threatened her son with what is death by suicide, all because he refused to carve out a feeling he developed for his now lost loved one. He had to escape this man, who was threatening him. He no longer wanted to leave comfortably like they were, if he was to only serve his superiors and not think for himself, to not feel what he wanted to feel.
Xiānlián eventually came to a decision, and an agreement with his brother. Xiānlíng would stay with their mother, whilst Xiānlián would become free, and live how he wanted, to not be restricted or abide by such laws, that wouldn’t let him live how his mother wished them all to live. A promise of Xiānlíng protecting their mother from the man, whilst becoming the new “Xiānlián” and dealing with the way of life that was forced onto them, just to live comfortably and no more raiding from other regions.

Escaping, Xiānlián was able to find some form of freedom, as he continued his life relatively far from Sin and Joya both, settling down in the country of Fiore. After somewhat settling down, Xiānlián began properly inquiring to people for a place to stay or maybe obtain a job, only to end up with everyone mentioning that he would fit right in with that crowd of citizens, and that is where he ended up. Xiānlián eventually found himself on the doorsteps of a guild named Blue Pegasus.

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