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Arya Delgado

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Arya Delgado


Name: Arya Delgado

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Savannan

Ethnicity, Mother: Minstreli

Class: The Rogue

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: On her lower back, in black

Face: Jabami Yumeko - Kakegurui


Height: 160cm/5'3"

Weight: 50kgs/110lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Crimson

Overall: With a curvy body, Arya stands at an average height of 160 centimetres. She has long, slick black hair that extend till her thighs. Short strands fall onto her pale forehead in the form of bangs while some loose ones settle around her face, making its heart shape quite prominent. Her crimson eyes are rather large but significantly decrease in size every time she smiles. She is seen clad in a short skirt, paired with translucent stockings and a simple shirt that highlights her features quite a lot. However, her style varies in accordance to her mood but more often than not, she can be seen in dresses or simple, yet elegant, feminine attire.

Extra: Arya has up to five piercings on each ear which are often adorned with small earrings. She also has several faded scars on her back which can barely be seen anymore.


Personality: Arya, meaning 'noble', was a name hand-picked for her by herself because she knew her worth and she knew where she belonged. Perhaps it was this name that gave the resilience to always get back up. Her will to live was possibly her strongest asset, right behind her urge to dominate. Arya is someone who yearns for power and will go to great lengths to achieve it. However, obtaining power isn't always as easy as it seems. Sometimes, the powerful ones are those with superior physical abilities, sometimes in money and other times, power lies within the mind.

Although she acknowledges the benefits and the luxuries of attaining strength, she believes that true power lies within the hearts of people. Perhaps it is that belief of hers that forces her to want to charm her way into her heart. The woman carries herself with grace and confidence, one undefeated by any. She is someone who would rather die that show any signs of weaknesses and her greatest armor happens to be a pleasant smile.

On the surface, her beautiful appearance gives her a rather soft and innocent look which is held up by her persona. She is often found with a smile on her face as kind words of concern slip past her lips. To strangers, she must seem like a firm believer of justice and equality. However, deep within, the woman is twisted to the core. With no feelings of empathy, she is willing to trample upon anyone that stands in her way. If they no longer have power or any use to her, she will waste no time to bring out the real her. The mask of innocence is ripped to shred, only to reveal the evil that resides within. To put in simply, she's extremely fake.

Arya, driven by ambition, will do anything she can in order to obtain what she desires, be it money or people. She will willingly shed blood or sell her body if it means she has control because in the end, she can be powerful as long as she has people wrapped around her fingers.

Within battle, Arya often prefers to lure her opponents in with her charm and then go straight for the kill. Her hands, dirtied with blood, are often unhesitating before her actions. She takes pride in having control over her own body. She is a very logical thinker who considers every situation possible and follows the scenario that would be most advantageous for her. She believes that things like ignorant pride are only a hindrance that will slow her down. If she feels that a fight is disadvantageous for her, she will give up. However, if she sees fruitfulness resulting from doing something, she will do it.

Arya doesn't believe in luck, but rather in statistics and probability. Perhaps it's why she detests religion, because people rely on the help of gods to save them whereas she, who once relied on gods, realized that the only person who can help her, is herself. Hence, she rarely ever relies on anyone, much less trusts them


  • Feigning Emotions: Humans are such simpletons, is what she thinks hence she likes feigning emotions just to see how delightful their reactions will be.
  • Beauty: Arya loves beautiful people, especially if she can have them.
  • Money: There is nothing more precious than money in a world where the rich are the powerful.


  • Alcohol: She likes being in control over her mind and body. Alcohol prevents that so she hates it, unless it’s not her who is under it’s influence.
  • Selflessness: The idea of putting others before themselves is simply absurd and disgusting to her.
  • Boredom: She enjoys being entertained but not having anything to do would eat away her soul.


  • Survival: She needs to live in order to attain what she desires so she will live, at all costs.
  • Power: Only those with power can survive, is what she believes and power is what she will obtain to show others that she is truly better than them.


  • Displaying weakness: She can’t afford to be weak in this world or else she will be trampled upon.
  • Love & Trust: Arya doesn’t think loving and trusting someone can become your strength. She is afraid because it can become her weakness.



X767 was a prosperous year for the country of Minstrel which allowed merchants from other countries to bring goods into the vicinity. People would travel far and wide to obtain goods that were brought forth from regions beyond their reach. One such person who roamed the sandy dunes of the desert and traveled through various cities was a woman named Adele Dubois, in an attempt to search for a medicine that would cure her dying child. A desperate mother pushed aside the heat that kindled her feet walked from city to city, visiting every mercenary possible, just so she could obtain the potion that would save her from losing her only child. She was willing to give anything and everything up if it meant that she could save his life.

After days of wretched searching, it seemed as if her cries had been answered. There were rumors that infiltrated the cities, stating that a Sevese merchant held within his hands, a potion that could even bring the dead back to life. Adele jumped in joy as the mere rumor had managed to give her the hope she so miserably chased. Thus, she made it her own mission to meet the man who was the subject of this rumor and get that medicine from him at all costs. She set out towards the outskirts of the country where the kind-hearted merchant had established camp and offered medical facilities to those within the poor areas of Minstrel. She was hopeful as she prayed again and again that the rumor was true.

Upon reaching the destination, she sought out the merchant who went by the name of Jace Mardas. He was a young man of age twenty who had already managed to accomplish so much. He was a caregiver and a life savior. His people believed that the Sevese God of medicine had bestowed his blessings upon the young man. They called him a miracle worker, an angel sent by their gods and a man of virtue. However, they always seemed to ignore the fact that he had managed to attain success through his own efforts but he was a man who wanted to make others happy, so he gladly accepted their delusional ideas.

On one fine afternoon as he tended to some elderly within a small village located at the outskirt of the region, Adele approached him. Putting aside her fatigued and desperate expression, she was an exceptionally beautiful woman with long raven hair and golden eyes. She had the common features that most Minstrese had but she always carried herself with confidence. She had a fierceness to her that sparked a flame of passion within his heart. The man who roamed around saving people, who was declared a hero, had never once felt this way before. As his crimson gaze landed upon her, he felt like the world was no longer just full of sick people. He realized just how much beauty he had been missing out on. After all, she looked like a goddess to him, who believed in gods.

She begged him and pleaded to which he replied by embracing her shaking body in her arms. She cried saying she had to save him but she never once told Jace who 'he' was. The young man, unknowing of her situation only fell deeper in love as he realized she was relying on him. He lured her in with promises to give her the medicine if she stays a bit longer but alas, such a medicine never existed. There was no way he could bring the dead back to life. After all, life and death are in the hands of god. Regardless, he continued to fool her, making her believe such a cure did exist. He managed to make her stay by his side. Blinded by trust and misery, she stayed. As time ticked, she became anxious wondering if her son had survived the night. What if he were to die while she was on her way? What if he had already died? She slowly drowned herself in thoughts that eventually led to go insane.

Adele wasn't dumb, she knew how attractive she was. She also knew that the blonde foreigner was smitten by her and only prolonged giving her the medicine. Out of time and patience, she confronted him, yelling and screaming at him to hand it over, even threatening to end her own life. Scared of losing the only woman he had loved, Jace admitted to misleading her which only further drove her off the cliff to insanity. She didn't believe him. She had seen a white porcelain bottle with medicine in it. It was true. Although the bottle couldn't reverse death, it's contents could save her son.

Yet again devoured by desperation, she decided to end it all. Sneaking into his chambers at night, Adele abused his affection for her and let him have all of her. As the young night painted into the hue of dawn, she left him alone in his bed as she stole the medicine and ran away. She was never to return to him again. Although she had given herself to him as compensation, she cried on her journey back because at home, she had a loving husband waiting for her.

After days of travel, she finally arrived back home. Wasting no time, she fed her son the medicine and alas, a miracle happened. Within a few days, he was back to full health. Her family rejoiced as she could finally put this incident past her. There was no more need to remember the man named Jace Mardas any longer.

However, it seemed as if fate had other plans for Adele. As she rejoiced her son's return to health, she found out she was pregnant. She dwelled in confusion as she gave into denial, insisting that the child belonged to her husband. And so, the couple awaited the welcome of their new baby that they assumed belonged to them. When Adele gave birth, they sang songs of joy which only became cries as soon as the child opened her eyes, only to reveal a beautiful crimson hue, unlike the eyes of either Adele or her husband.


With her bright ruby eyes, she looked at the colorful world around her that was engulfed in music just moments ago. However, the longer they stared at her, the more the music morphed into the hideous screams of people. They screamed and yelled, asking Adele just whom did she have this child with. Pleading and crying, the woman who could no longer remain in denial decided to come clean. However, maybe she would not have done if she had known the ending result. Her family, that cherished loyalty and chastity, decided to punish her so they stoned her to death. Her husband, that claimed to love her, snatched her own child out of her hands and left her there to die in misery. He believed she deserved it. She deserved worse than death for having misled him like at. When he looked at the newborn child, he couldn't help but dwell in hatred. The urge to slit that small throat thrived. As he picked up the knife, placing it against the neck of the child that looked just like her mother, he realized that indeed, they deserved worse than death.

He abandoned the knife and decided that he will not take the child's life. Rather, he will make the child regret being born. The name given to the young girl by her mother, moments before her death was Iesha, meaning 'alive'. It was a warning. Telling her to live, not to breathe. She wasn't allowed to make a sound or cry. All she had to do was stay alive, quietly.

And so he took in his wife's daughter and made her the shadow of his son. As she grew up, Iesha was subjected to all kinds of torture. She was isolated and ostracized. In times of need, she was left to fend for herself. She was left alone in the wild, in the desert with snakes and vipers. No matter how much the child cried, no one came to her rescue because she was an illegitimate child. Iesha wasn't wanted, she wasn't needed. She was just there to become a channel for others to release their anger and hatred on.

As time passed, she found her pale skin tainted purple with bruises. Her body was small and frail, clearly suffering from malnutrition but there was no one she could complain to. There was no one who would listen to her. One night, at the age of ten, the young girl who was now engulfed with hatred and fear, who stood at the brink of insanity finally tipped over to the dark side. As the fourteen years old boy who was her brother climbed into her bed, beating her and attempting to force himself on her, she stood within the darkness. Engulfed by anger and rage, she broke the nearest vase and used the sharp edge to dig into the boy's neck. She stabbed him over and over again, for trying to touch her, for making her life miserable and for existing. Never before had she felt such satisfaction before. As she watched him bleed, she realized what it meant to truly be satisfied.

Alas, morning came and the grieving family learned of their precious boy's death. They finally decided that she no longer deserved to live so they beat her until her skin turned shades of blue and purple. They fed her poison and left her to die in the middle of the desert. A slow death awaited her as she was in pain. She wanted to live. For the first time, she wanted to acknowledge the meaning of her own name. Luckily, it seemed fate had more in store for her. She was saved by passing merchants who took care of her and took her to Seven, the country where they were headed. It was said that there lived a doctor blessed by the gods. Maybe he could save her.

What a cruel game fate had played. Once she reached him, the young man who was now thirty, immediately recognized her. After all, she looked just like her mother. The girl's red eyes made him realize that she might be his child so he treated her. He nursed her back to health. He made her rely on her. He became a father to her and once she was back to health, he stabbed her in the back.

She was his daughter but she always reminded him of that wretched woman. How could he have ever been so foolish? Over the years, the angelic doctor had grown bitter. Now, he cared for nothing more than money. And so, he sold her in hopes that he would never see her again.

The young girl, Iesha, who finally had a taste of happiness, had it snatched away from her. She was sold to pirates in the sea who would auction her off to god knows where. They beat her and hurt her but this time, she fought. However, no matter how much she fought, she was always defeated. So eventually, she gave up. They had been on sea for days and she felt herself losing consciousness. As the sky turned dark and rain poured down, a beautiful song pierced through the cried of the sky. It was music to her ears. She watched as the pirates all around her, smitten by the music, jumped into the ocean, one by one. Having finally freed herself from her chains, she peered over the edge of the ship. Her eyes widened as they landed upon sirens that serenaded the soldiers into giving up their lives.

She should have been afraid, but she wasn't. She was fascinated. She wanted to be like them, to be able to bring people to their knees and kill them in an instant. After that, things were a blur. The storm vanished and she was the only one left on the ship. After days of being stranded, she was finally saved by a boat that passed by and she returned to Seven. Upon going back, she had made a decision. The decision to no longer be tossed around by people. And so, with a smile, she returned to charm her dearest father towards his death. Once she had accomplished that, the young girl, of merely thirteen, set out towards the world. She wanted to grow stronger, she wanted power and that's what she planned to get. Realizing her worth, she renamed herself to Arya, meaning 'noble' because she would soon, be one. If she wanted others to respect her, she had to respect herself first.

Reference: Xandra's alt

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