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Hosenka - Aspects of Failure

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Hosenka - Aspects of Failure Empty on Sat Jul 11, 2020 12:31 pm



Quest: Aspects of Failure

Rank: C

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Manager Yua: The theater's shows are being managed by Yua, who is not only a manager but is also a trainer and writer. She is the type to ask for help when needed on-the-spot, and is loose when it comes to rewarding those who did their part in helping. They said that most of her trainees have become great entertainers due to Yua's strict yet also gentle approach regards teaching and also leadership.

Summary: Recently, there have been repeatedly conducted violent attempts of abduction, mainly targeting the actresses of the theater. Manager Yua has received a threatening message from a known criminal, telling her that he would come to take their valued actresses if they are not careful enough. Thus, they requested someone who has the capability of protection, especially for tonight's show.

Ayakashi: Symbolizing the wrath of a mad god, he hides his identity with a mask. He is very infamous, known to lurk in the darkest streets of Hosenka City and has been reported multiple times, warning the citizens of this tough criminal who has done various crimes, even unto the neighboring cities. Because his mask is from the theater in Hosenka, Ayakashi has been rumored to be one of the actors in the said theater.

Objective: Protect the female actresses in a live performance.


  • Create a topic in Hinoki Theater.
  • While tonight's performance is still ongoing, you are allowed to roam both the inside and the outside of the theater's premises.
  • In the middle of the show, Ayakashi will appear on-stage and hold two actresses in his arms, threatening to kill them if anyone attempts to stop the criminal from taking the actresses with him.
  • Chase Ayakashi if he tries to run away; the rest of the people will be handled by the theater's staff, so focus only on the criminal.
  • You may knock Ayakashi out or submit into a negotiation, anything is fine as long as the actresses are unharmed.
  • After retrieving the actresses, someone will swiftly take Ayakashi away and never come back. The actresses will then be tended if they are injured.
  • Collect your reward and leave.


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Taking this, thx.

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Jan Ren
Rania has started this quest.

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Natsumi Duranndal
taking this quest


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Natsumi has started this quest.

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Jan Ren


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Hosenka - Aspects of Failure Untitl19
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#8Jan Ren 

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Jan Ren

  • +75,000 Jewels (50%: ring, rep, aura)
  • +5,000 EXP
  • +200 Fame
  • +2 Speed

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Venus Rosé

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