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Hosenka - Distant Cooperation

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Hosenka - Distant Cooperation Empty on Sat Jul 11, 2020 9:21 am



Quest: Distant Cooperation

Rank: B

Type: Good


  • Silk and Threads completed

Manager Yua: The theater's shows are being managed by Yua, who is not only a manager but is also a trainer and writer. She is the type to ask for help when needed on-the-spot, and is loose when it comes to rewarding those who did their part in helping. They said that most of her trainees have become great entertainers due to Yua's strict yet also gentle approach regards teaching and also leadership.

Summary: The theater's props team holds a debt that should have been paid a few days ago, but they failed to do so due to miscellaneous fees they took priority in. The debt isn't too big, but knowing their seller, they will definitely get in more trouble than they expect. Because Manager Yua is quite acquainted with the seller, she believes that they will understand the situation. Negotiate with the seller and convince them to extend the deadline.

Seamstress Neru: Owner of many establishments and having many connections all throughout Fiore, Neru is a known seamstress who also goes by the title "Thread Mage" due to her unique magic in combat. She is merciful enough to allow millions of loans, but is also ruthless enough to eliminate those who do not pay in time. Neru will also take part in any sort of business as long as it grants her money, regardless of alignment. Although already very wealthy, the reason for her need of more money is still unknown.

Objective: Negotiate with a seller.


  • Create a topic in Crimson Quarters.
  • You will be told to send a letter to a woman named "Neru" in a certain establishment in the quarters.
  • After delivering the letter, wait for a certain contract to be signed by the seller. Do not leave without it.
  • However, upon reading the letter, Neru would seem agitated and threaten to eliminate the people from the prop team, including you.
  • Neru will do the first moves and bind you with her magic. You may choose to fight back or simply negotiate. If you appeal to her with your magic and combat skills, she may change her mind.
  • Once convinced, Neru will sign a contract for you to send back to the theater, telling them that they no longer need to pay the debt. You will also be told to never come back, ever again.
  • Collect your reward from Manager Yua and leave.


Hosenka - Distant Cooperation Empty on Sun Sep 13, 2020 3:40 am

I'll take this one!

Hosenka - Distant Cooperation Untitl19
#FFD699 (Fiorian) | #A23131 (Joyan)
#3Jan Ren 

Hosenka - Distant Cooperation Empty on Sun Sep 13, 2020 10:30 am

Jan Ren
Masami has started this quest.

Hosenka - Distant Cooperation 2_1
Clickey for sheety

Hosenka - Distant Cooperation Empty on Tue Sep 15, 2020 3:57 am

Quest Completed!

  • 115,000 Jewels (+15% from reputation)
  • 9,750XP (+20% from Emperor Aura; +10% from Transcendent's Fast Growth)
  • 300 Fame + Reputation
  • 5 Intelligence

Hosenka - Distant Cooperation Untitl19
#FFD699 (Fiorian) | #A23131 (Joyan)

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Masami has completed this quest.

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