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Hosenka - Making Connections

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Quest: Making Connections

Rank: C

Type: Bad


  • Empty Pockets, Black Eyes
  • Where There's Smoke, There's Pipes
  • Internal Affair

Big Bro Akabo: An enforcer for one of the most prominent criminal elements in Hosenka, Akabo has been doing this sort of work for a long time. Despite not having been promoted a single time in years, Akabo is a consummate professional and a hands on manager.  As an old hat, Akabo has seen everything in this business, and very little surprises him anymore; not the sheer idiocy of tourists, nor the ruthlessness that’s expected of mobsters like himself.

Miss Fukuro: A Madam of Hosenka's Crimson Quarter, Miss Fukuro has nevertheless staunchly resisted attempts to force her cabaret to provide income to local criminal elements. Though her brothel is small, she makes a decent profit and her girls are consummate brokers of information; the one and only way she's held the Mob at bay for as long as she has.

Summary: Akabo is done playing second fiddle. Now aware of the double-dealings occurring behind his back to undermine his position within the organization, Akabo has decided to start getting aggressive. Unable to trust his underlings, or his fellow oyabun, Akabo has requested that you join him in an attempt to secure the support of Miss Fukuro, a Madam who operates the only independent gentleman’s bar in town. Her staunch refusal to fold to the Mob’s influence makes her a valuable ally in what’s to come.

Objective: Help Akabo convince Miss Fukuro to give up her neutrality and support him in a bid to grab more power within the Mob.  


  • Make a topic in Crimson Quarter.
  • Meet Akabo outside the Gilded Nightingale.
  • Attend to the meeting between Akabo and Miss Fukuro
  • When Akabo fails to convince Miss Fukuro on his own, give your own points.
  • Before communications can break down completely, Miss Fukuro will be interrupted by business and excuse herself.
  • While Miss Fukuro is gone, devise a method to convince her by learning more about her from the courtesans and your surroundings.
  • When Miss Fukuro returns, give your ultimate pitch.
  • Receive your reward once Miss Fukuro is convinced and agrees to Akabo's terms.

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