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Hosenka - Internal Affair

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Hosenka - Internal Affair Empty Sat Jul 11, 2020 8:55 am



Quest: Internal Affair

Rank: C

Type: Bad


  • Empty Pockets, Black Eyes
  • Where There's Smoke, There's Pipes

Big Bro Akabo: An enforcer for one of the most prominent criminal elements in Hosenka, Akabo has been doing this sort of work for a long time. Despite not having been promoted a single time in years, Akabo is a consummate professional and a hands on manager. As an old hat, Akabo has seen everything in this business, and very little surprises him anymore; not the sheer idiocy of tourists, nor the ruthlessness that’s expected of mobsters like himself.

Big Bro Kurobo: A long time rival of Akabo; or so he was when they first joined the Mob. Over the years, Kurobo has gathered numerous achievements, while Akabo has been overlooked and left behind. Akabo is typically very gracious about it, a quality which Kurobo mocks frequently. Kurobo is a very tall and large man: a trait that comes in useful to him as a sumo wrestler.

Summary: Your reliable work for Akabo has led to him requesting help with something more sensitive and personal. Despite his long term relationship with another oyabun, he has begun to notice suspicious behavior on her part. He suspects foul play of either a political or filial nature. Find out what she’s hiding; if she’s betrayed him, take her out, and only her.

Big Sis Kikabin: A bombastic and tomboyish woman, Kikabin is all fire and no ice. Kikabin is a thickset woman with large shoulders and a barrel chest. She has a very large round nose and has a great amount of brown hair that falls down her back and over her shoulders. Crass, vulgar, and entirely unladylike, its a mystery how she and the typically calm and collected Akabo have been together as long as they have. She's every bit as strong as she looks.

Objective: Play private eye and find out what Kikabin has been hiding from Akabo, whether it is just her sleeping around or if she's working against him with another member of the Mob.


  • Make a topic in Crimson Quarter.
  • Meet Akabo at his private residence.
  • Receive quest details: Follow Kikabin secretly, and discover what she's been hiding in detail.  If she is cheating on him, or sabotaging him, take her out.  No collateral is tolerated.
  • Find Kikabin at the location given by Akabo and follow her secretly.
  • Discover that she is having a meeting with another oyabun at their front business.
  • Infiltrate the meeting in some way, or otherwise find a vantage point to eavesdrop reliably.
  • Learn that Kikabin and the other oyabun, Kurobo, are not only sabotaging Akabo's influence, but are also in a relationship they plan to make public once Akabo has been ousted.
  • Find a chance to assassinate Kikabin.
  • Return to Akabo for your reward

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