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#1Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

Castle Alvalen the pride and joy of Myras even though some would think otherwise but hey how could ya blame them it was a wonderful sight to behold. With it being a castle and all getting was not something that a normal person could do but when your someone like Azure Fenic things tend to work out in your favor, simply asking for a tour wouldn't do so he did the next best thing and blackmailed his way in. In all honesty, was much easier than he thought it would be to the point he thought he would have been sent to jail after taking a step in sent to jail. The inside of the castle was just like he thought one would look like, big with a lot of marble.

Azure had planned for everything while he walked around, from what to say if someone saw him all the way down to escape if the need should arise. The Alvalen family wasn't much for style each room he walked passed looked exactly the same. He walked past a few of the servants but they didn't really pay any attention to him though they seemed to be in a hurry so the master must have called for them. The Guard's he got to let him in made it rather easy to find dirt on them though it seemed to be a them of most men to cheat on their wives with another woman. "Wow, they have a stable!!!" he shouted making his way down a long hallway. Once he reached the stables he saw the wide collection of Horses and other animals that he had only heard about. One thing did catch his eye as he looked around petting the Horses it was a cage with a white tarp over it.

#2Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

Being the curious person that he was he walked over to the covered-container when he heard the sound of a cart or something with wheels making its way over, not really wanting to deal with anything Azure hid under the tap "Okay feeding time guys." it was the table boy or another servant that came to tend to the animals. As he hid under he felt something soft behind him he knew the thing under the tarp was large but he didn't think it was also open. Unsure of just what it was he was touching him, the scholar turned around slowly to see a tail and a large wing I found a Hippogriff!! he thought slowly resting his body on it "I'm totally gonna take this back to the guild," Azure muttered. The Hippogriff began to stir as he looked for any chains that may be binding it down. The scholar listened to hear if the servant had left but it the horses made that part rather hard as they began to Nay so like the child he was he fired off a single mana shot hitting a bucket from the sounds of it.

However, when he did this it woke the animal who he was tagged with and much to his own disappoint meant it was a Griffin though he had hoped for a Hippogriff none the less he could use this to get back to the lower district it was just a matter of actually doing this. Azure looked around the cage to see that it wasn't actually cage but more of a tent as above him a lacrima floated above keeping the tent up he guessed. The Griffin looked to be in a daze as it blankly looked at him "Hey it's okay I'll get you outta here in just a sec." he told it patting its head. in that split second the lacrima above them glue a dim purple.

#3Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

Confused and worried that the lacrima had set off some kind of alarm he motioned for the Griffin to stand and flow him it did so without fail Odd I'll have to look more into this lacrima later, he thought as the beast peeked at his back in hopes of getting his attention but he didn't have time for that he needed to get out of that area and fast. After all his planning he never thought of a senior where something like this would happen at all a matter of fact he found the whole situation to be rather amusing, to say the least, something so random happening to him was just unheard of. Not wanting to spend more time in the same section of the castle the scholar quickly rushed out from under the tarp and made a break for the exit.

Unbennouced to him the Griffin had followed him out from the tarp and pecked at his back again "What are you doing here!?" he asked the beast forgetting that he couldn't reply back to him though knew the longer he took getting out the worst the situation would be given he now had a Griffin following him so now a new plan was needed in order to get both of them out in one piece. A quick and easy plan would be fine but with all the staff and everything around him the situation looked rather dim for him but that's when it hit him all he needed to do was get out without anyone seeing his face. Given what he now needed to do the simple task was now a more difficult one and if he had to scale it be ranked somewhere between A-B. The Griffin didn't help in this matter at all seeing how it stood out more than anything else.

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#4Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

The sounds of armor clanking together could be heard in the distance so he jumped on the Griffins back and "Come on buddy." it spread its wings out and began to race down the halls at what he assumed was its highest speed, he didn't even register that it had taken off the ground. Azure noticed that he was also higher up than he remembered which frightened him slightly as he forgot Griffins can fly rather fast. He held on to the feathers at the base of its neck as they made a sharp turn that leaded them to a large stain glass window. He wasn't a savage so he told the beast to turn around "I take back my statement before they have some good taste for interior design." as they proceeded to head back to the last hallway they were met with a blast that nearly knocked him off it not thanks to Griffin moving out the way seconds before.

Azure looked at the ground to see that some of the guards had started to take aim at them in hopes of clipping a wing. That was close gotta get out of here like now he thought while the Griffin did its best to avoid any of the blast being aimed at them. The scholar did his best to control the direction of the beast to the best of his ability but like all things, in his life, he needed to learn how to do this on the via a trail of fire but more literal this time. The scholar could only imagen what would happen if he was actually taken in by some sad and worthless Castle guards and not some high ranking bounty hunter, though he didn't really have a bounty on his head it would still be better than the current situation.

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#5Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

All his plans had gone to wastebasket as he and the griffin tried to find their way back to the stable's so they could just fly out away from the Castel and lay low for a few days which meant he couldn't go do anything like this until the next month. He laughed as they zoomed passed another set of guards, this was the most fun that he had in months and he was not gonna let it fade away so easily. Using their current speed he would have them, Griffin to knock down the guards allowing them to lower their numbers. Azure guided them back to stables the best he could until they found themselves at the main doors or at least that's what he hoped they were, Oh lord let this be the path outta here, he thought.

They charged through the guards in front of the door knocking them to the floor allowing them to hopefully escape the nightmare of a castle at last. Azure motioned for the beast to land so he could open the door and it did just that, he pushed the doors open to a remarkable sunset. With just a few steps he was outside the castle forgetting that there were still guards behind him he let out a sigh of relief. The Griffin pecked him a few times until it just picked him up by his jacket collar and tossed him onto its back. It flapped its wings and took off into the sky heading towards the clouds, as they soared higher into the clouds above the castle he realized he hadn't named his mont yet "I'll have to think of a name for you later." he told the beast gently patting its head as they flew off into the sunset. Today's events really did prove to have more than enough thrill for him for the time being.

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