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Myras City -> Dahlia City [FOOT TRAVEL; SOLO]

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Myras City -> Dahlia City [FOOT TRAVEL; SOLO] Empty Wed Jul 08, 2020 11:50 pm

The next day, although not completely healed yet, the rogue from last night accompanied by the same woman who assisted him, continue to assist Masami. His body was still wrapped in bandages, but these were changed into new, clean ones by the morning. "Dahlia, right?" asked Masami, his side-bag being placed over his body with some help. The next thing given to him were the slippers he had been looking for... they don't look brand new but, eh. It seems like they really did make an effort looking for it, and such effort will always be appreciated by Masami.

He was led to the exit of Myras City, and now it was time to go. Masami waved a hand goodbye before these people finally disappeared into the distance, a magical map in Masami's hand, projecting directions unto Masami's vision. Looks pretty niche, he may say! Walking by foot isn't so hard for Masami – in addition to that, his slippers wear in charge of creating fun beats along the way. Thus, he was humming until he started to notice changes in atmosphere. Finally, he was free of Myras. He hoped that Dahlia City feels much better... oh? There's a guild hall here too. Daeva Eye, huh. Why did that suddenly feel awfully familiar?

Despite that, Masami closed the map and took a deep breath before making his first actual step in Dahlia City.



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