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Vivi Ramstein

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#1Vivi Ramstein 

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Vivi Ramstein


Name: Vivi Ramstein

Age: April 10th, X762

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Sinese

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Spellsword

Race: Demi-Human (Sheep)

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Left Palm - Black

Face: Yamato - One Piece


Height: 6' 5"

Weight: 177 Lbs.

Hair: White with dyed black ends.

Eyes: Gold

Overall: Vivi is a mountain of a woman who has spared no expense when it comes to her physical prowess. Though she is somewhat limited by her slimmer build, there's little doubt upon closer inspection that she hasn't spent years of her life building up her physique. Her musculature combined with her height often has the effect of making her seem somewhat larger than life, something she doesn't particularly mind. She tends to have a bit more of a wild look about her despite any attempts to the contrary. Often her hair is out of place or her clothes are torn and tattered without her even knowing. Her attention is simply usually on her physique rather than how good she looks. The exceptions to this are her horns which she takes immaculate care of each day. She tends to wear clothing that's more practical for her work rather than anything that accentuates her appearance, and the easier to wash it is the better.

Extra: One silver hoop earring in each ear.


Personality: Vivi is a woman who wears her heart on her sleeves. In a sense, she knows exactly who she is and she's very proud of that fact. Proud enough that she hides not an ounce of who she is. To most, she would appear as someone without much in the way of grace, proper manners, or shame. And, in a sense, they'd be correct. But none of that particularly matters to Vivi. She's confident in her persona no matter what others think, though that does tend to lead to a few problems when it comes to interacting with others. She can be stubborn to a fault and even a bit naive.

Most important to Vivi, however, is her devotion to strength. While her particular facet of strength comes from her physical ability, Vivi has always been of the mind that strength can come from any source. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. No matter where someone draws their strength from, Vivi holds high regard for those who display it. Her respect for the strength of others goes so far that it isn't uncommon for her to lend compliment to the strengths of even her enemies in the middle of battle.

But, despite her good-natured attitude and tendency to be rather light-hearted about most things, Vivi is no saint. She holds no qualms about causing harm and destruction, especially if it means she will become stronger as a result. While not some wanton demon hell bent on destroying the lives of innocent people, she doesn't go out of her way to avoid things like collateral damage. To her, becoming stronger and facing off against those who hold the power is what matters. Yet, Vivi does not view herself as some kind of messiah either. Her reasons for her actions are not so grandiose as to be leading towards some goal of "freeing" the people or creating a new world order. She fights because of her personal belief that the world has grown too stale, too soft. That clinging to this imposed and enforced peace has caused more harm than ever. Only by fighting, she reasons, can she ensure that she never bows down to the weakness that the world's governments have imposed.


  • Baked Goods: Vivi absolutely adores a good treat from the bakery. The sweeter the better in most respects, and the hotter the better too. She happily spends a great deal of the jewels she earns on such delicious meals, even if it means she'll have to exercise more later to maintain her physique.
  • Fighting: Vivi's naturally boisterous attitude lends itself well to a love for combat. Nothing quite gets the blood flowing like a round in the ring, or a round anywhere else for that matter. Wherever there's a challenge to be had involving danger and a subsequent beat down, she's usually hoping to be there.


  • Cowardice: There are few things Vivi despises more than cowards. Running away before you've even given something a chance is no way to live in her eyes, and neither is taking a challenge lying down. If life is meant to reward the strong, then there's no room in life for those who won't even try to show strength.
  • Hot Weather: Summer tends to be the bane of Vivi's existence. She much prefers the comfort of cooler climates, somewhere she can cozy up and rest for a while rather than sweltering in the hot sun for days on end. Even getting her to go to somewhere like the beach is a hassle.


  • To Grow Strong: Vivi's primary goal in life is to get stronger. With each passing day, with each victory, and even with each defeat she strives to learn and to grow. The stronger she becomes, the more powerful opponents she can fight, and eventually she would hope to sit at the very top. Then, perhaps, she would become the goal for someone else to strive for.
  • Inspiration: Though she hardly would admit it, maybe even to herself, some small part of Vivi hopes that her journey might be an inspiration to others. Perhaps by seeing her take action, some few in the world might be compelled to do the same. To cast of the shackles of weakness and attempt to become strong as she does.


  • Wolves: Despite being a rough and tumble fighter who grew up in the countryside, Vivi has a great fear of wolves and even of very large dogs. She gets very fidgety around them, and usually can't bring herself to go anywhere near one. Even if her life depended on it, getting too close to a wolf might not be possible for her.
  • Clergy: As a result of her countryside upbringing, Vivi never had much contact with holy men and women. When she had at long last left her home village, she found herself shocked by the occasional appearance of such individuals. Their strange notions about the world and the way they always wanted to interact with Vivi to "save" her always put her on edge. Even today she avoids clergy like the plague.


Magic Name: Arcana Drive

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Description: An admittedly simple take on arcane magic, it is meant to accentuate fundamentals over complicated spells. By manipulating arcane energy, Vivi is capable of attacking in a myriad of ways while also supplementing her own body and boosting her capabilities. Her natural strength tends to lead Vivi to lean more on the latter, upping her physical attributes to compensate.


History: Average might be the best word one could use to describe Vivi's youth. Indeed, it might even be a good word to use to describe the entire Ramstein family. Their lives were decidedly average in the Fiorian countryside. Vivi's father was an immigrant from Sin, and a carpenter besides. People from all around their village would come to him for furniture or simple repairs on their homes. Her mother, a native to Fiore, was a seamstress who often spent her days making as beautiful of clothing as the folks in a small farming village could afford. Vivi herself was something of an oddity, but only in one regard. She was always incredibly tall. She shot up like a perfectly watered sprout from the time she could walk. But even such an unusual trait wasn't much of a disruption in the Ramstein's lives. They were content, and they lived quietly in the countryside.

Yet, even an average life contains hardship. Life in the country was not always easy. Wild animals, bandits, and even the occasional monster would come to torment the village every so often. Pile onto that taxes and tributes, and well, life could sometimes feel like there wasn't a hint of hope. The weather, the people, and even the world itself seemed to turn on the Ramstein's and their fellows at some point or another, though a new day always did come eventually. That spark of hope, whether it came on the wings of some passing mage or even on a local lord's militia, was enough to make things comfortable.

Comfortable for most. Not for Vivi.

After years and years of watching her family go from relative comfort to abject famine, it was hard to remain silent on the matter. Young Vivi could not imagine why they were placed in such a situation. Where their lives were always just on the cusp of being under threat. She could not understand why their lives were practically the responsibility of others to protect. Why were they not capable of protecting themselves? Time and again she would question her parents. Why could they not be strong like the mages who defeated the monsters or the knights who captured the bandits? Why did they always have to suffer before they could be saved? Always she was greeted with the same answer.

"It isn't our place."

Those words stuck with Vivi. And the more she recalled them, the more she could see the problem become clear before her. The world had become so tilted. Where once power was as abundant as water, it now was concentrated and withheld because of the peace that people blindly clung to. Without that drive to gain power, people wallowed in weakness and allowed themselves to fall into their "place". Without power, true evil spread unchecked and made victims of more and more people.

By the time this truth became apparent to her, Vivi had made her choice. She left her village, casting off the life of weakness that would have kept her chained to the kindness of others to save her, if it even existed when she needed it. If the world would have her sit and wait patiently for others to protect her, then she would defy the world. She would make an enemy of anyone who stood in the way of her rise to true power. And so she would break the cycle of weakness and show the world that even a weak peasant girl could steal back what strength was stolen from her by those who would enforce the false peace that encompassed the masses.

Reference: N/A

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#2Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Hey Vivi,

Letting you know that your character is technically still human because aside from the horns, there doesn't seem to be any other characteristics that resemble the creature.

Feel free to change your FC if you wish, or otherwise you can explain more demi-human features of her in the appearance section. Bump the thread once done! ^^

#3Vivi Ramstein 

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Vivi Ramstein

I decided just to go with regular human in this case if that's alright.

#4Venus Rosé 

Vivi Ramstein Empty Thu Jul 09, 2020 3:32 am

Venus Rosé

Hey! I just confirmed that you're allowed to have your character as Demi-Human, sorry for the trouble!

#5Vivi Ramstein 

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Vivi Ramstein
No problem! Bumping.

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Jan Ren
This character has been approved.

Vivi Ramstein 2_1
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