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Lilith Evermore

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Name: Lilith Evermore
Age: 25 years old
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Demisexual
Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian
Ethnicity, Mother: Minstreli
Class: Spellhowler
Race: Half-Elf
Rank: D-rank
Guild: Guildless
Tattoo: Outer upper thigh in emerald green
Face: C.C. - Code Geass


Height: 5’10”
Weight: 135 lb.
Hair: Emerald Green
Eyes: Golden Yellow
Overall:  Lilith is rather tall for her age, with the figure of a world-famous model. Slender, long legs and arms, beautiful golden eyes that sparkle, long, silky emerald green hair, a nice sized bust, and fair skin. For her attire, Lilith is normally dressed rather on the fancy size, usually wearing dresses with accent jewelry. One of her favorite ones that she wears often is a long, black high collared sleeveless slit dress that is reminiscent of a Chinese formal dress. It's embroidered with tiny emerald fragments in the shape of flowers and swirls. Along with a pair of long, thigh-high white heeled boots.
Extra: N/A


Lilith is a very cynical and analytical woman. Prefering to look at things from a logical viewpoint and not that of a blind optimist. Quite the skeptic however, that doesn't mean Lilith doesn't know how to have fun. In fact, she's quite the socialite, enjoying fancy gatherings and mingling with like-minded individuals is one of her favorite things.

Cold and calculating with a silver tongue, Lilith knows just what to say and when to say whatever is right. She can charm her way out of any bad situation with ease. Blessed with great insight and intelligence, Lilith can't stand those that are less intelligent or who don't use their brains to think despite having the ability to do so. They aren't worth her time which she considers extremely precious and important.

Confident and self-interested. She's well aware of how attractive she is to others and she owns it like a queen. While in terms of vanity, Lilith is very shallow but, she's also not so shameless to brag about herself as she has far too much pride to do that. Lilith doesn't do anything that doesn't benefit herself in some way. If a person came asking her for help, Lilith would automatically ask them what she can get in return. Give and take, you scratch my back, I scratch yours, etc. Nothing can be gained without giving something in return is a principle Lilith has always lived by.

When it comes to personal relationships, Lilith can seem hard to approach and befriend. This is mostly due to her past trauma but, when she does open up to someone and considers them a friend she will never betray that person. However, if they were to betray her, Lilith would show that person no mercy. If you want to keep your life peaceful and remain happy, don't betray the trust she puts in you.

In terms of romantic relationships, it is not very easy to attract the half-elf as Lilith doesn't feel attracted to those whom she shares no emotional connection with. When Lilith enters into a romantic relationship, she can be rather extreme. She will want her significant other to look at only her, love only her, touch only her. If some other woman tries getting close to her lover, she wouldn't hesitate to make their life a living hell as retribution.

Lilith is a woman of loose morals, while she would never do something as horrible as taking another person's life without a very good reason or in self-defense. She has no qualms with manipulating and using others to reach her goals. She'll play a saint or the devil's advocate depending on what is needed in a situation.

A woman who believes that people should be true to their desires, Lilith has often been seen by those who dislike her as a bad influence but, the half-elf couldn't care less. She's never been one to care much for the opinions of the masses. If it's not coming from someone who she values, it means nothing.

Doing as she pleases but never forgetting to uphold her pride no matter what. If something might go against that, she will refrain from doing so. Overall, Lilith is a woman of mystery, with honeyed words and a masked pension for chaos. She's like a rose, beautiful but dangerous. Those who choose not to see her thorns will regret it.


  • Social Gatherings: Lilith is a social butterfly by nature. As such, she enjoys attending gatherings of like-minded people to drink, dance, and socialize. It could be a charity gala, a birthday party, doesn't matter.
  • Freedom:
    Lilith has always been a free spirit. She likes spreading her wings, going wherever she wants, doing as she pleases. Nothing is more important than that to her.


  • Idiots:
    Being as intelligent as she is, Lilith can't stand those who are stupid and foolish. Talking to idiots is frustrating. Dealing with them in general gives her headaches so Lilith avoids them whenever possible.
  • Restrictions:
    Lilith hates being restricted even more so than dealing with idiots. She rather get into a philosophical debate with a mentally impared person than risk being restrained. This stems from her childhood trauma.


  • Fame and Fortune:
    Coming from humble beginnings. Lilith wants nothing more to live lavishly and be well-known throughout Earthland. If she could have both, there would be nothing more Lilith could ask for.


  • Attachment:
    Lilith had a traumatic past. Because of this, she fears getting close to and trusting others. Being abused and used, left her with many scars and she doesn't come to like and believe in other people easily.
  • Loss:
    Lilith started with nothing of her own. She worked hard to get what she has now. She fears losing everything she has more than anything.


Magic Name: Water Magic
Magic Element: Water
Magic Description:
Water Magic is a variant of Elemental Magic that gives its users the ability to create and manipulate water and existing bodies of water. Water Magic is quite versatile, with a large number of spells, techniques, and styles utilized.Despite its fluid nature, water can be used in detrimental and forceful ways.

Lilith is capable of inflicting great blunt trauma by means of waves, currents, geysers, and blasts of water. By generating whirlpools, waterspouts, and vortexes, Lilith is capable of creating horrific damage based on the gyratory force and cutting power. Lilith is capable of manipulating and shaping the pressure of water, changing the properties from blunt damage to cutting damage.


Born in South Fiore, raised by her single human mother with no father in the picture. Lilith suffered many hardships since young. Her mother, Evangaline, was a Minstreli opera singer working in Fiore when she met Lilith's father, a wood elf who had attended one of Evageline's performances in West Fiore. The two fell in love and consumated it. He spoke sweet words and of empty promises to her that would never be fulfilled.

Eventually, she gave birth to a baby girl with green hair like her father and golden eyes like her mother. Evageline named the child, Lilith Leblanc. However, Lilith's father never came back. The birth of Lilith put Evangeline's career on hold and she lost out on her chance to be a star. In the end, Evangeline had to resort to working as a prostitute since no one wanted to marry a "sullied" woman with a bastard child.

From a young age, Lilith suffered abuse by her mother. Evangeline blamed her daughter for losing her chance to be famous and for her lover leaving her. On night's her mother had customers, she'd lock Lilith in a wooden chest, just big enough for her to huddle in. Only to be let out once her client left her quarters. On nights when no one chose Evangeline, she'd come home and take her anger out on Lilith, beating her, screaming at her until she felt satisfied.

The next day, Evangeline would apologize and shower Lilith with affection, acting pitiful, and making the young Lilith feel sorry for her mother who seemed to take great pains to raise her. Since young, Lilith didn't have many opportunities to get an education since all the money her mother earned from selling herself went to feed them or to buy more lavish clothes, perfumes, accessories, etc. So, Lilith decided she would teach herself.

It turned out that Lilith was very bright, she would memorize what she read in books and regularly put into practice what she learned. Gaining more knowledge became one of her favorite things and made life more bearable. As the years went by, Lilith grew to be a real beauty. Being a half-elf with both Minstrelli and Elven blood in her veins, it made sense why Lilith had such a lovely visage.  

As she got older, Lilith was less inclined to accept her mother's abuse but, she still wasn't able to escape. Still too weak and small to really do anything. However, Lilith wouldn't stay in this place forever. When Lilith was 16, she went out for the day while her mother had a streamline of customers to keep her busy. She went to the local tavern to find information. There she met a traveling mage by the name of Asher Evermore.

Asher had been a former guild mage who left his guild to pursue a life of freedom and unrestrained magic use. He was about a decade older than Lilith but, he must have seen something in her that Asher decided to take Lilith on as an apprentice. Finally, she could leave her wretched mother and the shabby house behind.

Lilith took what she could from home before she set off with Asher. Over the next few years, they secluded themselves in the Worth Woodsea, living off the land. Asher found that Lilith had an affinity for water magic and taught her all he could. Once she had gotten a good number of spells and was fairly strong, Asher brought Lilith back to the closest inhabited town and parted ways.

From then on, Lilith followed in the footsteps of her master, being a free mage. Going where she wanted and doing as she pleased. She had heard about guilds from her master but had no interest in giving up her lifestyle. Being such a beauty, she was scouted as a model by Sorcerer Weekly and had quite a few gigs from them which helped pay for a house in the capital, Crocus.

She eventually became a contracted super model thanks to her photoshoots in magazines. This helped the half-elf live a good life while letting her remain free. Gaining a fair bit of fame in Fiore.
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Venus Rosé

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