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Silver City XI [QUEST; MASAMI]

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Silver City XI [QUEST; MASAMI] Empty Mon Jul 06, 2020 2:12 am

How showy, Masami. He walked out of the entrance in a completely different form, appearing more adult-like than before. How heavy his hair currently was, uncomfortable he had been. However, he continued to walk despite barefooted, more angry than he could ever be. 'Darned aristocrats.' he thought, ticked off and having heavy footsteps. He would definitely get to the bottom of this – a place they used to discard Masami, excuse me? How dare they go against the boy, defying him like this? Certain thoughts circulated upon his head and finally he was incapable of viewing himself as lowly. The rest would feel the opposite, sooner, as Masami would force them to.

The boy, whom would now rather be called a "mage" as of the moment, walked down the halls in search for the people who did this. He still took the request on protecting the aristocrats: he failed the first time, and now perhaps he was paying? Such punishment was something Masami could not accept, thus at least let himself in redemption by causing havoc in the city. 'It doesn't matter if the guild master finds out,' such as Masami thought, not stopping, 'because he had his secrets he won't unveil, as well.' How annoying, for him, receiving these sorts of treatment. In modern terms, you could say that Masami had "gotten full of it" and now he needs to unbottle this sort of anger, because he wasn't used to feeling this way. Perhaps, just like in Avvar Mountains, should he release the same stress then he would have felt better. Such thoughts nonstop, he slammed a door open and walked out with no fear of anything – meeting with two guards who gazed at Masami, more in a flustered look rather than surprise or fear. "I've got a job for you boys."

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Aware of his now more feminine appearance, Masami leaned closer; it is possible to call this effort an "abuse of power" because then Masami would utterly not mind the occurrence. "The water mage with the flute, would you mind searching him for me?" it wasn't like he made such beautiful melodies, anyway. Masami was not as desperate as to wink, letting the guards nod by their own choice and walk off – one of them halted, then turned back. "And why should we listen to y—?" no one is allowed to cut Masami off, just like that. Two of his fingers immediately formed threads, in which had tied the guard's neck, slightly choking him. Masami wasn't alone in this, he merely imitated the woman from the ramen shop, because such type of women should be looked upon.

"Because," Masami drew closer as the other guard stood still and watched, afraid that he might receive the same treatment, "I'm trying to be patient, you know?" the threads slightly cut through the guard's neck before he was released, then Masami nodded as a sign of letting them off, and now the two guards ran away. If they do not listen, then Masami would have no other choice. Myras City was... never a great place for the boy; not unless he found the stolen mask and the missing wooden slipper, he would be stuck on the choice of burning the whole city down, just like before. Such were certainly not good memories, and Masami clicked his tongue when he tried not to think about it. When he turned his head, a shiny object caught his eye: keys were left on the tabletop from where the guards left off. Assuming that these were the keys for the prisoners' shackles (and hoping that magic was not used), Masami simply snatched them and walked back.

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Masami was the type to describe everything he was seeing – but at the point of wasted efforts and lost causes, Masami had forgotten where he was. Such as where the light came from, or the texture of the floors and the stains of the walls. To Masami, everything seemed to have a filter that made everything nostalgic and purplish, as if nothing even mattered anymore but completing the request and getting the hell out of Myras. There was nothing good that came upon this place, and deserved to be—

Who was that again, Miji?

The thought of Étaoin caused Masami to stop walking for a moment, the androgyny's smiling face flashed upon Masami's vision. 'No, he's a stranger.' his mind argued, thus he continued to walk. He was taught not to talk to strangers like that, or become fond of them, but it was as if Masami has been rebelling this whole time. 'The cure, I need the cure.' he continued to convince himself, realizing how much time he has wasted in such a cursed place. Finally, when he was back in the prison, he threw the keys before the aristocrats' footsteps. "Go release yourselves, peasants." with a raised voice, Masami was eager and confident enough to call such high people in a very rude manner, as if it ever mattered to the Joyan. The people inside desperately grasped for the keys, and even tried fighting like kids. 'How childish.' the boy thought, almost turning around but halted upon feeling a presence.

Currently, in a thin hall with only one door on each side, Masami found himself stuck once more. People blocking off his exits, the guards told everybody about Masami's ventures, but wasn't this what he wanted? More to burn; Masami wasn't even surprised. "Oh, humans are a handful." then, he finally turned around with flames embodying his vessel, eyes meeting with the rest of the guards.

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Purple flames engulfed his feet, until the fire climbed even the walls just like vines. Masami was facing not only the water mage, but also the guards – all lined up to capture Masami. It was a wrong move to give him only one shackle, but perhaps they looked so down upon him to avoid thinking how one child could escape so easily. The thought annoyed Masami more than enough; "I was requested to protect these lowly men." Masami replied, loudly, 'So just leave me the hell alone.'

If only Masami didn't hesitate the burst of flame from a finger, then he would have not spotted the mask tied behind the water mage's waist. 'That's mine—!' he thought on impulse, his face showing the expression that matched exactly what was in his mind. However, a sudden surge of patience overcame him, breathing in and out while nothing was still happening. "If you give me what is mine, then I we wouldn't go that far." suddenly a negotiation? How striking. Although he wanted to immediately attack, a huge part of the boy was still under his own nature.

Of course, they would laugh at Masami. "You work with them," the water mage pointed at the aristocrats behind Masami, who were now unshackled thanks to Masami, "we're simply stealing the stolen." Their answers didn't entertain Masami at all, causing the boy to lunge forward, only to get stabbed by a javelin, right in his abdomen. Then, the next thing he felt was the surging of waters, surrounding Masami's body as if eating him alive. As usual, he couldn't breathe inside; the water felt uneasy, too... was it because Masami mainly uses fire? If he has become one with the flames, then—

He reached out, grasping for air, then the Momijigari's eyes started to glow as if it was alive. It vibrated, trying to loosen itself from the tie, and appeared as if it was exploding. Everyone else was surprised, some would even express this by gasping – the mask cut the tie and flew towards Masami's hand, then masked itself upon Masami's face. The next thing everybody saw was light, yet darkness as well, trying to coexist as one. The bubble Masami was in exploded and now his feet met the ground: everybody was a witness to this.

"Do not test me." Masami's voice echoed along with a sound of a woman – the voice was definitely not his, nor from the magic but... perhaps, the mask? The mask who finally met with her owner breathed flames, attacking everyone by the door in line; now the waters had evaporated into mist because of the heat, and even the mask's color deluded from red to purple. Now that there was silence, Masami looked behind him, facing the aristocrats. "You better not make rumors about me." as if threatening them, Masami walked away and picked up the flute from the now-burnt water mage, whose face's half had no more skin, but the skull exposed. Thus the completion of Masami's last quest in this city.

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