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The Longest Break act II [open]

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#1Azure Fenic 

The Longest Break act II [open] Empty on Mon Jul 06, 2020 12:41 am

Azure Fenic

As he made his way up the mountain he would stop ever so often to take in the sites and breath that nice relaxing Avvar Mountain air. The cool air was nice it made his thoughts a lot easier to sort through and evaluate. After taking a job where he more or less paid to babysit a rich couple so they wouldn't get any more of the citizens angry with, while on that job though he ended up killing all three attackers at least he thought he killed all three of them. Azure knew that If he worked with them again it would be too soon but maybe in a month or so he would change his mind about them. His slight cuts and bruises where recovering luckily he didn't have to worry about anything major like a broken arm or leg.

Once he reached the peak he would sit down and take out his note pad going over the notice that he made from the job. "That job had way too many risks involved but if there is a next time I'll be ready," he said in Caelese letting the wind brush against his face, He knew that during that fight he would have won it a lot faster if he just had better control over is magic. The problem wasn't in his form but more of his output that was the problem he needed to better control the amount of Mana he used with each spell rather than getting reckless. The pure thought of only relying on his magic was less than excitable as every mage knows that you should be able to handle any situation that comes at you. Knowing this the scholar had to work on his combat skills to makeup or any things his magic lacked.

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#2Azure Fenic 

The Longest Break act II [open] Empty on Mon Jul 06, 2020 10:49 pm

Azure Fenic

While he still had the time to enjoy his thoughts he became tempted to dry out one spell to see if he had better control of it but quickly sided against this just in case some managed to see him but the odds of that happening were really slim give no one would want to be around him now that he's killed, three men. Oddly enough he didn't feel anything after the fact or even now for that matter it was like he had already become desensitized by it or it was just waiting for the right moment to hit him. The fight was more fun than he thought it would have been, though being stabbed and thrown into a carriage was not fun for him at all it actually forced him to get serious for once. "Oh come on get it together think about the money and the info!" he yelled at himself as he did tell them to add some extra into his pay for the job.

Even though he liked to mess around and play games during fights on the really rear moments he can't talk his way out of it this one was different in some way. This was something that he didna wants to dwell on for long so he started to ask himself things that he either forgot or hasn't gotten back to and one of those was his time actually at the guild. When he first joined the guild he ran out without a real mission in mind or job from the man in charge of it so now he was just wasting time. Azure thought about heading back to the guild and getting a job/mission but then he remembered the long way to travel to get back "Think I'll stay in this little city for a few more days," he said looking up at the clear blue sky above.

#3Azure Fenic 

The Longest Break act II [open] Empty on Tue Jul 07, 2020 2:08 pm

Azure Fenic

While he looked up at the sky he thought back to his younger years where he and his father would play games that may have seemed odd to someone that didn't grow up with him but those days were nice and peaceful, compared to his life now where he could get killed at any given time if he didn't play his cards right. As he looked back on those fonder times with his family he felt empty as if he cast off that part of his old life forever the feeling he once had attached to the memories had now vanished without a trace. All of this could be a good thing, after all, he wouldn't need to think about them unless came to look for him but they're all too old to make such a trip or at least that's what he hopped anyway Oh man dad would kill me if he found out I killed someone let alone three people he thought to himself.

Another realization hit him as he closed his as with the amount of time that he has spent without speaking to his family was enough to cause them to worry as his last letter to them was when he regained his memory and told them he would bring his brother home. This was a thought that gave him an uneasy feeling as his mothers were never the type to sit around wait for news to come I should write to them when I get back, he thought gripping his heart piece on his jacket. The more he thought about the possibility of his family coming to look for him was something that he did not want to even happen at all "Maybe I'm overthinking this?" which was a possibility knowing him. It was nice to see that he was able to have those kinds of thoughts still it showed that he still had some of his old self running around in him.

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#4Azure Fenic 

The Longest Break act II [open] Empty on Thu Jul 09, 2020 11:01 pm

Azure Fenic

Azure could not shake the feeling of unease from not knowing if his parents would be making their way to this land and knowing his mother's they would most likely end up lost or hurt these thoughts made the young man scared for his family. Though what sacred him, even more, was that he still had no information about his brother what so ever not form the lake of tying or anything it was just hard to find someone with such little memory of them but from what he did remember his brother was there when he needed him.

With everything that has been brought up he found himself even more worried that he might not actually be doing the right thing by being in the current guild No way I made the right choice with everything I did the guild is the only place for me, he thought to himself. Slowly he started to calm himself but that was short-lived as inside his head, the child and Adult personalities began their conflict over the matter as his more child-like self still cared about them a great deal and the adult didn't care what so ever this was the first time he has had conflicting feelings about anything. Azure would take this conflict with him back to the City as he was starting to get hungry and he didn't want to waste his time in the mountains all day with only his thoughts seeing how much good that has done for him thus far.

He smiled as he made his descent down the mountain as he knew that this new life still had many more conflicts ahead of it besides his family problems. His many goals had to be achieved before anything else could be be done, well unless the guild needed him for something important.

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