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Oak to Orchidia [foot travel]

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#1Juni Anastos 

Oak to Orchidia [foot travel] Empty Sun Jul 05, 2020 11:09 pm

Juni Anastos
For a while now Juni had been silent and inactive as a member of her guild. The guild master had gone missing and the members of the guild were also pretty silent. Juni had recently woken up with new magic and a new face, even if she left the guild now no one from the guild would notice. She didn't have any real ties to anyone, no one knew who she was and they would really not know who she was if she decided to not reveal her name at all. Packing up her things from her room in the guild she decided it was time to leave Oak and perhaps find a new purpose.

The walk to Orchidia was uneventful in itself. With her magic, she took care of anything she perceived as a threat before it got to her. It took her nearly a day to get to her destination. She had little that delayed her only stopping once to offer a helping hand to some poor beggar woman.  When she did arrive in Orchidia she quickly put herself up in the best room and began to settle in. She wanted to do some quests before looking for a new life purpose.

- exit -

Oak to Orchidia [foot travel] Tumblr_pyx5lxTUxo1usc9y9o5_540

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