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#1Tomoe Tanaka 

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Tomoe Tanaka
Just another night in Myras. Tomoe was growing fed up with the nobility and the incomprehensible and bull-headed nobility. Taking up a room in the Goat's Beard Inn, the Joyan was preparing for his next travel. He was never the type to stay in one place very long, and using the coffee table in his inn room as a makeshift workbench, he laid out his gear. Packing was a vexing thing, after all, and something that couldn't be done carelessly. He kept all his essentials of course. Weapons and accessories, camping gear, food, water, and a mysterious and cryptic looking black grimoire that rested itself at the far edge of the table. Looking at it, Tomoe's hand trembled for a moment at the thought of opening it and reading its contents.

No., Tomoe thought, his brain kicking in before his hand could inch any closer to it than it had without him realizing.

Withdrawing, the swordsman began the process of placing things in his bag for travel one after another, the book at the very bottom. It shouldn't be anywhere within quick and easy reach, or else the man would find himself struggling with the turmoil within.

"Having trouble there?", a mischievous voice spoke out from behind Tomoe, on the other side of the dimly lit inn room.

With the instincts and physicality of a beast and the self-control of a hunter, Tomoe spun around in a single movement with a single blade conjured into his right hand and fifteen more springing to life from thin air pointing in the direction of the voice. He was already in the stance of a warrior ready to engage his opponent, but before him was a small being that seemed to emerge from the shadows.. It seemed imp-like, and was wreathed in an aura of ill intentions. Tomoe didn't perceive much of a threat from the tiny thing that seemed weak enough to be unable to best a mere familiar; yet all the same he was on guard.

The Joyan was a paranoid man, and that paranoia sometimes found its roots in reality. Anybody who could break through the defenses he thought he had and find a hint of vulnerability needed to be purged.

"Who are you? Talk. Talk or get pasted. The clock's tickin'.", Tomoe blurted out, drawing attention to the actual clock that hung on a wall of the room that served as the only source of noise between breaths.

The creature giggled, clearly not concerned about things like the passage of time or even the idea of mortality. Was he expendable, or immortal? It remained to be seen. The being adjusted the overly exaggerated zipper on its coat and opened its mouth to speak, its sharpened knife-like grin revealing more of its devilish features.

"There's a certain mage who has left the Sentinel Syndicate. In order for my master to see through certain plans, such a thing was necessary. Being from a light guild like yourself, and a guild master at that... surely you can't ignore anything sinister happening? Things could get really bad for Fiore if it were allowed to continue this way. Eh, guild master of Penumbral Guard?", the imp explained in a know-it-all fashion as if he had discovered all the inner workings of Fiore's guilds.

Tomoe's blades inched closer for a second, but he stopped himself from allowing them to skewer the vermin. His eyes were still trained and tempered towards it, but he wouldn't allow himself to kill it just yet. If there was some ploy out there by a dark mage, or even worse, an actual demon... Tomoe knew he couldn't ignore it. As much as he denied the idea of a selfless hero, he knew that a part of him existed that wished to avoid the deaths of the innocent whenever possible. He didn't consider himself that hero by a long shot, but he knew that he needed to do his part regardless. It was for the money and the continued existence of potential employers - nothing more. It had to be nothing more than that for the man known as Tomoe Tanaka.

"With that lich in your guild too, it's only a matter of time before something bad could happen...", the devil concluded with an accusing glare from its soulless eyes, knowing that it had delivered the final piece of bait necessary to lure in its prey.

Eyes widened, Tomoe was furious but wouldn't let anything show but a cold rage. Keeping his emotions in check as much as possible, there was regardless a slight crack in his usual poker face. He knew in that moment that the master behind this creature would need to die. Though he couldn't exactly do that by killing the imp now and being done with it. He had to be led to the source of it all, plain and simple. Killing a henchman of the mastermind would do nothing.

"What're you getting at? If you've got shit to say to me, say it outright.", Tomoe responded, eyes gleaming with a subtle yet bestial malice; he wasn't the type to allow people to threaten his friends and allies, no matter who it was delivering the threat.

"Come to Dahlia. You'll find everything to already be in place by the time you get there. Do come quickly though, dear master of Penumbral Guard, or who knows what might happen?"

With that, a malicious cackle and the raising of his index finger to his mouth, he stepped back into a shadowy corner of the room. Once there, he seemed to merge into the shadows on the ground and disappear entirely, leaving the Joyan swordsman standing there alone once again.

There was no doubt in Tomoe's mind - someone needed to die, and soon. Whoever this 'master' that controlled the imp was needed to be executed hastily and without doubt. Erased, more like, the more he thought of it. Dispersing his swords, Tomoe quickly shoved the remaining items into his bag and prepared for his trip to Dahlia. Night wouldn't matter - for a former denizen of the dark, night never mattered.

- Exit -

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