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Silver City X [QUEST; MASAMI]

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Silver City X [QUEST; MASAMI] Empty Sat Jul 04, 2020 4:03 pm

Another letter has been sent, wishing for Masami's assistance. He wasn't exactly waiting for this moment, having only finished some business with a thread mage from the Silver Distinct; in fact, he was already going to pack up for his leave from Myras City, but it wouldn't hurt to conduct the request written and specified in the letter. They have found the missing aristocrats' ventures, and Masami was going to look for them. In a few moments, he will be picked up by the same aristocrats and will be brought down to the Lower District. He had already prepared for the day, quite excited for how this is going to end. Apparently, he felt like he was more capable now, for being trained by his own guild master, and now it was as if nothing was scary anymore.

Just as when Masami expected it, he went out of the inn right after being called. Then, they traveled using a mana-infused vehicle, and Masami wasn't alone. There were a lot of unfamiliar faces in the vehicle, it was as if Masami was chosen as one of the people for this mission. The thought renders through his spine, thinking about how worse this could all be. "Good afternoon." Masami greeted everyone, almost muttering due to shyness, unsure whether he would get ignored or not. Few smiles were given back to him, making his face light up – but as expected, most of them didn't even respond and had this serious look all-over their faces. It was starting to get uncomfortable, but after a few minutes, they were already in the Lower District. Immediately, just as they were told, they scattered all around the district with one aristocrat on their side. Masami was with the same four-eyes, except his glasses now were fixed. It was time to start.

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Now that they were strolling around, Masami started to realize how nostalgic this sort of request had been. How many times has he been doing this? Eight, nine? No, it has been the tenth time now. Wow, Masami should get a gunblade for this – at least he hasn't been 'repeating' the same event all-over again because there's some storyline happening. Anyway, Masami continued to walk beside the four-eyed aristocrat, not entirely sure unto where they were going. Thus, the boy looked up, trying to catch the aristocrat's eyes so that he may be able to ask a question – however the look on the aristocrat's face was enough to tell Masami that there was no time for these types of conversation, and that everybody should get back to work immediately. It was hard for him not to know everything ongoing, simply and blindly following to get things done. Masami looked straight ahead instead, and then he started to turn his head in search for whatever they were trying to search. From afar, he caught the magician staring right back at him, but Masami didn't feel anymore protected, somehow believing that he was more capable in combat than the aristocrat.

Proudly facing the water mage, Masami continued to glance at him without turning his head away, but then was distracted when the aristocrat tapped his shoulder twice then pointed in the northeast. "Over there, scout that open area." now, that order made Masami uncomfortable. It was wrong to believe that you are higher ranked in position when you have nothing to prove it otherwise, but Masami continued to grasp that sort of pride. "Got'cha." he immediately listened, however, then distanced himself from the aristocrat to scout the said area. It appeared like that of a basketball court, lots of trash kicked to the side. Definitely not the sort of place Masami would like to stay in.

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Now, Masami isn't the type to become prideful. However, upon seeing the faces hidden inside the homes, those who were peeking to stalk and watch Masami closely, the Joyan couldn't help thinking the same otherwise. How is it that these people never reign over? The aristocrats, merely rich, nothing else? All the philosophies that old man aristocrat mentioned, felt so off-set and out-of-place, as if his words never really mattered. Masami described to himself how hard he worked as a child, and dozing off was absolutely never an option, yet these people continued to steal the stolen and... nothing else, just waiting for money to pass through so that they may steal from the already poor. These aristocrats weren't helping otherwise – getting openly fooled and telling everyone that they were "helping" despite not doing anything else but look down on the lower. Masami, as well, has he been looked down upon? When all these thoughts circulated, Masami didn't notice that the presence that surrounded him had blatantly vanished into this one presence, drawing closer than ever. The ringing of the ears had occurred, beautiful harmony compiled in earful toots. Masami couldn't help but cover his ears as he lowered down, almost hugging his own knees.

"Glad you can hear this one, fella." says the water mage, and Masami was sure because of the sound of his flute, and the way they walked; Masami was sure without even looking, but now being more assured after turning his head around to check the man's face, and ended up meeting with a kick. Masami was thrown a meter away, it was definitely a strong old man. Guess he wasn't all tunes and melodies? Masami picked himself up, but before he was able to touch his cheek to feel the pain, he met yet another kick. Until then, Masami could no longer see anything.

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It was because Masami wasn't affected by the initial spell, the one that caused everyone's drowsiness. Some sort of black magic Masami was too familiar with to even fall for it. The shackling of chains was what he felt by his ankles, although his upper body was completely free, and one foot had already lost a wooden slipper. Unfortunately, those were pretty well-made Joyan sandals, and whoever took him in even failed to bring that kid's single shoe? When Masami lifted himself up, there was utter darkness and the only light came from the windows above. The floor was although dry, it was cold, and Masami only realized this when his palms met the ground. At least he was only missing one shoe... but the mask. Oh, the mask—the mask is gone.

Oh well, Masami didn't entirely need the mask, not that it was off interest... oh well. Oh well, 'Oh well, oh well.' Admit it, Masami, you loved that mask. And now that it was gone and most likely stolen, the thought was running through his veins, wanting to break this jail apart. "Argh, let me outta here!" he shouted, abruptly standing up with energy, but could not move more than a few steps because of the shackles by his ankle. Bummer, really, what bondage is this? What do they need from Masami? He took this single wood slipper off, knowing that he wouldn't be able to move well with only one slipper being worn. They better bring that back.

"Maybe I can..." he lowered a hand down to the shackles, forming fire around the... "Ah–!" well, that was stupid. Metal conducts fire, and now he marked his own ankle with a light scar wrapped around that single limb. Alright, maybe let's think of something else that might work.

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"No use, boy." answered one of the people inside. Apparently, and he should've noticed before, but Masami isn't alone in this jail. The voice came from a very familiar face – the aristocrat from one of the requests before. He appeared saddened and all beaten up, both of his hands tied up. Oh wow! Gratefully, Masami only had one shackle by the ankle, and a missing shoe, perhaps even a 'stolen' mask... did they run out of ropes to tie the other victims with? Masami raised a brow, realizing how silly this all was. "No use, what?" he tilted his head in annoyance, not liking the fact that these people have given up (but disliking more of the fact that there was no way out). "We tried, and there really was nothing."

His words lingered in Masami's head, kind of like an echoing tune. Slightly annoyed, Masami walked towards him, only as much as he could due to the shackles. He realized that there were more people behind him, more people beneath the darkness. "Why are you here?" the Joyan asked, his shackle suddenly breaking without his awareness. "Ah, that fellow. We do not always get along." the aristocrat answered – the fact that the reason was so shallow, in addition to Masami's annoyance regards the Silver District's aristocrats... where exactly is this going? Were the aristocrats this weak, and Masami was only here to be disposed off? He was annoyed, being filled with pride. He turned to the entrance, or was that the exit? The only door, obviously locked closed. Masami stretched his arm out, having something else break it open. A gigantic hand in Masami's command, yet he hasn't even said anything yet. Under his breath, he muttered out: "Superbia." just like that of his own pride. "I will get to the bottom of this."

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