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Silver City [Quest]

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#1Azure Fenic 

Silver City [Quest] Empty Sat Jul 04, 2020 2:16 am

Azure Fenic

Azure woke up as normal and got ready for the day but before he could leave the inn someone had informed him that of a job request that was sent to him last night. Apparently, someone wanted to hire him for a job of some kind which he delighted and confused about given how the people treat him, but who was he to turn down money and a chance to have some fun at the same time. Azure left the inn and made his way to the Silver District to meet with his employer for this 'Job' he had only made it halfway through lower district when it began to rain so and not wanting to be drenched in the rain he sprinted his way into the Middle District only to stop by his favorite little Cafe for a bite. Others made their way into the restaurant seeking shelter from the rain that could fall at any moment.

As he sat down he knew this would have to be a quick stop everyone else watched the windows but it seemed like one of those cases where it looked like rain was inbound when it wasn't. One of the servers behind the counter turned on the radio, it played a rather catchy tone. The scholar ordered his regular Peach tea with a Carmel crape, everyone seemed to still be looking outside as if the clouds would start dance for them or something. The people slowly began to settle down as the server brought the man his order. Okay no time to enjoy myself there's work to be done he told himself, some of the patrons mentioned something about having to clean their shop all night for today. He started to wonder if today was some kind of holiday for them or something but he had been here long enough to know if there was one or not.

Before leaving the café he took an umbrella that had been left at the door and walked out with spinning it around like in his hand. The gray sky went on for miles and the smell of rain was still in the air even though it hadn't come down yet. By the time he had finally reached the Silver District, he found that someone had been waiting for him, the man he saw was a giant compared to him he wore a Gray suit with red trim. He had to be working with the employer in some way if he would risk waiting outside for him. Without any hesitation, Azure followed the man to a carriage that was just sitting their now this made him put up his guard slightly just in case they had snipers around or something. Could all of this be part of someone's plan to get silencers him, so many possibilities had started to run through his head making near impossible to keep his smile up Come on Azure you can do this focus! He kept walking until he bumped into the carriage.


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#2Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

The man who walked him here stood by the door stoned faced which slightly relaxed him as if it was a trap they would have sprung it by now. He opened the door for him to be greeted by this man and women who really needed to lay off the skincare products, they both wore matching black cloaks around them and introduced themselves as the Caspian’s a name that Azure had never heard of. “We seek your protection as we go to the lessor district.” said Mr. Caspian “Oh why yes we have heard you are not to be taken lightly.” Ms. Caspian added on, though the people from the lower district did fear him slightly he wasn’t some sword-swinging loon. “I would be more than willing to make this request from you,” he replied with a curtsey. They offered him a set in their carriage as they made their way to the slums.  The scholar took notice of the fact that they referred to each other by surnames which were a good idea with him along as the less information he had on them the better. This was the first time he been in such a fancy ride it felt right to him like this was what his life should be, fancy rides, people working under him everything they had he wanted.

Mr. Caspian cleared his throat very loudly to get the scholar's attention, “Do you have a name by chance, good sir?” he asked which Azure paused as he thought it though he knew his name he felt as though a nickname would fit well for this. “Mr. Golden Week,” he answered with a smile. Azure didn’t care if they knew the name was fake all that mattered was that he was going to have for the duration of this job. They made their way through the middle district as with little issue so the question began to take form, why did they need him here at all if it was going to be so easy? Well other than the fact they had money to burn and all. Once in a while, he looked through the window to see if the sky had cleared but it remained it lifeless grey still looking as though rain could come down any moment. They hit a few bumps while getting to the lower district but none to cause worry at least that's what he hoped anyway.

Fighting was something that he didn’t like to do as it always ended up with someone getting a broken arm or leg, leaving him to hear them complain about it and how he doesn’t fight far and things like that. As the Caspian’s looked around the shop's everyone around them seemed to be more afraid of them than him which was a first as he knew the rich held themselves up above but not to the extent everyone here sees them as gods well to some of the people others seemed agitated by them just being there.


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#3Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

Once they arrived in the lower district Azure found that some of the shop owners were delighted to see the Caspians which was odd but then again if someone with deep pockets came to a store he owned he might do the same. The two didn’t waste any time getting out of the carriage to see a wine store, personally he never really understood the point of alcohol, it was just something to get others to say things they normally wouldn't, at least that's what he used it for most days. Ms. Caspian signed for him to come over which required him to get out the comfort of the carriage but it seemed she really wanted him to see something, reluctantly he left the ride and made his wave over to them “What do you think is better the Burt or Riesling?” she asked, to which he just pointed at the Riesling. She picked the Burt Champaign even though he pointed to Riesling but it was fine not his money so it didn't matter. The scholar soon started to see why someone would want to kill them now.

If it wasn’t for their weird choice of fashion it would be due to their sure ability to annoy someone with wasting their time, something he himself could do in the name of fun but this was just a waste of everything. Azure used the umbrella to hold himself up as the two hopped from shop to If only something would happen already he told himself looking up at the sky as it grey clouds became darker like a thunderstorm was about to roll in but if today had proven anything it was that the weather plays the best jokes. Suddenly the gaze of someone watching caught his attention but with as many people that were out it was hard to tell where it was coming from exactly. His money was a top priority even if he had planned on killing them he could not let someone else beat him to the punch no matter what. Keeping his eyes moving as he followed the money bags to other shops, the gaze he felt before had vanished but if he knew anything about murder strategies it was to never stay in the line of sight of any guard around the target. Azure spun the umbrella around playfully as Mr. Caspian talked to his wife about just buying the whole shop if they produced such good items.

Seemingly from out of nowhere, Azure was shoved to the ground by men in really tight clothes who were making their way towards the Caspians who were all but distracted by something shiny no doubt. You have got to be shitting me! He thought getting to his feet and quickly walking behind the men tapped one’s shoulder getting his attention “Ya it's me that guy you shoved like thirty seconds ago.” he said using the handle of the umbrella to hitting him in the nose causing him to take a few steps back. As he didn’t realize from when they shoved him to the ground the men had very crudely drawn Honey Bandits tattoos on their arms which caused him to burst out into laughter giving the one he hit enough time to gather himself.

Enemy's Statistics
Strength: 5 (+5 dagger)
Speed: 2
Constitution: 2
Endurance: 4


#4Azure Fenic 

Silver City [Quest] Empty Sun Jul 05, 2020 11:14 am

Azure Fenic

While he was laughing the other two men charged at him with their fist raised the scholar used the umbrella to soften the blow. Still utilizing the umbrella he hooked Bandit two’s arm and pulled him towards him with a punch of his own to their face, the first bandit pulled out a small dagger and rushed at him aiming for his midsection “Should have known they hire someone.” he said thrusting the blade towards his gut. The blade sliced open his jacket on the side and sliced the side. The scholar laughed as the men regrouped, as this was the first time he fought a group of people without any kind of backup so not wanting to waste this fun time he wouldn’t use any magic. The three rushed him at once brandishing their own daggers so in return he took a single step back and opened the umbrella as the a went to stab at him. Taking this chance he quickly spun it closed and with a spin kick to the third bandit's ribs followed by a right knuckle to his jaw. The second bandit came up behind him after closing the umbrella and placed him in a full nelson allowing the first one to try and stab him again this time landing the hit to his side.

The people that were walking around took notice of the fight and stood around watching as the boy took on the three bandits alone with just an umbrella and his wit. Now that he had a knife in his side Azure knew he had to get serious about this fight as he wasn’t about to left some fake bandits do him in. after the second bandit let him go he fell to the ground pretending to have died. “Guess he wasn’t so big and bad.” one of them said as they turned their attention to the Caspians. Thunder could be heard off in the distance as the battle started another phase, one thing was for sure and that was Azure was going to kill them for their poor fashion and for having to exert himself in such away. With their attention now on their targets he removed the knife from his side and lined it up with the first bandit's leg and threw it at him, watching the knife soar through the air as it arced down into the bandit's left leg just above the knee.

Everyone watching began to whisper to each other as though it was some sort of sport but he didn’t have time to worry about that as they were just ten feet away from his employers. While the Caspians were unaware of anything that was going on as they continued their shop hopping Well at least I don’t have to worry about them getting in the way he thought to himself as the supposed leader took out the knife and crossed back to him to pick him up by the leg and dangle him above the ground. Taking this chance to get some hits in he punched the man's‘ family’ twice to free himself, landing back on the ground.

Total: 2000

#5Azure Fenic 

Silver City [Quest] Empty Mon Jul 06, 2020 2:13 pm

Azure Fenic

One of the fake bandits quickly picked him up by the leg tossing him into the carriage with enough force to close the door once he was inside, slightly dazed from the through Azure picked himself up and Okay they can really pack a punch he thought breaking the glass in the window behind him. He grabbed four shards of glass and hid them in his sleeves before he opened the door and stepped out like he wasn’t hurt at all. Not realizing that the umbrella he used had been knocked out his hand so time ago he rushed the men throwing the glass shards at them not really aiming for any major body parts, some of the shards bounced off the men while others made small little cuts. As he got within melee distance he would drop down and try and sweep their legs of at least one of the men and sure enough, he was able to knock one down and take the other two off balance for a moment. Azure quickly kicked the bandit he knocked down in the face knocking him out leaving the other two which was fine but he really wanted to be done with them.

The clouds became even darker as the fight went on almost as if the weather was reacting to Azure’s current mood and state of mind. Now that only two bandits remained he just needed to make examples out of them the only question was how. Before getting up he picked up some dirt in his hand, he got to his feet and gazed at both men with a stare that meant he was truly done playing games and charged at them once again throwing something at them for no real reason other than to make an opening for himself. Now blinded the men one of them dropped the dagger to the ground and began to fail his arms in hopes of landing a hit. With this opening, Azure tripped him and proceeded to stomp his skull in, by this time the last bandit had received his eyesight only to see what remained of his friend. Still holding his dagger he felt to the ground in shock as to what just happened Welp I’m gonna need a new pair, he thought to himself referring to his shoes.

Azure walked over to the last man and took the dagger from his trembling hand plunged it into the last bandit's heart killing him “Thanks for the workout and laundry…” he said standing up as the people around him remained silent. He walked over to the umbrella he used and picked it up. Who knew they could be used in a fight so he thought to himself as he walked over to his employers. Once the Caspians had gotten everything they needed they say that their carriage had been damaged “THE CARRIAGE!” they cried “Oh that will be three hundred extra for handling the bandits.” he informed them with a cold tone in his voice “Oh and if you don’t pay I’ll find you and kill you.” with that Azure left them with a smile on his face twirling the umbrella in his hand.

Bandits Killed-2/3

Total: 25000

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